Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend in todays age i just want to feel loved have sex have fun and other things etc...

Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend in todays age i just want to feel loved have sex have fun and other things etc, dating apps are almost always a failure because the women always ghost after the first few couple Text and I try to keep the convo going, going out in public and trying to flirt with women today is seen as creepy as hell what the fuck am I supposed to go to get a women god dam it.

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You are creepy because your obviously horny, disgusting bro. Now go back to r9k


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Technology has expanded women's dating pool, pushing out men that would be considered boyfriend material for Chad who lives 30 miles away, thus creating super-hypergamy

Yep. I wonder what the logical conclusion of this is, when 80%+ of guys will never get a relationship again except with past the wall roastie looking for a meal ticket. Also , every 18 year old girl is getting dicked down by Chad the moment she turns of age . It's a crazy world we live in.

Porn has sedated young men for the most part but as no fap/no porn continues to increase in popularity we might see that sedation wear off.

It isn't impossible, though.
All you have to do is be handsome, have a stream of revenue, preferably a high paying one, dress impecably and have a perfect level of timing and social aptitude.
See? So simple.

I think it's best to stop thinking of women as people who you can rationalize with and expect to have empathy for your struggles, and just think of procreation as a reward for beating out other males in self development.

I think procreation is a more dangerous prospect for men than it's ever been. If that's your goal then you're flirting with danger.

Technology made our lives easier to the point you almost never need to leave home and the few moments you actually go outside, you dont even need to speak to cashier (self check out cashiers).

Tldr people have fewer opportunities to meet anybody and less experience with basic social interactions.

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Replace procreation with casual sex with random whores then, the core idea is the same.

So is the risk, I guess. Gotta flush your condoms down the toilet or take them with you to throw them away.

youre thinking is part of youre problem

requirements for gf according to incel
>super intelligent
>Lots of friends
>good social skills
>lots of sexual experience

reality of requirements for having a girlfriend
>dont be a dick

What this guy said, OP:
You are thinking is part of you are problem.

>women only love violent abusive assholes
>incels are violent abusive assholes
>women don't love incels
Makes you think incel thinking is flawed.

Why are you lying OP? Getting a girlfriend is easier than ever.

Incels aren't usually violent, only emotionally abusive. When they become physically violent, then girls become attracted to them, see Elliot Rodger.

Girls were never attracted to Elliot Rodger; what a waste of trips.

Trips of truth

They didn't know he existed. He never tried to talk to girls.

This, in middle age it was your parents that would find you a girl, now you are way more free than ever, and i am still virgin hahaha..haha..ha :(


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Maybe for men. But most women are on tinder ready to get dicked down.

You can even see the bias in the article. The author thinks its common to hookup with someone you met on tinder within the hour. This is the life of women & Chad, hidden to the rest of men.

The link i posted literally proges you wrong...

No, only 30% of my facebook friends are using tinder.

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Incel math: men outnumber women 10 to 1. All women have their top 10% chad while 90% are virgins.

>don't be a dick
this would be a good advice for chads who can't keep a gf
>don't be a coward
this would be a better advice for incels who can't approach girls

Why do you losers concern more about gf than friends? I don’t have both and I feel extremely missed out on friendship and the cool events people go to.

Having a gf but no friend is still pathetic and embarassing.

>>Having a gf but no friend is still pathetic and embarassing.
Does this even happen? I can't imagine it, unless you hit the incredibly low odds of snagging an autistic girl with no friends either.

Anyway I'm in the same boat; I have neither friends nor a girlfriend.
Honest question: Where and how do I make friends? The few I have (literally only 3, and I'm kind of sick of their bullshit) are ones I made in highschool, and now that I'm 27 with no hobbies, social skills, and generally poor personal development it's going to be harder than ever to form lasting connections. Who will put up with me as I try to engage in basic human interactions that I should have mastered a decade ago?

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not really.

The problem with incels is lack of self-awareness, not their cowardice. I call this being a dick.

1. Personal hygeine - people who stink, don't groom theirselves regularly (ie. nails, hair) put off others. No one will tell you you look bad or smell bad in person, it's impolite.
2. Misreading social situations, people in general.
3. Taking life WAY too seriously (this is probably the biggest one).

