Why can't I get gf?

I am 9/10 in looks.

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you're an asshole? boring? not approaching? thirsty? desperate? small dick?

When will this meme of women having a 6th sense or being mind readers end:?

You are a 5 with clothes on. probably a 4 with them off.

Probably due to over-rating yourself. Lose the ego.

I give you one advice: stop trying to get a girlfriend and then the magic happens

how to stop trying? stop care ..
focus on yourself, people will see youre selfish and then girls will follow

(don't be too selfish, because you might be seen as an asshole)

You look like an overweight orthodox priest.

I think adding a necktie to that button down would really up your game, my friend

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You are a 5/10, lose some weight tubby.

you look too ethnic/arab looking, maybe dye your hair blonde or brown. or just stick to italian/greek women

You're not a 9. So you have a poor self-awareness which is probably at least part of your problem. You could probably be an 8 with a better haircut, better fashion, and a better physique. You're not ugly structurally. With damn good game you could get most chicks, but you clearly don't have it. So you have to improve to compensate for your lack of social deftness. So bring yourself from a 5 to the 8 you can be and go from there.

No, you're not a 9/10 Ahmed.
And no, your 20 year old 316d you got your whole family and friends to pool money for is not going to help you get any girls either.

lol would be funny if it was true

I'm 22 yrs old.
6ft 4in tall.
9/10 Face
6/10 Body (im working out and have already lost some weight but still a minor stomach)
I have my own place I stay
my own car
I have a stable job
almost 800 Credit score
No criminal Record
Attending College
I still cant seem to find anyone to love :(


5/10 face
4/10 body
Fixed that for you.

Because your mind set sucks

This is just another Ted Cruz larping episode anons.
that's the original user, it's his picture and his comment

Don't fall for the Cruz

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It's funny how my boyfriend thinks he's ugly and he's a 6'2.5" guy with the body of a greek god and a smile that makes me wish he could impregnate me 3 times a day, and then this guy happens.

He asked for proof in that thread and then took the picture and posted it here larping.
Can a person be more retarded?

You're not white.
Your 'car' is a 20 year old base-model diesel BMW you got in questionable condition after getting all your other muslim friends to chip in.
No Ahmed, washing dishes at your uncle's kebab shop is not a 'stable job' the guy only has you there out of pity.
Of course you have no criminal record, the cops don't want to get called racist for locking you up, even after you rape a few teenage girls.
No Ahmed, your local imam teaching you the quran is not 'college' for fuck's sake.

I feel sad for the actual guy, yes he has a big ego but he never said anything too bad in the other thread, anons asked for proof and he provided.

And now this Ted Cruz nigger is going to larp with his picture.
This SHOULD be an INSTANT ban.


I've tried date app and websites / meeting people in games etc (I do a lot of online work/recreation time). I'm not picky and only going after the 10/10 super models I'm casting a wide net with skinny, slightly chubby, average, and fit women age 18-25

you're literally copying what that user said.
But mods are sleeping as usual.

Lol get the fuck out of here, you can't even see his body.
I've been told I have looks but also can't seem to find anyone. My guess is it all has to do with where you look, like bars/clubs seem easy because of the amount of people but your selection includes a ton of girls who are not date-able. I'm still looking for that truly great setting. I've seen a few girls while hiking.

It's not him you absolute morons.
It's from this thread It's just that anime cringey nigger posting his picture and larping. Just report, sage and move on.

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You're acting like a ban does anything at all.

I thought a bunch of strangers who logged onto an advise board would have more constructive things to say. Even thought I didn't get anything constructive out of this thanks for the truth I guess about my beard. I was hoping for more of a discussion or maybe some different perspective on things I could have tried.
I think I'm done now

A perma-ban does, have you seen his other posts? He's not intelligent enough to use a VPN and go around the ban.

Unless it's a rangeban, which bans his whole area, country or ISP, any ban can be evaded very simply by deleting Jow Forums cookies and restarting your router.
t. guy who got his country rangebanned from Jow Forums a while back.

you look like a person that stones women

You don't realize who were talking about user.

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youre just delusional over your looks thats all

it is not him

oh ok nvm whoever that is is probably delusional about their looks

I never stated I was perfect, I just evaluated myself on how I feel I look (still weird we're stuck on this). I initially tried going to local bars / Night clubs and talking to women there, but they would just be polite at first then ask me for weed. They would roll their eyes or just look away from me when I told them i don't smoke. fast forward 3 months and im trying an app.

I mean WTF is wrong with me? Where am I lacking?

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Stop it Ted, we all know, the curtains are up.

This is you

Nigga get the fuck out of here, that’s another person you are Ted Cruz, you are way,way,way less, it’s pathetic of you to go around pretending to be someone else, no matter how you look you’re a 0/10 in every other aspect

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He's literally copying the exact same responses from the guy in the other thread.



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It's a known fact that he's a retard, he's a newfag who's been ruining this board and /fa/ for quite some time now.

>tfw ywn be loved like that

Real L here, i cant belive that you are larping as this guy and using my name, wtf are mods doing right now kek.

You are sick!!!

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Your Cruz impression is pretty great. But you lack one thing, the cringey emo song link.
You can't go full Ted without it.