So how the hell do I get an Asian girlfriend?

So how the hell do I get an Asian girlfriend?

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One word: use rice

You don't get a girlfriend at all.

This. Lure her with grains of rice.

If you're specifically trying to get an Asian gf, you aren't going to get one. Yellow fever is a turn off.

Be Asian.

You can't. It's impossible.

How do I hide my yellow fever then?

This desire for asian gfs comes from a vain desire for status, which also has fetishism behind it - not an actual interedt in the person. If you are so shallow and just want a shallow relationship, might as well find a fit black chick insteqd. Black women have the overall tightest pussies. Look ot up for yourself.

Nah I literally just find them the hottest on a physical level.

Do you feel as though that is a healthy way to create a relationship?

I mean I'm not gonna stick around with someone just cause they're hot if it's not a personality match. But I see no reason not to pursue the women I fomd the sexiest. I'm not naive I'm just so done with settling.

But in a way, you are still settling. Settling for a purely physical connection - which will fade, leaving you older, with less time, and possibly in a worse off mental/emotional condition for the next girl you meet - instead of a mental connection.

You seem to be assuming I would take any random asian girl as my girlfriend as long as she's fit and asian, when that's simply not the case. Obviously for anything serious its gotta be deeper than that. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have an asian girlfriend though.

Like I'm not gonna be with someone JUST because they're hot but I still really wish I could be with someone I really found hot, what's so wrong with that anyway?

1. Don't mention any of the following when talking to an Asian girl
>being interested in said "culture"
2. Avoid the chink eyes meme or other stereotypes
3. Treat her as if she's any other non-Asian girl
Even if they're not self-loathing chink-haters who grew up under strict tiger parent conditions, the primary reason they date outside of their race is to experience whatever Asian guys can't give them in the first place.

Don't mention it

Seems intuitive, but what's the best way to increase my chances of meeting them in the first place?

Why the fuck would you want one? They're shit tier.

Why are so many beta guys fixated on Asian girls?

That's the million dollar question. It really depends on what your situation is.
If you're in uni, that's your best chance for sure. Asians still have their Asian only cliques, but it's a lot easier to make small talk and be friendly before/after a class, for example. My only warning is that Asian dudes are crazy insecure and territorial if non-Asians are flirting with Asian girls.

If you get one it's going to be a westernized one, in that case there is 0 difference between one and a regular white girl

>there is 0 difference between one and a regular white girl
All her friends will be westernized Asian girls too.

race politics + autism

>how the hell do I get an Asian girlfriend
have you tried talking to and asking out Asian women?


I swear I'm not one of those weirdos who wants an Asian woman because they think they're submissive or something.

Yes, but I do not get many opportunities to.