If you can't understand why these would be issues, next time you see a person with any of the above, remember how you judge that person - more than likely, thats how people will see you.

you could always organise some sort of meetup with people you meet online if you have trouble making friends in the offline world.

Semi-anonymous online communities would probably be better places for this though.

I read it and I don't see the case, the problem is that the study doesn't really divide how the sex recession affects either men or women. They just note that how sex recession is hurting humans as a whole, they didn't dare split the numbers. I found it amusing how in this part "In 1995, the large longitudinal study known as “Add Health” found that 66 percent of 17-year-old men and 74 percent of 17-year-old women had experienced “a special romantic relationship” in the past 18 months. In 2014, when the Pew Research Center asked 17-year-olds whether they had “ever dated, hooked up with or otherwise had a romantic relationship with another person”—seemingly a broader category than the earlier one—only 46 percent said yes."

they split the genders in the 90's but now they just said 17 year olds in general. They're trying to obfuscate the harsh realities of super-hypergamy.

What percentage of your female friends use tinder?

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The logical conclusion is incels and MGTOW and porn addicts and wine aunts and post-wall stacies with mutt kids

>that they don't show the gender divide proves that women have more sex
Brainlets and liars, you incels always are. The harsh reality is that it has never been easier to get sex or a gf. This is an undeniable fact that incels desperately try to pretend doesn't exist.

It's true


That is the "study" that is actually an incel who sent a questionnaire to 27 women. It doesn't use data from tinder at all, in fact it has nothing to do with tinder. Why do incels keep posting this old shitty bait article when they know it has been thoroughly debunked ages ago?


"Q. How does this inequality compare to the inequality women face on dating apps? Is there an analogy you can use to better explain it?

A. I recently saw a post on Medium that considered incoming likes as a sort of currency. Every nation in the world has a currency, but that currency is not equally distributed amongst the citizens of every country. These economic inequalities are described using what is called the Gini index.

In our context, the closer the Gini index is to 0, the more equally likes are distributed across all of our users; a higher Gini index rating means more likes are being concentrated into fewer recipients.

The guy that wrote that post only had a couple dozen data points, but since I have access to many orders of magnitude more, reading his write-up made me curious as to what would happen if I reproduced his work using our data.

It turns out that, as it pertains to incoming likes, straight females on Hinge show a Gini index of 0.376, and for straight males it’s 0.542. On a list of 149 countries’ Gini indices provided by the CIA World Factbook, this would place the female dating economy as 75th most unequal (average — think Western Europe) and the male dating economy as the 8th most unequal (kleptocracy, apartheid, perpetual civil war — think South Africa)."

So this guy reproduced it with more data and found similar results. Happy?

What you overlook is that 2. or 3. are viewed as you picture them, while they probably result from an oversensitivity to social situations: persons overwhelmed by subtle signals act oddly and look socially stupid, and by paying too much attention to possible mistakes they look too serious (the NPC effect). There is no excuse for the 1. however, one only needs to look and mimic what his/her peers are doing.

Even on Jow Forums you can see bitches complaining about the Chad, who's fucking other girls, not settling for her and just using her as a cumbucket.

That article on the other hand does not try to push an incel narrative and is more of an academic thing. The only thing it concludes is that men initiate messaging a lot more. It in no way supports any of your incel beliefs.

Can someone explain what this is supposed to be? Incels keep using this word.

Fuck off, incel.

It also concludes that women send way more likes to the top percentage of men

It means someone dating "up"

>top percentage
Of what? The men that get the most messages? Makes sense since the vast majority of profiles are shit. A guy who makes a particularly good and clever profile will of course get a lot more likes, even from girls who aren't actually interested in him. Remember that hinge likes are for a trait of someone, not the person as a whole.

Like ugly guys dating hot girls?

Use google retard

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As a girl, these kind of threds of incels really grind my gears, I don’t know you, I haven’t looked at you, and still I sense this desperation, I smell the fear you have to actually approach a girl and I see the social ineptitude on you OP... maybe after a couple messages girls sense that too...

