Does your experience of clubbing vary a lot, day by day?
For me, it's sometimes really good, like girls approaching me, me kissing with an attractive girl, and on other days, you feel you get no attention and that there aren't even an attractive single women in the club.
So on some days its really exciting, while on others its rather disappointing. What is your experience?

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Yes, it's exactly the same. Why would anyone expect otherwise? Every day is a different day.

Because I'm now drunk and disappointed :).
Do you have a more consistent experience, if you frequent larger clubs?
At least the amount of attractive women without male company should be more reliable, shouldn't it?
But there is probably also more male competition… so it might even out.

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I have never been to a club.

And at bars?

No, there is no more consistent experience anywhere. Let me really put the nail in this coffin: I've had awful nights at some of my favorite clubs.

I guess one time counts.
There were mostly old women. But I approached someone around 19-20 who was clearly the hottest girl at that bar, and she laughed at me.

What do you do if there are no hot girls without male company/ only ugly girls?

Do you just leave?

Well if it's genuinely only ugly girls then yes I bounce. I'll make the most out of 4/10s though.

>I'll make the most out of 4/10s though.
What do you mean? Can you elaborate?

If there are no hot girls but some totally plain average girls, that's good enough for me.

Clubbing is all about the music, man. About the music, and the general vibe you feel through the crown.
It's hard for me to start explain how twisted and wrong your views are, only thinking about pulling girls and thus making the big effort (because deep down you don't really want to be at a club) just to get laid.

ok. Today, almost all women where there together with male acquaintances, and there were mostly ugly girls, and only one hot girl without males company.

Me and the hot girl also had some eye contact, she actually went on the dance floor with her female friend right beside me… While this could be a coincidence, I don't think it was… still, it kind of didn't work out with approaching… she didn't make eye contact after she positioned herself besides me. When I gently touched her shoulder, inorder to be able to talk to her, she didn't seem to notice.

However, when a rather unattractive (and more than one head smaller than her) Arab engaged talked to her and her friend, she replied.

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I mean that's kind of how life works user... Sometimes it be like it is, other times it do...

Yeah :)
I just wanted some reassurance…
I mean, there are some areas in life that are more conistent… like the feeling you get after an workout or so…

Well yeah because that's a controlled environment ... If you workout your body will produce feel good hormones.. Cocaine's pretty consistent too...
In a club you're relying on outside variables (other people) you have exactly zero control over. It'll be good or it won't. Nothing you can do.


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Well, if you want to make out with some hoes, I think it's more exciting and direct than doing some swiping on your phone.

Nah clubs and bars are shit. I just go to meetup events and meet women that way.

But you right though, tinder is cancer tier.

Yeah, I think that meeting women through other occasions is better.
I just didn't ejaculate for some weeks, and this creates urges…

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Well hoes are fine but the kind of hoes at bars and such aren't exactly quality. I can at least be friends with the ones i meet else where. Even if i cant fuck a girl at first, i make as many friends with them as possible cuz "friendzone" is horseshit.

>I just didn't ejaculate for some weeks, and this creates urges…
can confirm, this works
sounds bad and rapey, and it is, but this power can be harnessed for good

I avoid edm and pop dance clubs and shit cause bitches there are all stuck up. I love the alternative clubs and punk bars there though cause being part of a subculture you already have a bunch in common and can just talk music. College bars are a good place too.

>Spending money on alcohol at parties
>Spending money on alcohol at all
>Spending money
Never gonna make it fags i'm laffin

Some days it's dead. Some days you strike out. Some days you get felt of by several attractive women. Some days you bump into the right people and have blast. Everyone has good times and bad times.

some nights i used have randoms sit and talk to me at bars. couples, guys girls etc..
other nights your totally ignored.

i'm convinced clothing has alot to do with it. and surprisingly who your sitting / standing near.

women dont come and talk to you if your near a group of nogs or creepy guys

pubs/bars/lounges are better places to meet people, clubs are too loud and unsociable

>consistent experience
You can't experience the same thing over and over again.
Let's say you watch a movie and it makes you feel a certain way.
Watching the same movie again will not guarantee that you feel that feeling you once.
In that scenario, everyone acts the exact same way. The only variable is you.
In a club scene, the interactions of people much more nuanced. It isn't just a bunch of NPC's waiting for you to initiate their scripts the same way over and over again. You change, they change and obviously the overall experience change.

as if anyone who goes there can have a decent conversation about something
it's the perfect place for their needs, it just doesn't fit you

yeah its always inconsistent. Sometimes when I go out there will be a lot of hot girls and I know that I am going to get lucky other times there are a bunch of girls but I don't click with them. I could go out on a Friday get a bunch of numbers make out with a girl or two and take one home. Same club next friday and I wont even talk to a girl and if I do force it its very friendly and lame so I bounce. Just the way it is.

