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Making this thread before I sleep.

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I dont know if I should really marry you and have kids, you push for it so much and you seem insecure

Wooooooo boy

My mind is fucking jello god damn

Your my friend but I really dont know if that can last

It's like shes heroin and I'm trying to quit. If you're still doing heroin idk if I can be around you anymore without relapsing. The withdrawals are something fierce man. I'm gonna miss you

I'm fucking hurt man. I've had so many shit experiences with girls.

Finally I meet a beautiful girl at school. She gets my number from someone and starts texting we. We're getting along, and she's giving me great signs.

She starts becoming hot and cold. Then one day tells me her feelings and how she tries to hide them, how she has trust issues etc. After that, she goes back to her stupid bullshit and I ended up having to block her on everything because she keeps deflecting whenever I try to discuss the issue and I can't put up with this stress anymore and everything just feels wrong.

I can't summon up the vigor to chase after girls anymore after my ex. I just can't and it's so awful. The one girl that was giving me great signs turns out to be playing games and immature shit. I can't fucking do it guys. I can't. I won't put up with this bullshit again, I can't even if I wanted to. Why couldn't she just fucking be normal? Why? I just wanted to get to know her better. I ended up being the one blocking her on everything and telling her not approach me at school.

I miss you already. We're both fucking stupid - I suppose we're just not meant to be together. All you had to do was reciprocate; what am I supposed to do when you routinely brush me off and make me feel terrible? All I can do with that is take a step back.

Glad I'm not the only one.

tired of my shitty job, thinking about quitting. more tired of myself. stuck in same loop constantly, never feel like im improving even though you could probably say i am. hate myself, lonely but too stupid and incompetent to fix it

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You'll probably break up with me because your so insecure despite me working with you to fix yourself. I only want you happiness but you can't understand why I'm with you and that constant questioning is going to hurt us.
If you were more confident we could be happier.

I’m trying, it’s difficult reversing the damage bad experiences have on the psyche.

Me too.

I went out shooting with my brother and brother in law. It was fun, but at the same time I felt bad because normally I spend time with my gf. This isn't healthy is it? That I can't really do my own things without feeling kinda bad?

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Mentiras mentiras mentiras mentiras

If you devote yourself to your gf, she will eventually stop loving you because you get used to each other. The spark is gone. Maintain distsnce from her so you cherish each other

Just keep it up. I know you can do it.
I love you so much


Explain why not then

For your guy's WoW-Playlist


I can’t do this anymore. I’m too affected by you. I’m in love with you and I don’t want to be anymore. I guess after your auction ends I’m gone. I wish you cared. I wish everything was different.

I went months and months without seeing you and still kept thinking about you. I hate that I like you, because you're so damn dumb and goofy and obnoxious. Maybe even a little too proud for your own good. I don't even really know why I like you. My friends didn't even like you. I see you around sometimes, but I don't know if you've noticed me yet. I wanna talk to you. But I don't know what to say. Hopefully you don't see this.

What did you mean by auction, user,

just talked to a mutual friend my ex is planing her birhtday party with
apparently she's "over me"
yet this took a " toll" on her to


Ebay... it doesn’t matter.


I found that I have this same issue. I was trying so hard to get where I wanted to be that I forgot to live in the moment. I forgot to take care of myself right now. And now I'm miserable. I'm slowly trying to fix that about me. I'm trying to find things I genuinely enjoy. I'm trying to not waste all of my spare time trying to figure out how to make my future better for myself.

Hes right, women want someone who is their own person and can be self sufficient. Devoting yourself to a women begets dependents, that's a massive turn off.

Too late quints.
Now tell me more about this unrequited lover. I feel the same about mine.

It's not that kind of dependency, and it's a mutual thing anyway. You become a team. I can't be with a woman if we can't rely on each other - we both have to stick to our words.

That’s the exact way you should be thinking about it! You can still be a team with some time with the guys though. It’s fun to share stories as it is experiencing them together. :)

>tfw you will never experience the feeling of being young and in love

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I hate to admit it but my mom was right all along but in theory, if I could've pulled it off, my plan would've been way better.
>pic unrelated

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As much as I remain positive and optimistic in these empty, forgettable days, I still can’t help but feel and notice that everybody around me is happy. I know the good times are coming, but it sucks to be stuck in what feels like limbo.