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on average, women on social media like any post (from males or females) a lot more than men.

Men don't like their friends posts as much as women would like their friends posts, but make sure they like other women's posts - this is why the imbalance between male and female likes.

So the problem is men don't use reactions as much as women do - and when they do react, they are more likely to react to a female's post (hence tipping the scales even further in the womans favour)

Go get a cup of coffee. Get off your ass. Make a plan for yourself for today. Exercise your body and mind. Think of a way to make yourself useful. If you're too stupid to come up with anything on your own, join the army and they'll find something for you to do.

You are... stupid...

Sure it can be applied to guys too

Top percentage of looks

This is talking "likes" on dating apps, not social media in general. And on hinge you have to like or dislike someone before moving on to the next person, you can't just skip so both men and women would use the same amount of likes/dislikes

>Top percentage of looks
How do you measure this? With an objective score?

You don't like the person on hinge, you like parts of his/her profile.

Yet, the more used advice to counter that fear is "just go and talk to girls". This is not helping as it leads to talk to girls who don't match with us or girls we are not really interested into.
I think we rather need hope that talking to girls can be personally rewarding.
I mean rewarding for our persons as a whole, by their very name "incels" are focused on sexual rewards.

Your feelings are similar to opiate addiction.
Just ignore these feelings and acquire money. Also, lower your standards

Mmmkay... you got hurt by the truth?

Mmm AHHHHHH... no? I'm not the OP, just your opinion is stupid...

Ignore that retard, is a tranny that baits here.

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>not really interested
thats the problem.

Ever know of a guy who never speaks to you at all, unless he wants something from you? Thats the kind of guy you appear like to others.

It's not a bad attitude to have in the workplace, but if you carry it outside the workplace, it just puts people off you.

Again, think of a person who never spoke to you in ages, then suddenly found out you were interested in the same thing as him. THEN he starts talking to you.

If you change nothing else, just go with the attitude towards people that everyone has something interesting to say, I just have to allow them to feel comfortable to express themselves.

>wants something from you
These are two very different things.

I get what you mean "everyone has something interesting to say", that's an hopeful thing to keep in mind, thanks for that.

However, it will often last a few seconds until I realize I have no curiosity about her, her life, her personality and so on. If I force myself to be curious about random people, I bet I will end up with people whose only use is for me to avoid loneliness... I don't think that's good.
I neither think we need to share common interests - that would be stupid af as men and women tend to have diverging interests. But at least I want to live my life with persons I am interested into, and I hope someday I can find people interested in me as a person.

>Ignore that retard, is a tranny that baits here.
Keep saying that to yourselves, you know the truth, I don’t have to tell you why girls don’t want to be with you, you can blame us all you want, you all miss to recognize that being in a relationship involves physical and mental/emotional attraction, that means that if you dabble in dating sites/apps and just hope to get a girl without taking proper care of yourself, well guess what you are gonna have a bad time, since the first thing that we all see (male/female) is the photos...
There is not a magical potion, as a girl, I will only give this advice:

1. Be attractive: get nice clothes, hairstyle, use creams, deodorants, perfume, etc. Actually take care of you’re image
2. Take care of your body, I really prefer average to fit fellas, but I dont speak for every girl in the world. Just, take care of yourselves
3. Be honest: genuinely interested for us and our interests, a big misconception or mistakes men do is that they act nice just to recurve a reward, that’s why “nice guys” are not a real thing since they expect to be repaid for how they act(mostly in a sexual manner)
4. Have goals: wonder why girls pursue idiots? They have goals (many times, not all tho) dreams, something to look up to, it really is a drag to be with someone who is in his comfort zone, who is ok with just getting a paycheck and what ever, aim to provide mor of what your parents did.
5. Have interesting things to talk about, not only our interests or yours but a in between, a common ground for us to actually be able to discuss for hours...
that is the thing, the reason why I am bored by these threads is the fact that all the blame falls on women, but you guys aren’t willing to actually change for good, you expect keep doing the same shit and get a different result...

theres nothing wrong with going for what your interested in, and it could even be more effective to go this way.

