I blew my only chance of making friends after rejoining society after years of being a shut-in neet

I blew my only chance of making friends after rejoining society after years of being a shut-in neet.
...what should I even do at this point?

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How so?

end it

what's the sauce on this

I started college at 25 after years of being a shut-in.
6 months later, I realise I haven't made any friends yet because I've been a knowitall douche without realising it.
I guess I was overcompensating for my lack of social experience and trying to hide my un-normieness, so I came off like that. An acquiantance told me when i asked why it seems some other people in class don't like me being around.
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I know anons, I shouldn't spoonfeed for something this well known, but it's a cropped image and I always personally RIS my own posts before giving sauce.

School is not the only place to make friends
It sounds like you learned from your mistake. You understand the problem and took the constructive criticism. That is good. I’m sure you can make friends now.

I have no other social enviroment and no ability to find one.
The only social enviroment I had a chance in is now ruined for me and I only realised just now.

>School is not the only place to make friends
Where else then?

Are you telling me that you have pissed off every single student at your college?
Look we all make fuckups but you didnt hurt anyone you were just annoying. so it’s not a big deal to just act better and make friends or join some other club.
I had a cocaine and alcohol problem and alienated everyone in my major, but when i came back from rehab, i apologized and even made friends with some of them. If you give up now, you deseve to be friendless.

There's no clubs.
Did I alienate everyone? I don't know. All I know is, I realised how I've been acting based on what I was told and the fact I haven't made any progress socialising with them in 6 months and I assume most of them must hate me.
Do you think I have a chance if I just stop acting like that from now on?

Stop assuming people hate you. If you think people hate you then you give off an annoying depressive aura and no one likes that. and no one hates you. They think you are annoying, but hate is hard to get people to feel for you.

6 months is nothing. Just stop being annoying and most people will forget you were a know-it-all.
If you actively try to be better, people will notice and be receptive. You were able to have one person tell you what you did wrong, so you can’t be that bad. Obviously you didnt alienate everyone, if one person was willing to talk to you.
You definitely have a chance. Give it a few months and try to be a pleasant person to be around. Thank the person who told you. If you tell them you are working on it, they will probably tell everyone else, and everyone else will be more amenable to you.
Short of rape, cheating, lying; it’s not hard to bounce back socially.

So if I stop being an overcompensating smartass people will forget about it?
The way I think about it, all the people have already labeled me as 'annoying smartass' and won't give me the time of day and that label is never coming off.
I do know that know nothing about social interaction and how normies function though so I might be wrong.
Fuck, I just want friends, I'm already 25 for fuck's sake.

How long had you been a NEET and what did you do to break out? Need more backstory
As it stands, there could be many issues as to why you feel you can’t get friends.

Yes. People have their own shit to worry about besides remembering that op is annoying.
If you stop being an annoying smartass for an extended period of time, then why would people continue to associate it with you? Do you yourself remember what miguel in room 315 was like 3 months ago?
Look just try and be better and they will notice. Talk to new people. If there are no clubs, then surely there are sports or recreation classes you can join? Or just take some art classes and meet people there.

>huh op used to be a smartass but he’s been alright lately

That is what normal people will think if you try your best. That’s what i have thoght about people myself.

Been a shut-in neet with basically no real life social interaction from 19 till 25. Obviously khv, though I never browsed Jow Forums all that much, suprisingly.
At 25 I decided to turn shit around, got my license, started college, etc.
Thank you for giving me hope user. I'm just scared it's too late and I don't have time and I need to rush these things since I'm already so old and basically not even started my life yet.

You sound awfully normal honestly. The whole late teens early 20s NEET thing is becoming more and more common in the states and Europe.
Difference between you and robots is that you don’t seem to be unreasonably upset at others and instead you are willing to improve yourself and actually make friends.
You’ll be fine. Just don’t be a jerkdick anymore.

Its never too late user. We had a 30 year old freshman when i started college. He made friends, until he tried to drag a drunk 18 year old into his room, at which point everyone thought he was fucking creepy. There is no way you are worse than that guy.
I’ve been in classes with 60 year olds. You can do this. You seem like a nice and thoughtful person capable of self reflection. and i would want to talk to you if i met you irl. Just put yourself out there and dont be neet again

>whole late teens early 20s
Is 28 too late to start turning things around?
Not the OP, but I can acknowledge there's some good advice in this thread; however I'm out of college with no hope of returning, and there's a big gap in the statistics for things like relationship success as a late starter. eg. Supposedly 98.4% of people are non-virgins by 25 (according to the CDC).

OP here, don't think like that user. It's self-pity and its literally what kept me a shut-in for so many years.
'I'm already at this age so it's pointless to even try by now' is not going to lead anywhere. I still can't shake these thoughts, it's impossible, but at least try.

Why are you so afraid of a statistic
That’s pussy shit

Very good thread. Imma bump it.

>98.4% of people are non-virgins by 25 (according to the CDC)
It's a scary statistic if you look at the percentage, but think of it this way. There's about 248 million adults in the US. So that leaves nearly 1.5 million virgins. That's a huge amount of people.

Focus on yourself.

Yeah but how many of those 1.5 million virgins are fundamentalist religious nutjobs or have severe mental illness or physical deformity?
The answer is probably "most of them".

In a similar situation OP but maybe not quite as dramatic- have been at university in another state for most of the last three years and have made pretty much zero friends here, the only ones I was friendly with were my own when they lived here for a while. I'm in my fourth year now and still kind of struggling but I think a big part of it is both the environment I'm in and my own attitude- I've been staying in places in single apartments for some of it but when I was sharing most of my interests and personality was so different from the others that I was with that while I was friendly, I was still kind of alienating myself and haven't caught up with any of them. Like what you said as well there aren't any clubs at my university- I hear about my friends back home joining some and having a good time which frustrates me and makes me feel sad but I've somewhat come to terms with that- but I think (and this may sound somewhat hypocritical) that there are always going to be opportunities especially at college. If people think you're a smartass or whatever just try talking to some people normally and they'll probably be pleasantly surprised. I find it pretty hard to connect with most people on a level higher than just an acquaintance but even if you're the same way that's a great place to start. Just talking to people is a good start and if they do still seem somewhat hostile to you at first because of your attitude just say straight up you're sorry if you think you came across badly or anything, because you were nervous or scared or whatever. It sounds like it's the truth as well which is fine but if you think that's why people aren't friends with you addressing that is gonna help bigtime. I'm in my fourth year now and don't know if I'll meet new people but I hope to at least try and make some effort, and you should too, especially if you're 6 months in because otherwise it'll be a pretty long road ahead of you (speaking from experience).

"I know anons, I shouldn't spoonfeed for something this well known, but it's a cropped image and I always personally RIS my own posts before giving sauce."
The fuck is your problem? Holy shit, you need to change your whole fucking mind before you can become likable, douchebag. Alternatively double down on being a douche for the sake of being a douche. That's more likable than an insecure faggot douche