"Women don't like nice guys."

>"Women don't like nice guys."
No, it's not because you're nice. It's actually because you're a bitch. When's the last time you were honest with a woman and just told her you wanted some pussy? Also, decency is to be expected, not rewarded. You're a narcissist.

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>just told her you wanted some pussy
that's the problem, i can't picture myself with the women i'm interested in
can you be selectively asexual?

Asexuality doesn't mean you don't get horny. It means that you're not sexually attracted to people. You don't go "hey I want to bang them". If/when you get horny, you don't want to involve someone else in the equation.

Demisexuality is also a thing, and you're demisexual if you only ever develop sexual attraction after developing a strong closeness with them. A lot of people say "oh that's just not being a slut" but it's a physical inability to be attracted to anybody you're not best friends with. There's big difference between resisting desire for personal reasons and being incapable of it.


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Fuck off shitty frog poster

You aren't saying anything we haven't all heard before.

I know that for me personally

If I had to accept a label it would be as a Demi-Sexual. I still hate that their is a pretentious label though so I go by none

>"you look cute, want to bang?"
>arrested for sexual harassment

How about no. No woman is worth my time, and the feeling is mutual so I don't feel bad

i never knew about this, thank you
all the other men i've spoken to about this don't seem to understand the feeling

I like this guy.

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Quit getting your information from youtube. They'll just tell you no.

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Then why are you still a bitch?

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It's a hard hole to crawl out of


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>Why don't you just be chad bro?
thanks man

The problem with "nice guys" is that some people think being nice should be rewarded with getting the girl. It is very common in movies and video games to have a structure like this, so I get where it comes from but it is not how personal relationships work.
You can't just defeat the dragon and expect the girl to love you.

And when you feel cheated for realizing this, you come off as an entitled child.

What's something else youre afraid of?

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>unironically uses chad
Cry more npc faggot

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Thats narcissism, friend.

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a violent death

I am afraid of girls user, idk why.
Last week when i was with a girl in a elevator my anxiety kicked in, i got scared, like she was about to rape me, i am not joking.

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You answer this
You, i have an idea but you'll have to trust me.

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A nice guy is a phrase for a pushover weakling who will appease in the chance that you will have sex.

Here's a classic nice guy move
>Will you buy me a drink (Girl)
>Of course! (Guy)
Wow. That took no effort at all. He's not worth shit if he's that desperate.
>Will you buy me a drink (Girl)
>What am I getting out of it? (Guy)
Wow. He actually thinks before he acts, and he's giving me pushback like few men do.

Bottom line: stop being a bitch; tell a girl "no"

This. Be a nice MAN!

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What if I just up and walk away?

3.8 billion women out there. Thanks for not wasting my time.

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I mean like is that an alpha move or is that beta?

>alpha, beta
Fucking kek. You aint special.

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but it's an alpha move right?


That's weird. I mean, don't be an asshole weirdo. But don't be a pushover. Be a man of character.

I had a very cute underage (for drinking) girl ask me if I would buy her a drink, and it was clear she had already drank several. I told her "I'll see what I can do" and went to the bar hoping she would forget I was there but she found me anyway. She asked again. I told her "I'm not buying you a drink". What do you think she did? Walk away? Cry? Call me a jerk?

Nope! She pushed back a bit, told me I was being weird and she expected we would drink and hang out, and then she ended up talking to me for another 30 minutes before I told her she should go find her friends who were probably worried about her. She gave me a hug and groped my abs and told me I was awesome and said "I hope I see you again".

That's just one example but having a spine goes a long way with the ladies. The best thing is to just say what you think and let them react how they react and don't fucking worry about it. The less I worried about how people would take my comments the more I found people respected me and liked me. Nobody actually likes a fucking people pleaser.

Lol that shit exist. The guy who coined the term actively disowns it. Never put a woman on a pedestal because theres so many out there that no matter who she is, in the grand scheme of things shell always be a basic bitch. Be yourself means be confident and pua is bullshit cause youre using a script like a pussy and they can see straight through it.

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*Dont exist

>you'll have to trust me.
alright satan

Sign up for a fight night at a club and get your ass handed to you just once.

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>fight night at a club
where do you find these things


fuck off satan

OP you made a new thread just to advertise your own reply to this thread. You're a narcissist.

Nice guys are a meme. They can't handle rejection

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I love you. :)

Yeah, that lead to this one. Your point? Cry more bitch boy. The world dont owe you shit.

But seriously do it though


>stupid whores lead beta faggots on
>they get shit on
Fucking kek, roasties and betas really deserve each other

>Sold a math book to him
StUpiD WhoRe LeAdiNg MeN oN ReEeeEEEEEeeeE

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It doesn't matter if you're not being a bitch, woman will always choose the most aggressive asshole in the room.

I've never been in a relationship but I know this is just beyond cringe

>When's the last time you were honest with a woman and just told her you wanted some pussy?

It doesn't go over well unless you are extremely masculine