"hey Jow Forums, is it possible to have a relationship without sex?"

>"hey Jow Forums, is it possible to have a relationship without sex?"
>"no user, you'll break up or cheat on each other or both turn very irritated and fight, 100% swear on me mum"
>5 years go by
>still in relationship with same partner
>haven't had a single fight
>look at literally any other couple
>every couple has drama or fights and breaking up or seeking advice from us
>our relationship improved when we cut sex out of the relationship and switched it to long make out sessions

The fucking Bible, an ancient ass book written centuries ago, gives better relationship advice than Jow Forums. What is wrong with this place?

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It's because your girlfriend fucks Chad on the side, incel

How does any of this sound like an incel thing?

OP my bf and i are in the same situation (we are 2 men). We havent had sex in almost 2 years and we are both pretty cool with it. Its been so long that the concept feels a bit foreign. But hey its whatever. He has a low libido and i have a high one. Thank the Lord i have hands

But i agree, i think it made our relationship better. At first he was upset and insecure about the situation. He was scared that i was going to break up with him over no sex. I laughed and said that would be ridiculous.

Ffw ~2 yrs, we are very confident in our relationship.

>implying your gf isn't getting cock from somewhere else
Number one rule in life, fuck your gf/wife well or someone else will do it for you. Normal women don't stay faithful to betas who won't fuck them.

You are asexual, what works for you would destroy normal relationships.

Congrats, user. It's weird how it makes you bond more the less sex you have. Statistics and experts have also pointed out people who indulge in a lot of sex tend to break up very quickly. That sort of motivated us more, but primarily because we are sort of religious.

Stop projecting your insecurities, user. Not everyone is a whore. Not all women date you for sex either. I'm the female of the relationship actually and if my libido is telling me "fuck now" i viciously make out with him instead.

>implying Jow Forums is a good place for good advice
I know people here are trying user but no one said there is only good people on Jow Forums

Statistics show that abstaining from sex results in miserable relationships and cheating and breakups.

True i suppose. But a decently large amount of people on here just flat out project their insecurity or purposely want to harm your situation. They only get serious and try to genuinely help if the subject is about rape. I don't even blame the anons on here, but the modern society obsessed with whore culture and rejecting anything even slightly Christian, because "Christian man bad", but from experience, a lot of stuff from the religion improved my life.

I don't care what goldsberg published as a "statistic" that "coincidentally" wasn't peer reviewed.

You are an underaged virgin. You should not be posting here.

it's cause both of you have the same goals/priorities, user. lucky that you found someone.

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That could be the case. We follow a lot of traditional values but one of us wanted to avoid the whole "abstain from sex" thing, but thought "why not try it and see what happens?". Also thanks, hope you find one too.

There is nothing traditional about not having sex.

We had sex in the past before we became religious. If I'm underraged, then shit man, I had sex at age 12, hope the cops won't arrest me.

What religion did you join that forbids sex?

Yeah, those not getting sex in their relationships are all in my DM's asking me about my polyamorous identity and how it works.
It's not cheating because you're just making more consentual relationships.
But there are still those that use it to rationalize cheating, when it's actually only refering to informed consentual relationships.

What kind of retard goes on Jow Forums and expects anything good?
Fuck you for existing and being the kind of person who expects good things out of Jow Forums
You're why tripfags exist

How do you think we got here?

People dont know what makes a good relationship.

I've posted here before, but I'll just tl:dr it:
>asexual girl, cannot feel attracted or desire for sex, tried pretty much everything, doesn't work
>rent a room in an apartment owned by a guy my age
>Become good friends, keep him at arms length because sexless relationships dont work, right?
>he keeps insisting on trying, constantly tries to turn daily things into a "date", and keeps trying to act like we are more than just roommates and friends.
>relent and tell him we can try, but I am dead serious about no sex, but that I can get him off once in a while if he wants to
>he agrees
>start practicising blowjob skills, uses that to keep him satisfied
>never get anything in return for obvious reasons
>going very strong, and I have to admit that for me, it just gives me a bit of a happy feeling knowing he actually enjoys this simple relationship.
>still pretty much best friends, and he proposed not so long ago
I personally like this. If it stands to me, this would last the rest of my life, and he certainly seems to feel the same. I'm not sure how things will develop, but this is surprisingly great. Especially considering I expected to die alone.

If you're both Christian

I assume you can link those? Because that would be interesting to read.

Haha, you are surprised that adv on Jow Forums gave bad advice? Your pedophile uncle probably gave you better advice.

Also, just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it works for everyone else. Asexual and having no sex drive is uncommon, but no unheard of. Sex dosent make drama, people do.

It's because most relationships have shit sex where the guy is clueless about female sexuality

In fact, most girls are also clueless about female sexuality, it's hilarious

Bad user, you need to be a giant cock hungry whore for your boyfriend, but be completely asexual towards everyone else.

