What age is the cutoff point for 'making it' as a loser/khv/incel//r9k fag// etc etc?

What age is the cutoff point for 'making it' as a loser/khv/incel//r9k fag// etc etc?

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My uncle (who was heavily brain damaged from falling off a second story balcony when he was two) got married when he was 48. It's never too late.

The point of no return is 25.
But, from 21 onwards you're on an uphill battle.
If you're under 21, change now.

I'm 26.
I've already started trying to change since I was 25.
Feels pretty hopeless desu.

>since I was 25.
Hahahahhahaha, ups sorry user :(

Why user?
Is it really that impossible? I mean, it feels like it but I don't wanna give up, what else am I gonna do?

What is the definition of 'making it'? What do people mean when they say that?

usually 30
but for most people it's "the age I'm at"

The average age of just leaving the house is 30 (real facts)

'Making it' is all whatever you decide

Don't compare yourself to the trust fund brigade

Idk dude u am 21 and virgin too, i just found that funny

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Being able to meet the social and romantic expectations of the age you're at.
So, in my case, having the social and romantic life of an average 26 year old.
I suposse an average dude my age would have friends, at least one or two relationships or a few hookups, etc etc.
Well, how to acquire any of that?

By that definition you've already failed.

There's no cutoff point but it gets harder and harder the older you get, so if you can't do it while you're young you're even less likely to do it when you're older

t. 28 year old khv

Are you trying though user?
When did you start trying, if you are?
How do you deal with not having the, expected for your age, social experience?


If you identify as any one of those, or speak their language - especially outside of Jow Forums - then the odds aren't looking good foor you I'm afraid.

I was a fucking loser virgin for all of my life up until i was 18 and really sometimes I think the only saving grace was that I'm an old fag and this was before Jow Forums even existed - and like a decade and some change before the whole frogposting/incel movement came about.

Had I grown up on Jow Forums like the rest of you I think that I probably would be sitting here being like TOP KEK ROASTIE I'M ACTUALLY A VIRGIN BY CHOICE LOOK AT THESE DIVORCE STATISTICS I FOUND ON R9K

but thank fuck I didn't, I'm eternally grateful I didn't get any of these circlejerk incel ideas stuck in my brain via the mass psychosis of the internet and was like "oh yeah..... I never thought of it before..... it IS other people' fault that I don't have a girlfriend! Whoops! Time to drive a van into a crowd!"

Instead I just snuck into the mallgoth/emo scenes and made out with at first not very attractive women, being not very attractive myself, and eventually moved up the social ladder.

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I work, I socialise as much as I'm able - I do push myself on this front. Trouble is any negative social experience generates huge anxiety in me, the positive and negative aspects of socialising are way out of balance for me. As a result I only go out when I have the energy, if I'm busy at work or if it's the middle of the week or something like that then socialising becomes too much for me to deal with. I've learned this through experience

I don't deal with it, I just try to not think about that because there's no way to change the past.

Learn from fat people user. I'm skinny and suffer from the same problem as you where I get too bothered by social experiences, but recently I met some really charismatic fat guys and analyzing their personality taught me a lot.

You know why some fat people are so laid back and funny? Because they don't take themselves seriously. They're so used to being the butt of every joke because they're fat that they view themselves as a living joke and this enables them to stop caring so much about embarrassing themselves in social situations. I think anxiety stems from taking yourself too seriously. You feel like you have to sound smart, funny, attractive, etc, in every social situation. Once you stop putting such high standards for yourself, you can truly be yourself and say what you want to say, and ironically this will make you more attractive than before.

I struck gold, graduated from khhv at 26, and got a really qt wife. Honestly, I'd say 28 is where you're approaching doom mode. Your chances are probably less than 5% at 25+ and 30 is .0000001% chance to really make it. I'm speaking mostly in terms of real, functioning relationships though. As in, if you haven't had a gf by that point, you're probably fucked. I'm sure you can find a slutty roastie to pity fuck you at any age if you really, really tried hard enough and don't care about AIDs.

It's one thing to know I should loosen up but another thing to actually do it. I just want to be on the same level as a normal person, and not be mulling over my insecurities in my head constantly.

I lost all my cards including handholdless at 26 with my only gf, we celebrate 9 months in 2 days

Like I said, my theory is that fat people got that way by being degraded over and over again because of their weight. Maybe you just need to humiliate yourself more often to desensitize yourself to it? You heard of cognitive behavioral therapy?

If "making it" means crossing over and truly becoming normie or even chad, I'm sorry to say that it is clearly 16.

If "making it" means losing your virginity, it's still possible so long as your dick works.

This is bullshit. As someone who made it as a full blown normie at age 21.

The good news is that being a ful blown normie is fuckin boring as shit and I don't wish it on anyone.

The best thing is it be like reddit-tier where you're not full-blown Pepe The Frog autistic, and you're not normie, but you still have you group of friends and girls that are into anime and MtG and whatever else and fit into society at large with ease.

I know of CBT but I'm pretty sure you don't have to humiliate yourself to do it.

I'm 21 and 6 months or so and I went from KHV to just KV tonight
So yes, it is possible

20 is the max.
If you haven't acquired the necessary social and romantic experience by then, you won't be able to function as a normal adult.
And you won't be able to ever learn these things later, since it's extremely socially unacceptable to be socially awkward past that age.
Fuck, you won't even be able to get a good job when various roastie HR managers look for your social media accounts after interviews and see you don't have any or see an anime image with 0 or 1 friends.

I have friends but they are all normies and chads, i dont like them, they sometimes fuck with me and bully me, fuck that, i am now alone and will rather be more careful who i friend with

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I too pull stuff out of my ass online

You're a normie yourself Ted.

How did date go, Hector?


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