There's a Christian girl, who is a virgin and never kissed, she's a 9/10 and she's 18y, from the same church as mine...

There's a Christian girl, who is a virgin and never kissed, she's a 9/10 and she's 18y, from the same church as mine, and she's already genuinely smiled at me and seems to be interested.

She is shy, and I will go to a camp organized by the church brothers at night with others, where she will be for a few days.

What do I have to do to not ruin everything? She's a pot of gold, and no other man has got her, I'm in luck and it's an opportunity.

I'm a virgin too, and I've never been with a girl, but I'm in the same level of attractiveness as her.

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Just keep it fun. Not sexual fun, just plain fun. Don't complain about things or be negative. If something gets in the way while hanging out, laugh it off and move on. Single best thing you can do is associate yourself with happy feelings.

This all the way

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Talk to her.
Talk to her.

She may prove charming and friendly. She may prove an idiot deadhead. She may disagree with you on every issue.

You don't know anything about her except that she's nice to look at

And should I be friendly without showing any sexual interest until when?
What is better to talk to her to get to know her better?

Give her at least a day or two to start crushing on you before you make any moves.

Not OP but how do I fun? I recently got a gf and she told me she liked me because I seem calculated and smart, but I'm genuinely autistic and I think she mistakes that for le mysteriousman, and in her mind I'm keeping my cool self a secret under a cold and calculated fa├žade, all while I am genuinely really unemotional and I basically hate fun.
I'm afraid she'll get bored out of her mind 3 weeks in. My last gf broke up with me after exactly a month and it started the same way.

Generally speaking it's a combination of new experiences/accomplishments, humor and a story worth telling. To hate fun is to essentially hate personal growth, so look at it from the opposite angle and take various approaches to broadening your horizons.

be careful tho, happy women tend to be firtly since thats the natural inclination of women.
Only move after one or two days of obvious innuendo

She has sucked dick.

>What do I have to do to not ruin everything? She's a pot of gold, and no other man has got her, I'm in luck and it's an opportunity.
Well, treating her like a shiny trophy that you want to acquire certainly has no chance of backfiring.

You are jealous?
I'm not stupid

Yes, I am very jealous. Female virgins not exist if they aren't religous.

>I'm not stupid
You sure?

when it comes to women, there's always a man that they'd drop their panties. Some just do it less. Dont view her on a pure virgin, she is still a woman. Flirt with her, and try to make her your gf.

I'm routing for you here, bro! I genuinely hope you get this

Be completely genuine. Be yourself.
What a fucking miserable life you will lead if you sneak your way into the first opportunity you find, thinking everything is perfect. There is no perfect person/relationship. So don't pretend and lie to yourself if it doesn't feel right. If things click, great. Otherwise, you have plenty of time to find someone who gets you, user.

acknowledge your sexuality but show self control

flirt without being rude or tasteless.
desperation dries up women quicker than a drought in the Sahara.
plausible deniability, nothing overly sexual, but still, smile, gentle touching (pat on the shoulder, arms, hands etc) that kind of thing.

OP here, I messed up, but thanks guys

But on the other hand, there's another flirting with me, but I'm not attracted to her, so whatever

details OP.
so others can learn from your mistakes, and also maybe you didn't mess up as bad as you think you did.

Don't take this message 100% to heart.

I saw this literally happen tonight to another person who was dating another Christian and it was fucking cringy as fuck.

The guy was pretty much talking about 95% of the time - and was obvious he was super nervous, and super approval seeking.

Keep it light hearted and fun. You'll figure out the how when you get there.

Seconded. "Talk with her" is better advice, in the vein of making dialog to get to know her better.

I really wanted to tell that guy to calm the fuck down, but I couldn't do that, since that would blow his already small level of confidence and would probably completly take away the 1% chance he had left of redeeming himself there.

I did not pay attention to her father and mother, I did not greet them.

And her mother mostly does not even look at me or say hi when she's greeting someone on my side.

Her dad looks at me seriously, even though he's a playful guy.

Probably told the girl I'm no good, and now she pretends I do not exist.

And as I can see even among church members there is hatred.

well, you can always be more friendly next time, don't be so immature as to think you only have one chance.
be polite to everyone next time, and don't make it so obvious to others that you are hitting on her. (but do make it clear to her I suppose.)

I think her dad would probably be more understanding of how you are feeling - he was young once too.

As to him looking serious, some people just default to a "serious" look. I know because people tell me I am so serious/sad all the time, and I say thats my normal expression.

Some people also don't like looking others in the eye as well.

I'd say you are overthinking these things - if nothing else, trust your gut feeling.

Don't worry, I'm not a guy who talks a lot, I just say what I need and I talk in a way that makes the person talk about himself.

I don't know man, they say the first impression is one of the most important. Maybe the place is not appropriate too, there are a lot of people here, and there's no way I can try a lot.

Yeah, my normal is to look serious, maybe he's mirroring me.
>you are overthinking these things
It's because I'm a very observant guy, and I keep thinking about consequences and actions all the time.

based father. 18 year old church qts shouldn't hang out with Jow Forums degenerate scum
so much for your 'pot of gold' lmfao

Only normal, you and I would do the same.

>And as I can see even among church members there is hatred.
why would they hate you?
are you a member of a hated race or something?

No, but people here judge a lot.

where are you from