He want to spend more time with friends

We are in 1 year relationship. At the beginning, we were both anti social , but now he want to speak with others and arranges meetings with them.
Why earlier he preferred to do everything only with me. Is this normal? I let him for all those things what he need, but Im so afriad... that I could waste him. Should I more chill ?

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OP we need more information on you and your friends personalities and relationship, but generally hanging out more with them is a good thing

Offer to go to these meetings with him. Tell him you would like to be part of their fun and you want their friends to also be your friends (even if it'd a lie or a drag). If he resist, making excuses as to why you can't/shouldn't be with them, he's probably trying to stay away from you or find new experiences with other people (not necessarily in romantic or sexual ways.

Why tho? Only he can tell you. Maybe he's bored or has fallen into a rut with you. Probably wants to do more things than just sitting home being together. He being a guy, sometimes he just wants to be around others guys to validate his masculinity and views.

Tl;Dr Show interest in his friends, if he refuses, ask him why and discuss it together

You mean nothing to him.
You’re a fucking anchor.

I dont need spend time with friends, I prefer isolate and live only with my partner, only speaking and meeting with kim. At the beginng that was'nt problem for him,
even he wanted it.
But recently I've started to notice that he is isolating himself from me. He said that he feel like in cage, and he knows that was his idea, but people learn from their mistakes, and he doesnt 1 brain in 2 bodies.....
said that he cares of me but all our meeting started to be boring and "without feeling", and when I agreed to his request, I noticed that he felt better and he said that all our meeting is no longer "coerced" only "out of desire"... But idk....

Then you're the problem, user.

Your bf wants to expand his horizons and do new things and you just want to be isolated with him inside a cabin at the top of a mountain. You're probably dealing with self steem issues that is not allowing you to open yourself up to new things and makes you crave for what you know and have safely in your hands. But, your bf doesn't seem OK with this anymore, and probably was never OK with it in the first places.

You need to work on yourself. Not wanting to make friends, even if they are pretty much being handled to you on a silver plater, speaks volumes of your self worth and steem. You're also on your way to developing codependency.

oh thank you, I dont want to limit him...even if at the beginning he pressed himself for it , and I left all my friends to him and now I have no one ...But maybe now he understood the error.
I do not want him to doesnt develop through me. I will chill, I will leave the house, I will find new friends and hobbies

cuz I feel taht im addicted to him

Well, you're asking for advice to strangers on a Mongolian basket-weaving forum, with a minimal amount of details about your situation, user.

so what do you want to know
I wrote all important details for me, but I might be wrong

It’s pretty healthy to have social connections outside the relationship.
But we can’t guess if he has ulterior motives

Well, with what you said about leaving your friends for him, and pretty much throw your life away just for him, then you're still to blame and it still looks like it is a lack of self steem.
The codependency will set in if you allow him to take control of your self worth by drifting away from you to do different things with different people.
Either tell him how this is all is making you feel and what means to him, or leave him and build your old life and your old you again.

Yea may be possible

at the beginning I was very well social,he had problems with jealousy. I did not want him to feel bad and I agreed to take off, spend time with him, etc. I started to call, although it often caused me a problem and I told him that he did not care. Now that I have no one but him, he broke his promise and started meeting others, writing etc. I have no one but him. Compared to him, I do not have a problem to let him go, but it gives me pain and fear. He knows he made a mistake and he said that for the sake of what he himself started to disturb him.

He already succeded in isolating you. You depend on him, and he knows this. He's just gonna get worse if you allow him. If he's doing this out of immaturity, talk things out with him and make him respect the compromises he did with you. If he's doing this out of malice though, you're better off leaving him or he will make your isolation worse.

That's good idea, but now I want to show him that I can ,,be social'' even this. maybe someday I want it as it was, but I will be stronger

This guy gets it.
Can you get your old friends back?

In any case it's hard to read your posts but it boils down to: does he go out of his way to exclude you, or has he just given up on including you and settled into a routine? Either way being antisocial is a mistake, nurturing codependency is a bigger mistake, and at the end of a successful relationship is a family with children who will need a support network and parents who have had practice being social and aren't nervous making friends with other parents.

Have a serious talk about how you've gone down a path of codependency, and it felt good at the time because new relationships are like that, but now you need to get serious about showing up for his events and being on his arm and making him look good, and he needs to get serious about bringing you into his circle so that he has one life and not two. Or, if he is trying to push you away, he should come clean and not waste your youth on his concern for your hurt feelings and loneliness.

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Yes, few days ago I started chatting with them, and I make an appointment with them. I feel a little bit better, but I think that isn't over. He said that he can break up with me at any moment but He knows that can be repaired and all will be good ... ehh its strange

>He said that he can break up with me at any moment
The fuck he can.
You are in the wrong for being antisocial, but he is taking you for granted.

Sounds like YOU need to make friends, OP

yea, I realized ....
I started to renew contacts and seek new ones to work on myself

I just let him go out with friends for a beer.
I lied that tomorrow also go out on birthday party with friends XDd Because I still dont have friends to go out but I'm on the right way to rebuild my life. He was suprised and
I noticed that it moved him a bit, but he wished me great fun.