But, becoming interested in people (both females and males) in general, will have many positive side effects - one of them is getting women to be more receptive towards you.

You... are... really... retarded...

Also sometimes you are just not compatible with someone guess what... IT HAPPENS you will never be a success with everyone, so don’t get stuck with one girl or one kind of girl, open your mind to something else, someone else...
I don’t know how to meet people, get out of your house damn it, get a hobby, work out, exercise, go to a class, talk to the people you work with, and just go with it, don’t overthink...

Mmmkay little dude, then keep crying in Jow Forums wondering why people don’t like you, and blaming others, because certainly they’re out to get ya’

Mmmm... you... are... just... assuming... that... men.... don't.... already... do... that... mkay, babygirl?

Why... Do... You... Write... Like... This...

This is hope! Thanks!

To mock that retarded bitch.

No, not all, just the ones who post these kind among with the “I opened a tinder, why I’m not drowning in pussy” kinda threads. But yeah, it’s easy not to like an uncomfortable truth, tell me then big boy, what’s the problem then? Got any ideas besides just shit all over? Oh, and try... not... to... get... a... stroke... when... you... type...

no worries.

14 year old detected

Why is wanting someone wrong? All yall ever seem to do is date guys who dont give a shit about you and expect pussy to magically change us

Because you don’t socialize for the point of socializing and you have never asked a girl out.

Be willing to take a risk.

The idea of an unattractive man wanting love or hoping to get with a girl is enraging and angering to women. They legitimately get upset and offended at that.

Don’t listen to he's just salty
Everyone has different likes and everything, we can’t match everyone, that’s for sure, what we can do is actually improve ourselves
physically, by taking care of our own image
Emotionally, by actually knowing what you want
And socially, by actually be able to get along with others (you’ll never please everyone so get that idea out of your head)

The idea of why this makes me so mad is that people I will say tend to want something without actually being willing to change...

Well im not very attractive but can get plenty of women using what's called the exposure effect. The funny part is that this only worked after i became an asshole. I used to genuinely be a nice guy who didnt expect to be rewarded for decency. had anger issues but i kept them perfectly undr control and everyone knew this. I was always treated like shit and no woman would give me the time of day. I finally gave into my hatred and became "that guy", the one person you don't ever fuck with. It happened when i started pulling weapons on people, and started using my talent of manipulation, which i was ashamed of, to fuck with people's minds. All the sudden, all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds like me. I can easily get women now, but the sheer disappointment in my species stops me from pursuing them.
You just subverted the question.

guy here.

What other characteristics do you see about these dicks that attract women?

Confidence and not being afraid to ask for what they want. Also, women can usually tell if a person is experienced in bed or not (don't ask me how, but they just can) - and they check this box as well.

2 Things you can learn from this

1. You don't have to be a dick to keep women, take the GOOD behaviours from the dicks (confidence, asking for what you want) and ditch the bad (abusive behaviour)
2. If you are insanely good at sex, no matter how much of a dick you are, the women will bitch about you, but she'll be back.

Yeah both are shit. I was always honest with them, and sex is one of my talents yet liking them always automatically meant "desperate". Got tired of everyone's bullshit, and now they like me. Im starting to lose faith in humanity.

>people tend to want something without actually being willing to change
So much this

It is very common to see men trying to get a gf without personifying "the bf", because it would make them less than men or because they would have to abandon their hobbies.
The same is also true for women: cat ladies are often in their situation because they craved for a bf without the will to personify "the gf".

Ok sorry I had to actually open notes to write comfortably, ok Ok, here’s a little story:
While scrolling through Facebook one night I came across a post that said, “The reason I’m single is because I treat girls nicely.” My first thoughts were along the lines of, “Of course blame girls for the reason you’re single, you entitled dick. Don’t blame yourself at all. You have a good quality, you’re ‘too nice’, and it must be so agonizing for you. What a shame? You should be entitled to any girl you want because, I mean, you earned it, you’re ‘nice.’”

