Is it shallow for me to break up with my boyfriend because he's short?

My boyfriend is one of the sweetest guys I've met but I'm having a hard time looking past his height. One of his friends is 6'2 and he was standing next to my boyfriend yesterday and I've never seen my boyfriend look so unattractive before. I felt more attracted to his tall friend than I did to him, as much as I hate myself for thinking that. My boyfriend is great in almost every way... except for his height. I always imagined myself marrying a tall guy. I'm 5'6 and he's 5'9, but I'm taller than him when I'm wearing heels. Is this a valid reason to break up with my boyfriend? I feel like a cunt but I can't help but feel this way.

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Bad bait. Everyone below this line is getting trolled.

Lol what a cunt. You should definitely break up with him and let him know why. It will hurt him a bit at first but in the long run you'll be doing him a huge favor of avoiding wasting more time on human garbage like you.

Like I said, I hate myself for feeling this way but I can't help it. It's not like I can magically make myself attracted to shortness. Why the hostility?


Not but if you truly cant ignore it and get it out of your head just leave your bf honestly. You'll grow to subconsciously hate him for his height and he will live his life in pain because the one person who is supposed to love him back wont.

Yes, it's a valid reason to break up with him? Elaborate please.

Yes, it’s shallow

you are the reason why incels exist and eventually kill themselves. please leave your loving bf alone so he won't have to deal with your pussy trash. i'd be laughing if he actually turns into one

That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna find a way to break up with him this week I think

Triggered manlet detected
Daily reminder human body parts are nearly always in proportion ;)

you're not attracted to him, it's ok, break up with him

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Troll 6.5/10. low effort but sore subject

>I’m taller when I am wearing heels
Wear shorter heels than, or better yet just wear dress shoes. I don’t understand women’s fascination with heels.
>I feel like a cunt
Yeah, it would be pretty cunty to break with someone cause he is shorter than you when you are wearing a particular piece of clothing. Heck maybe you could have him wear slightly taller shoes when you go out if it bothers you.
If you’re no longer attracted to him, and don’t care/love him then you should break it off. Don’t date people that you find unattractive in the first place.

You faggots fall for this bait EVERY FUCKING TIME

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>Don’t date people that you find unattractive in the first place.
We got to know each other online before we met up in real life. I didn't know how short he was.
>Wear shorter heels than, or better yet just wear dress shoes
That's part of it but I also just like my men taller in general, even if they're already taller than me.

I feel like If I say anything about your scale on attractiveness I'll be a hypocrite. I'm 6'5 and a short women wouldn't be my choice but that's just me. I'd say dump him because your wasting his time and devotion to you.

the dumbest thing that will suck for you will be to tell why you want to break up? You'll look like an idiot in anyway you explain it.

Prove it

>I like my men taller
>men (plural)
This says all we need to know. You're still "dating" and not ready to settle down. So you only care about status and appearance which short men can't provide you.

>you only care about status and appearance which short men can't provide.

Why did you even go out with him in the first place? Of course people would be hostile. Imagine if things were reversed. You'd better not get pissed off when a guy breaks up with you for a better looking woman. It's not like he can magically be more attracted to you over the superior choice.

well user to be honest you do sound kind of mean.

would you want him talkling about you like this? i dont know if this sounds like true love to me. I feel like he deserves better than you if you're going to be like that.

yeah it sounds like you're wasting his time like the other user said. for his sake i hope you dump him so he can find someone who loves him for who he is.

not trying to be mean im just being honest.

I don't think I agree with telling him you're breaking up because he's too short but i mean....i guess some people appreciate clarity.

but then agian you could potentially be making him suffer even more by encouraging him to be insecure about his height

and for any guys reading this i love short guys i think its hot. 5'7' is hot to me even though im 5"4 and could easily be taller with heels. the thing is though i hate heels so eh...i'm always going to be this height more or less

My girlfriend is one of the sweetest girls I've met but I'm having a hard time looking past how big her tits are. One of her friends has huge boobs and she was standing next to my girlfriend yesterday and I've never seen my girlfriend look so unattractive before. I felt more attracted to her chesty friend than I did to her, as much as I hate myself for thinking that. My girlfriend is great in almost every way... except for her tits. I always imagined myself marrying a girl with giant tits.. Is this a valid reason to break up with my girlfriend? I feel like a dick but I can't help but feel this way.

Yes, you’re a shallow cunt. Nothing wrong being one. Tell him that you’re shallow and bid goodbye.