As a guy, I feel like we "miss out" on hints because we want to play it safe and assume that she's just nice.
If you make a move and she's flirting, well good for you. But if you make a move and she isn't flirting, you look like a creepy sex-obsessed predator. You just can't take that chance and sometimes the only time when you're sure is when it's too late.

this is pretty much where I am at now

Got a girl's number, but all I can say is 'you're pretty' and leave it at that.

Anything else doesn't mean something good because the meeting isn't physical and I know that you need the physical for a healthy relationship.

Talking over text or the internet is a bad time from my experience

She’s probably being nice, you’re making the right move.

Use texting to arrange dates.

I want to die.

I need a friend. I want one of those soul mate best friends who comes over and gets in bed with you to watch movies. One who will do literally anything with you, whether it's grocery shopping, cleaning, just sitting at home. One who I can trust and won't take advantage of me. I want to feel that connection with a friend again. Where can I find them?

She lives a good two hours away and I only have a flip phone plus no car right now

Please say yes

For You

As a femme solely attracted to "creeps" who think themselves "sex obsessed" but are attractive and socially aware, so really they're just very self-absorbed and self-conscious, please don't be scared.
The more you feel you're risking (of your identity by coming out of your shell) to talk to me, the better the sex is if we make it that far (I hope so).
And I'm terrible at talking to guys I have these crushes on for the same reasons, I get very sarcastic and deadpan if they initiate anything, and scare them off when in reality that's how I flirt. I'm not uninterested, I just rather talk to/fuck a guy who can dish it out as well as take it (be a friend). It's v rare it gets that far but the wait makes it worth it too when one like this comes along.

Well, we've known each other for a few years, not really friends though, but still familiar with each other. He's the kind of person you really like, or really hate.

He didn't go out of his way to do it, but sometimes he'd tease me and gave me a few shitty nicknames. Last time I talked to him, he did that. He seems to like the country I'm from. He has a pretty morbid, sense of humor. I'm like 90% sure he uses this site, because he's kinda stupid. And i think one of his friends figured out I might have liked him, because he mentioned him to me a lot.

OK, your turn

The situation leading up to this was kinda weird, but I’ve been experimenting with forcing myself to develop a bit of a crush on this girl I wouldn’t otherwise be super interested in.

I really expected a smashing failure but she messaged me and my heartrate is up quite a bit, I’m not honestly sure what I did to make this happen.

Well, I left her voice message cause I just cause I can. I doubt anything will happen from it, but I guess as adele says "At least I can say that I tried'

I like someone who is already in a relationship and it fucking sucks.

>The more you feel you're risking (of your identity by coming out of your shell) to talk to me
It's more so the risk of poor judgement and things ending with getting rejected by someone you thought was interested, because then you're just a fool and can't trust your judgement.

Fffs don't ruin a relationship

"Never let the fear of striking out prevent you from playing the game" - Hilary Duff

I expected such trash when I saw the artist name.

I actually linked the wrong song

I meant this

I was listening to brand new earlier

Total mood killer linking that song- I agree

You keep my fucking name out your mouth, bitch, or I’m punching your lights out, I don’t give a FUCK if I’m married to your son.

gay [I listen to this ]

I sent this one to my special somebody. It's romantic AF and your girls will like it.


guess I am a faggot then

This is a good one- thanks

[added to playlist]

I didn't know audrey hepburn sung this classic version.

No wander she is a famous as she is

She was a classy lady who survived having daddy issues.

got to find me one of those

Beware of imitations. You're looking for the soul, not the image.

Been making a rough draft of my adulthood for the past4 or 5 months now

I've finally drawn up the whiteboard, eared it, drawn again, erased it, and finally FINALLY got my plan nailed out:

I got my side jobs to raise start up capital in the security and food biz. Something to get me by, then I am going to use my life insurance licence on the side, and study for my series six and I will park myself outside of Merrill Lynch every damn day until I get hired there

Then I can make my movies and show them at independent film festivals.

It's the road I made for myself and I am glad I can see it all from start to finish.. I got the brains, the experience, and everything else.