It’s true; some girls/ many girls say that they like bad boys. Girls go crazy for a James Dean type guy, a rebel without a cause. Why? Because bad boys are exciting and unpredictable. They’re confident and they take what they want. The traits of a bad boy are desirable to a lot of women. Women believe dating a bad boy can be thrilling and dangerous. Sometimes women are attracted to a bad boy because they believe they can change him, keep all the hot qualities of a “bad boy” and add the nice qualities they desire, like being treated with respect. This obviously ends up going south, hence the constant look for someone they can change.

Why does liking someone automatically mean desperate, when i only go for women that i like. But when im only looking to use her, i have success.

Continuing, The problem for so many nice guys is that they are afraid of rejection. They refuse to make an approach unless they are 110% sure that they’ll succeed. They will dress it up in any number of excuses – they want to wait until the moment’s right, they don’t want to make it weird – but it all comes down to the same problem: they don’t want to take the risk of getting hurt. As a result, they freeze themselves in place. They dither and wait. Shy guys will convince themselves of the nobility of loving from afar. Nice Guys will spend time trying to collect Friend Tokens in order to pay for the Platonic Best Friend Back Door Gambit.
Meanwhile, some asshole whose interest starts at her cleavage and ends at her crotch rolls up on her. And while the asshole may well not be as good of a match for her as the dogged nice guy, hestill is the one who actuallyasked. Because he wasn’t as worried about “making it awkward” or whether or not she’d want to be friends afterwards, he felt confident enough to actually ask her out.
Even if the woman in question liked the nice guy, she isn’t going to wait forever for him to make up his mind. If you like someone, then you want to be the guy who actually makes his move. The asshole may not like her as much, but he actually took his shot. The nice guy nice guy doesn’t get a chance because, frankly, he never gets in the game in the first place.
Remember: he who hesitates, loses out.
You said it yourself
I finally gave into my hatred and became "that guy", the one person you don't ever fuck with.
That was the trigger, the moment in which you stopped rally giving a shit what girls may think or everyone else’s opinion, that my friend is what I’ve b en talking about, you changed, and with it, you buried the guy I’m sure you don’t want to be ever again...

But we only treat you like shit. Are yall really that evolutionarily detective to think a hole that 3.8billion others have will ever change us? Im starting to suspect that love and relationships are meaningless bullshit.


Sorry to hear that, but again, is it really everyone else’s fault? Or are you willing to take a deep self judgment upon yourself to actually discover what other people see that you are not acknowledging

Modernity hasn't made it more difficult; 100 years ago, even more people couldn't have sex.

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I always went after women i liked as a person and was always called "desperate", which basically means youre not allowed to like someone, no matter what i did. Im not abusive but i only treat them like dick recepticles and suddenly im successful.

It really is, not only you do that, just as men treat girls like shit, we also treat you the same way and you evolve into “nice guys” who if not treats become incels, who later die alone...

Secularist degenerates enforcing a culture of hedonism across the western world where the individual and not the family is the primary concern. It's a culture of xenophiles and consumerists out there.

>Just sleep around until your 30, then maybe take things seriously
>kids are terrible lol
>You haven't done DMT yet?

It's mind blowing how afraid of love people are today.

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>subverts question
Fuck off

Yall really are worthless then

>100 years ago, even more people couldn't have sex
Except there were less crackdowns on prostitution (less police in general then), more people were religious, and arranged marriages were far more common.

And have fun having kids because yall have automatically set them up for a failed childhood.

>It really is, not only you do that, just as men treat girls like shit, we also treat you the same way and you evolve into “nice guys”
>The nice guy meme
Daily reminder that being passive =/= being kind. Your angst is far more meaningless than genuine connections have to offer

Define successful because repeating the “I treat them bad and they follow me around” is starting to sound fake

You wanted a response on why you got more attention being a dick and I did, this is what you changed.

You stopped worrying about “making it awkward” or whether or not she’d want to be friends, you started being confident enough to actually ask girls out. You most probably stop caring I
whether you got someone or not... that’s is when you stopped being desperate...

Do you know how many women I dated on online dating sites before I met my wife? Persistence and numbers are the key. You are weeding out the ones that you are not compatible with. It's the same way with many other things in a man's life like job apps. You don't apply for just one job and expect to find a job.

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