Nice larp

6'5" here, I would start to resent my girlfriend if she ever expressed being a height queen.

Even if you were baited hardcore
Incels exist purely because of your logic that women are responsible for their problems and wellbeing. They exist because they are pathetic and think the world owes them something.

Also OP this bait is lame.
Be more creative.

bait answer - lol yeah fuck manlets
real answer - If that's the only thing that bothers you about him them think about if it's a big enough issue to break up with him. Generally yeah you're shallow for breaking up with someone for reasons of height but it depends on how serious you are with them and if you're exclusive and yadda yadda yadda.

>inb4 you must be a manlet
I'm fucking 6'5" (197 cm)

Why the fuck did you even date him in the first place, then?

This is what I don't understand. If you don't like short men, don't date them? Why date them and then break up because they are short?

Femanon here, don’t listen to op short guys.

I married my husband because he’s 5’8. He’s build like a fucking gorilla, done tons of arm wrestling and has always come in first beating out guys as big as 6’4. And shorter guys have better looking faces too, most the hot actors are on the shorter side.

Big tall guys are always awkward, clumsy, and have bird like features like big noses and ears. Tall guys are so gross and creepy looking, usually all lanky and goofy.

me on the right

I know it’s bait. But personally I won’t be with any guy that is shorter than me, or under average of guys

Girls want to have sex too man. Ever fuck an fat/ugly girl and start feeling like you want out of that relationship?

Femanon too, and that’s just preference. I like tall dudes. If every couch or chair looks awkward for him, great. He looks like Benjin Stark? Fucking perfect. Give me a viking ass looking dude any day.
Being with short to average guys just feels wrong. But we all like what we like.

easy to say when 99% of women share the same preference

Yeah, and it’s not only by trend. We are short weak little humans. Most of us are anyways, it’s only natural we would be attracted to what we could potentially see as safety.

Don’t have anything against short guys, as friends they tend to be great because they aren’t alpha dudes with anger issues.
But right now girls are in a place where they have the freedom of choice, so I’ll take one Jason Mamoa, please and thank you.

I'm 5'9.5 and am 5'11 when I wear my boots

What now

Fun fact : women are more likely to be physically harmed by their boyfriend than a stranger

Not only is this a very low quality bait post but OP has posted it before. Move on, nothing to see here, just another bitter tall kissless virgin whose oneitis is fucking a short guy.

Don't call yourself femanon when you are a gay man wearing a dress

just dump that hoe asap
never settle my man

>giant tits

>is it shallow for me to break up with my boyfriend because he's short?
yes, obviously. the only thing you can find wrong with him is his height. an appearance based trait he can do literally nothing about changing.
that's shallow as fuck.
>is this a valid reason to break up with my boyfriend?
no, but you made up your mind already anyway. justify it however you want in your twisted little brain.

yeah it's shallow
why do you think for some reason that otherwise you wouldn't be shallow?
youre likely an extremely shallow person, like most people

Nice d&d image my baiting friend

They are responsible though. If women didn't have such extremely high standards there would be less incels, there's no other way to look at it.

Bad bait. No 5'9" guy has a gf.

Yeah, only guys 5'8" and under have gfs.


I'm short and I would never under any circumstances date a fatty. Is it shallow? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Not at all.

Life is short and it's full of stuff, so let me know baby when you've had enough.

Serious truth about your fun fact: it is better to live in a society where that is a fact.
Same as the fact that if you buy a gun the person most likely to get shot by it is yourself, by you. You don't want to live in a world where you get shot by someone else. And you really don't want to live in a society where you have to shoot home invaders at a level greater than the suicide rate.

If you can't figure this out on your own you're too stupid for even this page

Jeff Bezos is 5' 7" and I guarantee he has more material wealth and status than anyone you could possibly think of in your life that is taller.

ITT: Screeching manlets
When will they learn?

Well is it shallow to break up with a bf because someone else has a bigger penis?

Yes, fuck the manlets

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Yes it's shallow. You will end up alone because of your impossible standards
it is bait but there are enough women who unironically think this way that there are likely to be some ITT right now.

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Physical attraction can be just as important to the integrity of the relationship as anything else

If you're dissatisfied then make whatever decision feels natural. Not morally right mind you, I mean NATURAL

lmao similar boat OP I just made a similar post. My online bf lied to me about his height and I also feel like a cunt.
My advice is keep a lookout for other guys before making your final decision. If it bothers you that much then breakup with him but dont be too harsh to him about the height thing.