How can I get rid of my fat fetish? I hate it...

How can I get rid of my fat fetish? I hate it, I feel like if I ever got a gf of a respectable weight I'd be subconsciously trying to make her gain weight.

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Why you ashamed of your fetish? Do feet people feel ashamed of feet? Furries should, but they don't. There's a lid for every pot in this world. Somebody out there is gonna have the same sexual thoughts as you, so be proud of your chonk-fetish and let your freak flag fly so that others out there can feel brave enough to let theirs fly too!

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I don't like how sexual it feels. I feel like if I had a fat gf I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about fucking her and treating her like a fetish object. I also have a lot of interests like outdoor hiking and lifting that wouldn't be compatible with an overweight woman

For the record I share your kink, though I'm lucky in the sense that I am more or less equally attracted to slim people. But I definitely understand the shame, even if just for health reasons.

Having said that, it sounds like you've never dated a fat girl, I think that's part of finding it unimaginable you'd be able to not fetishize her. Not to sound callous but ask a seventeen year old what it would be like to have a girlfriend and they'd probably not be able to imagine not wanting to touch her boobs 24/7. Plus for you the entire idea of being with a fat woman is taboo/forbidden fruit which further ups the sex factor.

As for getting rid of it, afaik that's not possible. If anything I would try to, if the situation arises, focus on seeing the good in slimmer women. Women are naturally more fatty than men in that they have more fat tissue at a similarly healthy weight. Depending on her build a woman who wears a size 8 can definitely have a bit of fleshiness around her love handles, lower stomach, thighs etc. It is good to know for yourself whether you can shift your perception and find it within yourself to see the appeal in slimmer women or that this is just flat out off the table for you.

I'm having a hard time empathizing, I guess. If you were into children or animal rape, then I'd say you have a right to be concerned, but I would be surprised if you haven't heard of others who share this fetish with you. I like a thicc mama too, but I know that she is a living breathing person with human feelings and deserves to be treated as such. It just so happens that she's got some juicy thighs I wanna chew on too.

What exactly is the problem here? Throw her into your SUV, drive her out to an exciting romantic place to take a walk or hike and watch that beautiful bubble butt do it's thing. Maybe if you're lucky, you can take a shower together later and make her wet in more ways than one.

I don't know. It just doesn't feel... right. I just feel really uncomfortable about it, I've had such hard split between being told all the time I shoukd have a slim gf and my carnal desire for a belly gf.

Chubby bitches are great

>being told
Aaaaah. So you're ASHAMED of the idea of having a thicc girl.

Yeahhhhh-- I bought that for like a couple weeks until I realized she could cook, clean and succ like nothing else. Realistically, you should find someone you jive with and are attracted to, and worry about the 'relationship' part after that.

Well, can you offer any advice on how to not be ashamed of it then?

You only get one life, OP. Do you really want to look back on it and realize you settled for someone not your type because of what people might think?

I dunno, I've never cared much about others' judgements. Most people don't manage to put trash in the trash can. Most people project really hard to cover their shit up. In reality, most people are shit, less than shit, and I just don't ever need to care about them in the first place.
They're angry old ladies working retail. They're the delivery driver who hates his job. They're just... who cares? Why?

So the idea of shame was always pretty far off, the hurdle for me was drawing up an attraction for thicc from petites, and it didn't take much work considering I was always kind of a Velma Dinkley kid anyway, but it definitely wasn't a pretense of my relationship. I opened up to my love of thicc after. But, I also really like to know people before I date them. So by the time my girlfriend and I started, we were well acquainted. Maybe start there, too, get to really know someone.

So then you gotta ask yourself WHO is telling you what you do and do not need for a girlfriend? Who's advise are you taking and allowing you to influence you and your life choices? Why do you give this person so much power and control over you? What if THEY have their own fetish and ideals of what is perfect but it doesn't mesh with YOUR version of perfect? Does that still make their opinion correct for you?

Fuck whoever that person is. They aren't you. They don't know you like you do. They don't have to agree with you or your choices, just as you don't have to agree with them and their choices. Go for what makes you happy. If a thicc woman is what makes you happy and sexually fulfills you, then who the hell has the authority to tell you that it's wrong?

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i also love watching dat jiggle. i like to smack it and watch it do that water ripple across her smooth thighs. like a rump roast - wanna sink my teeth in.

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Thanks for the advice. I need to work on my mental roadblock of shame, I'm just super self-conscious and a little scared of being judged. [spoiler]I am also a little scared what I might do to a fat girls health. I am kind of into bodyweights where it becomes a bit unhealthy and causes a decline in mobility.

i have a tg fetish
are you telling me theres a girl somewhere out there who likes to roleplay like she was a guy who got turned into a chick

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. FINDING that person is the trick, though.

If you can acknowledge it just keep cognizant
I once knew a pegasister who genuinely believed her head was inhabited by seven or so anime characters and was into watersports

The only missing element is your will, drive to succeed, and your resignation to the unstoppable passage of time. You might be 70 but if you make the effort to find her, user, you might be very surprised by what reality has to offer

Find you a cute chonk at the gym trying to improve her body. Love her and watch her in all phases of fat and healthy!

what are the chances she isnt crazy though? im willing to put in the effort but theres always a catch

this user makes my point. even if i put in the effort, what are the chances i find a sane girl with such a bizarre fetish?

Every pig enabler ITT should an hero

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Please don't kink shame me

>I came into a thread full of things I do not like and now I am frustrated!
>How could this happen to me?

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Well, now you're wading into the thickness of dating, aren't you? You couldn't imagine how many "close calls" I've had trying to find someone that fits my fetishes and then end up disappointed because there's some other deal breaker discovered later on. That's just how it works, m8. You gotta take the chance - hell, why not give the crazy one a shot and see if it's a level of crazy that you can compromise on. If she's bat-shit crazy, well, at least you tried. Say, "Thank you, next!" and move on.

This user probably has folders full of prepubescent childish looking waifus. Or is into emo teens. Feel free to ignore the cancer.

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i guess.
the idea of find a girl like that sill seems very strange. thank you

You seem kinda strange too, user. What's fair is fair, right? You gotta be perfect to expect perfect.

thats true. im not saying im perfect and shes not, but ive never heard of a girl having a fetish like that. im not saying that based on character/stability this time

May you find her and may you live a happy blessed life. Same thing to you too, OP.

thanks user
and good luck op