Do women find it weird or a turn off for a guy not to have any social media accounts?

Do women find it weird or a turn off for a guy not to have any social media accounts?

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Not if it’s the right girl. I deleted all social media when I got with my bf because he didn’t have it either. I prefer it now :)

Good question OP. I don't have any, I hate Facebook and don't see the point in any others. Plus, I like to stay under the radar, and I don't give a fuck what people lie about on social media, it's all masterbating with no pay off.


They might think it’s weird but if they otherwise find you sociable and charming, it won’t be a problem

Remember that social media is a big part of our lives, even more for girls, that’s how they talk with their fiends, show off what they’re doing and how “great” their lives are, so they upload stories and photos to Facebook and Instagram, they react to others, they record everything of their days on Snapchat, and talk shit in there, sext in there, everything moves in social media, so if a guy is not there, well, that’s ok, that’s fine, but you risk someone else who is interested in the girl actually get more acquainted for being preset in her circle

That's a good girlfriend. I hope I get blessed with a wife like that.

I'd prefer it. I have social media myself and I really want to stop using it. It's literally pointless. I think it's admirable if you don't have it.

I only ever had facebook, and I got into this loop of accepting hundreds of friend requests and wondering why I have 200+ friends when I really only talk to like 3 people. I keep good contact with my family and everything, and I try to spend a good amount of time with my friends, but I felt like I was just wasting too much time on facebook, learning things about people I don't even know.

First off you're posting on Jow Forums where frogposting zoomers think that social media is the reason why no one likes, as they ironically spend more time on Jow Forums (a social media website) and like fuckin disord and whatever than any one else spends on facebook or instagram or whatever. So take into account the skewed and biased replies coming in about how "social media bad"

Second, yeah. It's probably not a red flag but it's definitely weird. I'm not a woman but if I ever came accross someone with absolutely no social media presence I'd raise an eyebrow at them regardless of gender.

That goes double for people who don't own a cell phone because they want to be hipsters or whatever.

Also this. When someone has a get-together or party or whatever they'll just send out a mass invite through facebook or something. They're not gonna take the time and effort to dig out your fax machine number out of the yellow pages book to make sure you get the invite as well.

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>They're not gonna take the time and effort to dig out your fax machine number out of the yellow pages book to make sure you get the invite as well.
You act like OP doesn't have a cell phone

this guy makes valid points

I deleted my social media and got rid of my cellphone because it's a distraction- a timesink

Facebook is fun- it just is, so is snapchat and instagram and tinder and okcupid

Jow Forums however is not social media as it is freware (you can't find Jow Forums on the stock market).

I can't have social media because I need to graduate and I don't need attractive women making my life harder then it already is until I have my own place separate from my parents.

When I get my own place- then and only then will I come back to social media

People act like it is the law to be on their or something- well it isn't healthy

Social Media rots the brain

I use Jow Forums cause I type essays on here everyday and it actually helps my cognitive function to stay in the loop to some degree, but posting pictures of drinking with the fellas isn't something I'm going to miss

I think we're past the point in time where it's still okay to pretend like the internet is somehow separate from our "real" lives. The fact is that almost everyone in the developed world is connected. Social media is just a part of that reality. We spend more time online studying and shopping and researching and participating in group activities and social media is just a natural extension of that idea, it's just somewhere online to keep up with your friends. It's not "lesser" than face to face interaction, it's just different from face to face interaction, with its own set of rules and nuances.

That said, I don't think anyone would really have a problem with dating someone who has no social media accounts. We've passed the period where it was the exclusive domain of hipsters to shun the idea and most people can see the appeal of unplugging, even they're not inclined to do it themselves. The only thing you need to watch out for is the associated assumptions that you are asocial or have no life/friends. We've become so used to documenting our lives for one another on these platforms that we expect to be able to see someone else's documentation proving that they're interesting people. It means you need to work a little harder to show that you are someone who is interesting and varied, but it's totally doable.

I do BTW. I really don't know what he's on about. And I haven't seen a phone book in years either.

I think you meant >reddit
But yes >social media rots the brain

Jesus, look at you all.. how pathetic is society today? Neither me nor my gf ever go on stupid Facebook. All i do is Instagram, and that's to look at random pics of shit i'm interested in, like pretty photographs of Iceland or a half naked girls. I don't care about my friends' shit.

Also pretty sad that a lot of my friends don't talk to me anymore since i deleted fb and messenger. It's like they forgot there are other ways of reaching me, like my phone number or just stopping by my house.

I feel ya man

I only stuck around to look at Instagram thots, but that got boring fast

Steam is still alive and kicking though

Good ol Valve

>Also pretty sad that a lot of my friends don't talk to me anymore since i deleted fb and messenger

>I never hang out in the same places as my friends, how come they don't go out of their way to come and spend time with me?

Have you made any attempt to reach out to them? Keeping up with friends is a two way street, and from their side you're the one that deleted messenger so it'd naturally be your job to make sure you remain included. SOCIAL media.

not that guy, but all y friends are just too busy with their lives to bother hanging out anymore. My best friends all moved away too so I have nobody in the area to talk to anymore besides my family.

Good thing about deleting my social media is that my relationship with my family improved tenfold

Nope! It feels like deleting social media is getting more normal these days. Deleted my facebook and Instagram maybe 4 or 5 years ago? Never looked back. I only use twitter and that's user anyway, never posting irl pics or anything. There's too much that can come out of using social media I feel, so a guy not having social media to me is a very good sign. Shows he's smart and thinks about his future or just doesn't care about impressing others that much. More healthy state of mind

Tell them about your Jow Forums account :^)

If you let social media rule your life or damage your self-esteem then you are weak.

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It was a joke but theres truth to it. Expecting someone to exclusively text you or even call you on the phone is on the same level as expecting them to send you a fax as a way for them to include you in what otherwise takes place on Facebook

Jow Forums is social media. It might be anonymous but it's still a social online setting. People also post with tripcodes and aren't even anonymous anymore

>Jow Forums helps my cognitive function

That's funny

> stay in the loop

That's even funnier. What loop?