Is 22 too old to try?

>no friends
>severely depressive
>very shut in

Is it too old to become "normal"? I kinda want to experience life

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Too late f a m, the ship has sailed. Your habits are pretty much ingrained in your psyche by the age of 22. You'll be alone forever unforunately. Even if you do improve yourself, you'll still be miles ahead of those who spent their whole time practicing socializing and gaining skills.

I don't think so. Almost 24 myself and haven't really made it yet, but I've made a lot of changes and might begin my normal life in a few months at this rate.
t. /fa/ faggot

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when you lost your virginity?

Stop larping with my name retard

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You mean when I'll consider myself a normal? I'll consider it when I have connections and start doing things. Fuck roasties man, [spoiler]as they come, but[/spoiler] they aren't the end all to life.

If I say it's too late you'll stay the same.
If I say it's not you'll keep chilling.

Do your shit for today and enjoy your last day as a shut in faggot. Get off gayming, porn, jewtube, Jow Forums (!!!) and do babysteps.

>Jow Forums (!!!)
Did you setup your computer long ago to send this message?

Stop attention whoring on an anonymous message board and you won't have this problem

Iam not attention-whoring. I just don't know if I am too old to experience "young life"

From my perspective, the pros of school life was not having to work, and being forcibly surrounded by many types of people. I don't know where you could get that same collective experience, maybe at festivals or congregations, but they'd probably be a bit more narrow in focus still. But besides that minor thing, if you're physically capable to do shit and not covered in wrinkles, nothing should really be different. I just wish I didn't have to do work AND school at the same time. Literally if I just had a decent job and spent the rest of my time living my life, I'd have no complaints.

Wasn't talking to you, bucko. Also, what a retarded question. Considering that your only other option is to stay the way you are and continue to not experience anything I don't understand why the answer isn't obvious.

is it normal to experience zero sexual validation from women? I really don't remember if anyone flirted with me

Then do it trust me I was like that too just fucking do it say fuck it for once

Because of the law of diminishing returns

In hs I got no flirts besides being complemented on my eyes literally as I was walking out on the last day. But I wouldn't know anything about what a normal person's life was like in hs, I hung out with some degen rejects and just kindof stood around trying to turn my brain off.

Nah, i am fine.

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never too late

It's never too late to change, I started imrpoving a lot only from 21 or so.
You're just in a rut, it will pass with time, don't pressure yourself and relax.

>being a normalfag
>experiencing life
Choose one and only one

pretty fuckin based video. First time I've seen my feelings expressed

My dad once said "opinions are bullshit", what a sad concept

based and redpilled Louis Rossmann

Social skills are just that. Skills. You can work on that. I‘m also 22 and did improve a lot. Many people who I‘ve made my new friends told me they thought I was an extrovert. I‘m an introvert and was a huge shut in ever since the age of 16. Granted I‘m funny and always had the abilty to open up, but I was still struggling with social anxiety, disinterest in forming bonds and an unhealthy obsession with video games and the internet. Last night I was out with a friend who invited me to come to a meditation center and he told me he thought it was cool that I approached him and his buddy and just had a chat with them. I kind of randomly befriended an entire friendgroup of people who already knew each other when I approached them individually just to chat someone up at my university lectures. The dude even opened up to me and told me about how his dad died a few years ago and that he felt like he could open up to me because the vibe is less serious and tense with me. Yeah, I take that as evidence that my social skills and my emotional intelligence have improved. Anyone telling you it‘s not possible is a projecting loser unwilling to change themselves and seeing someone else trying to make it makes them feel insecure about their state in life.

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This is the hardest thing for me. How to approach a group of people? If there is group of young people, this isthe scariest shit for me. I always fear they would mock me or bully me. I have feeling like they are better than me. I hate it

This needs a level of meta awareness and willingess to believe me on your part. It‘s in your head. You don‘t know what is going to happen. Period. You are projecting your own inner working, that might be negative and insecure (bot trying to attack you), onto something you absolutely do not have the answer on. It‘s all it is, just projection, not knowing. Take baby steps my dude. No need to rush it. Just randomly ask people on the street for the time, maybe your battery ran out, and realize most people react either friendly or neutrally. And even if you get an occasional bad response, so what? You want to be stopped finding cool friends and interesting experiences because somebody wasn‘t nice to you? Grow a pair, it‘s meaningless. When you do that, you can improve. Ask strangers pther questions. Try to turn it into a little converation the next time. Throw in a little joke another time. Etc. Don‘t get hung up on fear. I feel approach anxiety to this day, but I just do it anyway and it got me interesting new friends who invite me to shit.

So here's my take, not him btw, in your mind as you see them, your actual desire is that you want to go home and continue indulging in escapist conversation and fantasies. What you need to do is alot like video above, accept what you like and interact when it interests you. Never concern yourself with someone if they haven't caught your eye for whatever reason, be it what they're wearing, saying, etc. Literally just do what you want to do in a non-escapist sense, just move your interests outwards.