How do I attract women?

How do I attract women?

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Every girl is different so you just have to learn what she likes, what she dislikes, and show you’re listening. If she mentions something that happened up in her life, like lets say she is thinking about buying a new car, follow up a week later and ask how her car hunt is going etc. If by gods grace she is interested you will know, you’ll second guess yourself, but you’ll know. Don’t immediately think about dating her because if you’re autustic like me you’ll end up acting like a complete retard in front of her. Spend the time to become friends and learn what she is like over the course of a few months so you’ll know how she is in a relationship. If she tells you about how she cheated on an ex, she’ll likely cheat on you, if she talks about how she left someone for someone else she thought was better, she’ll do the same to you. History repeats itself and you’ll get fucked over if you get lovestruck.

This is coming from the tard who dated someone after knowing them for 2 weeks, not knowing her well when we started dating, and having her run back to her ex purely because she was bored with me (I took her on dates and treated her nice but apparently she loves assholes who vape)

Stay hopeful

>get money
>get fit
>be nice to an ugly/fat woman
pick any of these

>don't be too autistic

I don't know why this one is always left out of threads like these

yet furries are incredibly autistic and sexually active

Last one worked for me

This OP.

If you make more money you get better bitches.

Well that's another rule that's often left out
>aim for women in your league
Nothing wrong with a bunch of 5/10 autistic furries all yiffing on each other. They're perfect for each other

They are also ugly and fat most of the time, which us why they dress up in costumes before fucking

>Get a lot of money...
Forget everything bellow this.

There are some hotter ones, but they're super autistic

Go back to 9th grade apparently. Where wuz deez hoes when I wuz cummin up?

But if i act like a friend to a girl they don't view me as attractive.

Just be honest with your intentions. If you want a gf, comment on their looks.

But then they think I'm a creep. No way to win man

Don't be a loser, at least have a job if you're an adult otherwise you'll just look pitiful.

Fucking hell, I would dream of having sex with a teacher in high school.

Most of the furries I have met (online ofc) are gay. I have a furry friend I talk to frequently and most of his furfriends that I've talked to are gay. I've actually never talked to a furry (through my friend) that isn't gay. Friend is also gay so may be something cause by that.


Just do the last one op, like you I am a scrawny manlet with at most average looks, but that just means you have to shoot lower.

be a hero