Now I just have to make it a reality.

Tomorrow I am going to ask for my series 6 entrance exam and begin the process


I hope they die

I will always deserve revenge

Who the hell are you talking about?

They should be harmed

You should die


>You should die

>Source: Jow Forums

What else is new

babe, we're above this.
at least i hope you can keep up.

They should be abused and killed

Finally get to post my favorite Green Day Song in a LARP

I've seen all the hells. I've seen it all the evils that can possibly be done to me legally and my family had to bear the burden- it made them all sick so FUCK YOU GUYS

I'm glad I am the 'black sheep' so nothing was too unexpected, but seriously I was 'thiiiissssss' close to the success I deserved from all my hard work as a teenager before GIRL TALK BS had to shoot me down.

Should've joined the nerd college instead of the Art one looking back.

you're like the version of me that listens to greenday.

The sound of a buzzsaw starting up could make my pussy propel me through the roof like a high-powered hose. I want to face a spinning blade and be screaming until I black out.

God what the fuck is wrong with me? I fucking hate myself. I hate all these crazy thoughts. I wish I could calm the fuck down a little. I wish it didn't take spyware, hidden cameras and GPS tracking to get me off. I wish I wasn't such a fucking degenerate.

Every man who talks about how male sex drive is more powerful and female nymphos are doing it for attention deserve to be fucking gassed. This shit hasn't relented since the age of 8 and as I continue to get older and remain childless, it's just getting more and more intense. I'm trapped with my shitty brain fantasizing about being attacked with acid, abducted and kept in a kennel and I'm just falling deeper and deeper in this hole. I can't stop going to the pet store and I'm sure that the employees are starting to suspect that I don't own any animals.

I just want to ride a clean dick attached to a man I love until I cry. I want someone to exorcise these demons. They're eating me alive. My prudent approach to relationships is a noose that is strangling me with no physical contact, but my rampant autism won't let me even hug anyone I haven't known for half a year.

So I'm sitting in here in a dark room by myself, rotting away, drinking shit beer, watching people talk past each other in random discords, making no connections, and concocting 2D husbandos to try and fill the void. I'm so disgusted with myself. I'm going to end up marrying my own OC and I have nobody to blame but myself because I'm perpetually unsatisfied with good relationships that just lack a little in the kink department.

One of these days I'm going to jump off the roebling bridge, anons. If any of you garbage midwesterners see me on the local news, pray that I met my sweet toon boy and that we're having weird, violent sex in a magical 2D afterlife.

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No you do
No you
No you

I deserve revenge on all the people who abuse/target me, nothing is going to change my mind on the manner

well shiiiiiiiiit

thanks guys

different genres meeting in the middle

You got me, it's actually on the 3rd.

Silicon Valley should be mutilated

Direct your hate messages to your abusers and not the entire population of this thread.

Silicon should be the first obvious hint.

I really want to just fuck my friend and have a short term fling with her. She can't break up with her asshole abusive bf who's cheated on her multiple times. Shes financially independent (hes a neet) and moving for grad school soon. Idk wtf her problem is.

eh, I'll throw the mainstream your way

I feel bad for it but I would be into a younger girl. Some have shown interest and they are so sweet and one thing I know for sure is she has to be submissive/bottom. I don't look like a butch but I'm dominate in personality. I don't need some stupid girl to think she is more Domme than me, not possible.

as an MM I always love it when his part shows up


She can break up but likes feeling in control of him/taking care of him. It's codependent. Also she's not interested or she'd be giving you clear interest by now.

Hello mr. Pedo

I don't really care about what happens to me, but you're special, and you deserve someone better than me. I've said a lot of things I didn't mean, and I hope someday you'll understand. I just want you to be happy.

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Did you tell them this?

I'm a woman and I would never take advantage of someone that wasn't mature.

>in good shape
>fairly smart
>girls like me
>resent it
I don't get it. I feel better about myself after a rejection than after receiving positive attention.

It's weird and unholy to know you are better than your competition. I know my worth but only other insecure fucks have an issue with that.

>I feel better about myself after a rejection
Because you tried.

gay luigi?

Yeah obv. Just venting

I'd rather be turned down than have my advances reciprocated