It is a real thing you can make a bunch of friends that are girls and still have the option of being more that if and only if your first interaction is somewhat flirty and playful. If you are just nice and boring you are friendzoned you cant change a first impression. If you talk to a girl and give off nice guy vibes shes gonna give off friendzone vibes and she wont change if you do force it later on she wont be expecting it and it will be weird

male company doesnt mean anything. Ive gone to a bar before where it was some chicks 21st birthday there were four girls.
I walked up to their table and started flirting with all of them within minutes I literally had a girl in each arm. A few more minutes pass and three dudes roll up with drinks it was all of their guy friends. I dipped but not before getting their numbers and hooking up with them late on.

hell no I dont leave I just flirt with them anyways just to have fun get their numbers and never talk to them again its just good practice and a confidence booster. You may wind up having a good conversation and making a few good jokes that you can incorporate into your next interaction with an actually hot chick.

It happens to the best of us. Maybe dont go straight up to the hottest girl there till you get some more xp. Then you can learn to handle that laughter with confidence and really look like a bad ass when you can handle her laughing and still look good in the interaction

I agree you just go there to have a good time and vibe with everyone. If you are geniunley having fun it will show and make you more approachable and people will be more receptive to your approaches. If you just sit in the back drinking to build up liquid courage and then just waltz up out of nowhere to some chick its gonna seem creepy and you are gonna get shut down quick

would have had to see the whole thing what yall were wearing and how you approached. I wouldnt start a convo with a shoulder touch especially if she was on the dance floor.

Hm yeah, I would not really have done it either, if she gave me eye contact at this time.
As I said she and her friend looked at me several times, and then they placed themselves literally directly in front of me.
(I am muscular and kind of good-looking).
But when they were besides me, they looked away.
I think there was interest from their side, but when they were besides me, they weren't courageous enough to show it/look at me.

I wasnt there so idk but i feel like it could have been executed smoother like not touching her shoulder and just dancing beside them and waiting for a better opportunity. I find that an easy and failproof approach is just mentioning a kind of funny observation about something going on in the club that they will know what you are talking about. like the bartender is an asshole or i love coming here and wathcing all the white guys try to dance (im white) etc something that will usaully get at least a chuckle. its indirect so you can just keep on moving if they dont respond well. But if they respond well you can stick around

>girls approaching me
Been to clubs and bars hundreds of times and this has never happened.

Well, at these occassions I was there alone, which might reduce women's inhibition. I also lift. Still, there are some days when I don't get one positive feedback after approaching several women.

My personal recommendation is to start lifting if you don't already do it. It helps both with women and with confidence.

I went clubbing last night and there were a few girls who smiled at me from across the bar but I didn’t engage them so instead I spent 3 hours having loud music pounded into my eardrums and now I’m bitching on Jow Forums with a boner and tinnitus

Learn to do house dance.
It's easy to practice, you can workout at home there's tons of YouTube tutorials and if you're a creative person it's a great area to create. When in clubs, people get amazed, the dancing attracts virtually everyone - including hot women.
Though it won't help if you have problems with people and women specifically. On the contrary it shall make all these problems visible to everybody.

Do people actually go clubbing alone?

I'm and I do

post tunes Jow Forums

This Friday I went alone and made out with a 8/10 18 year old.

Interesting. I'd be too anxious to handle that.

This was actually one of the most enjoyable moments in a few weeks for me.

The redpill is that it mostly depends on your mood.

If you're in a great mood, women will be drawn to you. If you're in a bad mood, they'll be repelled. They can see it in your eyes.

Yes, mood definitely has an impact. Sometimes there are just no/barely any hot sluts around.

go to another club

This gave me some idea, on how I should have acted.
I should have talked to the friend, I think this would have been easier, even though the friend didn't make eye contact then either.