Why do autistic girls find partners yet autistic men cant find partners at all?

why do autistic girls find partners yet autistic men cant find partners at all?

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Most husbands of prominent women all look a bit on the spectrum to me. Even if they got the chad looks, you just know looking at their eyes, that something is not quite right there.

Autistic men don't spend their lives being told they have to be social creatures and at least feign their social life.
Autistic men spend their life being told they need a job and to pay bills, because it's an unreasonable expectation for them to understand much less have an explanation for the society they were born into.
Also there's a chance a fringe study ages ago that said autism is passed along the Y chromisome, so mother's of autistic boys sabotage and coddle them out of relationships.

A nonautistic man can put up with an autistic woman.
A nonautistic woman can't put up with an autistic man.
Mens dating pool shrinks like crazy but the woman would just need to date down slightly so her looks overcome her autisticness.
Dating down as a man means dating an obese woman. That's the highest you can do when the girl has to make sacrifices.
That said I dated an autistic woman for a year and it never gets easier. She will wear you down eventually.

coddle and sabotage. Do explain.

If there's ever an autistic man stereotype, it's the "momma's boy". "sHe dIdN't lIkE mY bAbY eNoUgH tO tAkE cArE oF hIm aNd tEaCh hIm tO sOcIaLiZe!!!"
They're cancer on purpose, for "the greater cause". 25-30 years and you're telling me not once could they have sent them to a speech school? Or an etiquette class, charm school, or simply laid out that not everyone says exactly what they mean and sometimes you have to decypher body language and context conversational clues to find the real meaning and feelings of someone else?

Why are you making this same shitty lie thread again?

because i like wallowing in self pity, i improve myself all the time eating good lifting a lot often ye i still have no gf.

I feel like that happened to me, but im an aspie. And my family acts like I suddenly have Flat-Earth IQ. And since my sister and I have mutual friends escaped into my friends minds to. Suddenly a good friend of mine acts like my dad.

You've confirmed my fears as I had feared this for awhile but had no justification. Now dating is gonna be complicated, but for the better. My fear is my stupid mom will make it her life goal to try and redpill my gf so if they're alone or have a mode of communication im screwed. God it's gonna be so cringey if they meet.

>yet autistic men cant find partners at all?
I don’t know about others but my kinda buff-ish autistic friend actually does much better than me with getting and also maintaining relationships, it helps that he leaves the house to socialize at places like community centers more.

That's how I ended up with my gf.
I'm like a 5, maybe a 6 on good day.
My gf is a high 7 or 8, she's got problems and it seems like I was the only one willing to work with them. She's kinda stuck to me now, which is nice.
Brother you ain't lying. The down side is how tiresome it all gets. The only reason I have been able to make it 2 years with this girl is that I had to set boundaries and stick to them. Make sure that I get alone time or time with friends. Sometimes she's not cool with it, jealously and shit, but it's what keeps me from getting overwhelmed by crazy.

This, you have to find a high achieving insecure woman that knows she has issues and likes safety and/or is codependent

You're wrong.

Get the fuck off my board you disgusting, braindead tripfaggot.

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>why do men literally never stop complaining about everything

You speak the rare tripfag truth. I did realize that my mother raised me to be an emotional slave to her for life. She refuses to acknowledge my "no" and yet still exerts enormous effort trying to appease me, and I can't help it but thank her for it - a foolish mistake that binds me to her further but I can't let go. But why are they doing this? Is it malice, stupidity, or something else maybe?

>A nonautistic woman can't put up with an autistic man.
My boyfriend is autistic and we've been together for 3 years. Pretty happy.

Lol dont try to blame autism for your own personal failure as a human. Being weird aint stopping you from shit, being a scared little bitch too afraid to leave his house and interact with people is. I love being a sperg, it helped me not to fall into the trap of societal norms and to forge my own path through life. I like what i like and dont give a single iota of a fuck about fitting in which just so happens to make me popular and get me pussy. You your very self are the problem. Grow some balls, and grow the fuck up, fucking loser.

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Pretty much this except for the part where he's an obnoxious faggot.

Hey, im a sperg. Let me guess, he's just weird, not fucked at all. The weirdness bothered you at first, but quickly grew on you and became extremely endearing and adorable.

Yeah, i annoy some people, and i dont give a fuck.

Because men are active and women are passive

He is weird as shit. Speech issues, social ones, anxiety, also bad coordination and just lots of stereotypical movements.
It never bothered me, always been endearing. He has done a ton of progress since we got together, very proud of us as a couple to be honest.

Thought so. I always bother people at first, but almost everyone likes me after just a week. Apparently, its refreshing to interact with a unique personality for a change.

I always just thought he was awesome, was love at first sight. Pursued him basically since day one.


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Pretty friend.
My gf and I are pretty much that, though she is more so. She's also an egghead, and enjoys my slightly idiotic optimism and confidence. Mind you I'm not retarded, but I have my moments. Which I guess make her feel more secure, me being willing to do what needs to be done and all. Normally, that's how it works, find a girl that knows she has them and wants some peace.
Stressful as fuck though, but when shit gets heated I go for a walk or sushi roll to chill. No matter how mad we get, we do our best to go to bed holding each other and saying our "good night"s and "I love you"s.

Tldr you have to be slight less autistic than her for it to work.

Girls have tits, guys don’t. Question answered.