I'm gonna fuck an asian girl for the first time soon. Any tips...

I'm gonna fuck an asian girl for the first time soon. Any tips? Previous experience is tons of white girls and two black girls.

Got a big white dick.

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Don't say or do things which fetishize her Asianness. All the Asian girls I know hate it the most when guys chase them solely out of yellow fever. Even if it's just for a quick lay, they still want to be seen as more than Generic Asian Pussy #2485.

Also, lube. Probably going to be the tightest pussy you've ever had.

We're from a scandinavian country and she's a 'recent' arrival so I don't think she's the type who'd get mad if I say I like asians or something, but I wouldn't do something like that anyways.

Lube? Alright, I've only used it once before with one of the black girls, wasn't that fun but I guess if her pussy turns out to be -that- tight. Whoah.

Thanks man.

You do know that Chinese girls are built sideways, don't you?

Don't you mean Generic Asian Pussy #22,456,798

you know she's going to want to marry you next week, don't you?
if she's a new arrival from an Asian country, that's the likeliest scenario. if she's american asian or something, she's just a slut.

Their skin feels really nice! That's not a tip I'm just happy for ya.

You know how I can tell your actually a big virgin?

The fact that you ask this autistic Mongolian basket weaving forum for advice about sex, and this tryhard part of your post

>Previous experience is tons of white girls and two black girls.
>Got a big white dick.
>I'm not a virgin at all you guys so many girls have let me do the sex with them and let me put my not-small very big penis in them

Nope, no tip. Anyway, it must feel good to have a big dick and having girls see it and react to it. If I knew that my gf had fucked a big dick before and liked it, I wouldn’t be able to love her anymore.

Treat her like a person

>got a big white dick
Yeah this is bait. No one who has one brings that up for no reason. At least i dont and neither does anyone i know. And if you do then youre a lying virgin who still thinks porn is reality. Either way, you're a pathetic liar and this thread is bullshit.

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bite her nips

>and she's a 'recent' arrival
How'd y'all meet? And further, how'd you get to this point? As a guy who consistently fucks up pushing the envelope, I wanna learn a thing or two.

>Got a big white dick
user you've probably never made a girl cum if you think that's relevant, and thus I'm sorry for you

>lil' willy spotted

>t. turbo virgin that believes in porn
Oh you poor boy

oh so you're a vagene then?
hallo miss!

Just unlike you I've actually spoken to women

pussy is pussy dont be a pussy

"I've done it with a girl before, you know. I mean, intercourse-wise."
>t. Daniel Radcliffe

Why should an Asian woman be any different from a white or black woman?

I'll never understand why the size of a man's penis prevents him from having/getting sex

yeah, by the time your undies are off, it's too late for her.
tighter punani than the others desu

I know I cream when big dicks are posted on /soc/

why not help them get big or bigger by posting pics of your creamy regions there too?

Good that you ask for advice user, Asian girls are completely different than other girls. First of all, they have no soul and thus no reflection in the mirror. Don't fuck them in front of mirrors because it will look like you're thrusting your dick in the air and it will make her feel self conscious. Secondly, replace all the L consonents with an R, it will make her feel like home (hell). Lastly, considering you have tons of experience with actual human beings, you should compare everything she does to that. For example: "good kisser but Shanuiqa did it better, 6+/10". It will give her an idea on what to work on. Good luck and have fun!

I do sometimes. I usually just post a link to my cam show, though

cam show? free or paid or what?

Bullshit, my ex loved when I degraded her for being Chinese. To be fair, she was as submissive and masochistic as they come

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you mean like on one of those camshow sites?

Uh, yes?

>Any tips?
They fuck like women fuck. Some fuck you back, some just lay there. Now if you fuck one in their native country or fresh off the boat they sound different when you hit a sweet spot and of course the visual is different. But pussy is pussy. Oh to burst your bubble, that pussy may be big or it may be tight just depends on the girl.

uh, for all we know, you could just be making a spectacle of yourself on /b/ or /soc/ or something.
what's your cam show link btw?

1. insert the dick in the indicated hole
2. take it out
3. go to 5 if you came
4. go to 1
5. disappear from the girl's life