Do girls go out of their way to interact with people who they are at least a little bit interested in or do they just...

Do girls go out of their way to interact with people who they are at least a little bit interested in or do they just sit and wait for the guy and if he doesn't go for her they deem him unworthy and aren't interested anymore?

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Generally speaking women are cowards.

Women aren't that different from men.
Do you ever see a girl you are interested in and you imagine how the conversation would go if you talked to her?
Women do the same shit.
Some women are confident and will talk to you if they are interested but some women are just social and they would talk to anyone regardless.

If you guys already know each other then she will try and talk to you. But if you guys are just total strangers then she will hover around you to make herself available so you can start the conversation

I'm stuck in a circle where I need to prove myself to her for her to do as much as move a finger.

No, majority of women feel entitled to have guys chase them and then they'll see if you're worthy.

Based on what?
I have never in my life had to chase a girl to get into a relationship with them and I lost my virginity at 13.
It sounds like you are chasing girls who aren't interested and then blaming them for wasting your time.

Do you get a kick out of coming to an anonymous board and bragging about how attractive and successful you are?


Exactly this. There is (a pretty attractive) girl at work who obviously has a lot of interest in me (for whatever reason Asian women have some sort of fetish for white guys) yet she wouldn't dare ask me out or take the initiative.

It's kind of entertaining for me since I already have a gf so I wouldn't accept anyway but we'll see how it pans out. Lmao.

Well I'm not going to lie. A lot of women have this sense of entitlement nowadays to be sure. Personally I wouldn't have an issue with asking the girl out (in fact I prefer it to the alternative) but does she deserve it too? If she's friendly to you and her attitude is very positive/welcoming towards you, then sure pop the question! And don't be afraid or over think it, no matter how much you plan it won't make a difference, literally "just do it". But if she's really stuck up about it then don't bother she'll be a pain in the ass even if you get her lol.

I am far from attractive.
This is me at I think ~17.
The highest I have ever gotten on a rate thread is 6.
It's all in the personality and knowing how to talk to people and how to express what you want.

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Depends on the girl, I've asked out a guy before and hate the whole idea of playing games. If I'm interested back I will make the effort as well.

Oh what not that guy but you’re definitely attractive

Sure they do, happens to me all the time. Have a hot class acquaintance and we always flirt a little, never been on a date because she had a fiancee and I met him and he is cool. We have studied together but thats the only time we spent alone, then she started acting kinda nervous around me all the time so I stopped joking around with her and found reasons to split quickly after class. Then after this last Christmas break she corners me, all dolled up and even more nervous and abruptly holds up her left hand, sticks it in my face and the huge engagement ring is gone and she says "I ended it so now you can do something about us" I was dumbfounded. I told her it wouldn't work since I had a gf back home (this acquaintance had seen me out with other girls however) and furthermore her ex was a hell of a catch she didn't want a guy like me.

She nearly cried and just stood there shaking and staring and I got uncomfortable and excused myself.

Thankfully she went back to her fiancee and I think the marriage is on again. I no longer speak to her.

Definitely middling you mean.
Good enough that girls won't turn away but not good enough that girls instantly want to date.
I think the most vocal virgins who spread that misinformation that you have to chase girls or be douches to them are in this category.

Only if you're at least 7/10 and tall.

What was the point of this story? You didn't do shit to get a bitch except be born attractive. If I ever decide to go prison, I'll make sure to fuck up one of the faces of the good-looking guys.

OP here, this nutcase isn't me, just to clarify so the thread doesn't derail.

I responded to OP and he wanted to know if girls sat back or were proactive and my story confirms what I know to be true a girl will go for it.

What do you mean nutcase. You asked if girl will go for it or wait for the guy. If a girl wants a guy bad enough they will make the first move. They frustrate really easy and become impatient and won't settle for friending some crush and wait it out with home he'll come around.

I had no idea this starbucks barista who took my orders many times liked me until I matched her on tinder and we dated. In nightclubs and bars it’s not unusual to get approached by drunk girls if they’re extroverted enough