Haven't you read anything here? If you dont fulfill both criteria, you are worthless as a woman.

I'm almost 100% sure this is sarcasm, and had this been anywhere else, I would have had no doubts, but you never know on this board.

What about having sex for at least, let's say once a month? Would that solidify the relationship or weaken it?

That really depends on people’s sex drive. Gf and I have sex usually every day, but once in a while we’ll skip a day or two if our fucking was really intense.
7 years relationship. No drama no fuss

>what are catholics
>what's Christianity in general

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Oh goody, that was so fun. Can you please tell us another bullshit story that never happened? Can you?

get off this website, who the fuck cares about your DM's, Jow Forums(nel) doesn't even have a DM system! you sound insane.

I mean, nothing wrong with foreplay if the person plans to marry you, but too much sex is just not healthy either.

Asexuality is not a sexual orientation, it's an illness or a symptom of an ailment, such as schizoid persoanlity disorder, the situation in OP is celibacy. Also sex after marriage makes you closer, sex pre marriage makes you less close, and makes it easier to break up because you already got your "reward". Why do you think divorce rates are much higher than ever before? Divorce rates were very low, couples were much happier, people didn't make as many "secret to stay married for 40 years" type of books. You are very correct though that Jow Forums ironically gives awful advice. Couldn't agree more with you there.

Hm, user, mind telling us more? If you genuinely are wise, what are some common mistakes you've seen people make in sex?

Go away, stinky jew

I am confused on why you are okay with blowjobs but not regular sex. it seems even more involved.
other than that your relationship seems enviable. Is it really just like "best friends" or is it romantic?

The whole point with the Christian method is that you have to "work" for sex and her hand in marriage. You are taught to learn self control and patience. It also grows you to want to stay with the girl. And by the time you do get married and fuck, there's no more wanting to break up. Meanwhile whores who fuck pre marriage have very high chances of breaking up.

What you are doing as of now only improves your sex life, it makes sex more enjoyable since you wait so long between sessions. You don't smoke weed everyday until you stop enjoying weed and start getting pissy, you smoke that shit on occation. Once a week to once a month is healthiest.

user. I'm sorry that your relationship is a mess, but you shouldn't lash out onto other people.

>I mean, nothing wrong with foreplay if the person plans to marry you, but too much sex is just not healthy either.
I'm not waiting for marriage. I wont have sex no matter what. Maybe if we really insist on having children the "real" way, but that's going to take a lot of convincing and copious amounts of lube.

The oral I give him isn't foreplay. It is all he will get. He has been very determined about being fine with that (and he wants it quite often, so much so I somehow doubt he could have sex elsewhere afterwards).

>Asexuality is not a sexual orientation, it's an illness or a symptom of an ailment, such as schizoid persoanlity disorder, the situation in OP is celibacy
Spot on. My situation is that my body apparently fails to produce something that should make me get excited and turned on, and it completely ruins any attempt at sex, or even masturbation. It's just straight up impossible, not a choice. Doctors so far say there isnt anything they can do. Penetration is obviously possible, but I wont get wet naturally under any circumstances.

Very clear distinction between "I want to abstain from sex", and "I physically cannot have sex properly". It's pretty clear that a lot of people here dont realize this.

>I am confused on why you are okay with blowjobs but not regular sex. it seems even more involved.
A blowjob is like popsicle, except it tastes weird, but makes him very happy. Also, i do like cuddling and physical contact. Hugs are nice. I just dont want sex, and blowjobs aren't sex to me.

>other than that your relationship seems enviable. Is it really just like "best friends" or is it romantic?
A bit of a mix. I can enjoy a romantic night just fine, but for the daily life, we are much closer to friends, besides the hello/goodbye kisses we exchange.

People mistake asexual for some weird form of anxiety of physical contact and intimacy. Asexual is just that- a lack of sexuality, and it's not a choice. That doesn't stop me from needing physical contact and enjoying a nice dinner with him. He means the world to me, even if I dont desire him like someone normal would.

>The fucking Bible
are you kidding idiot. Lot fucked his own daughters. David sent the husband of the woman he wanted to fuck to his death on the front line of battle.

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I was asexual too for many years, eventually years later found out what caused it and improved it. Had something to do with low bmi, poor sleep patterns, stress, hormonal issues and mental trauma. Just make sure whatever is causing sexual issues for you isn't fatal. Whilst trying to find out what was wrong with my lack of desire if sex, they found a big tumor.

I didn't say all bibles or forms of Christianity is good. Jews made a fucked up version of it, the romans greatly improved it, Germans further improved the religion and updated it. Whites fix shit.

>blowjobs aren't sex to me.
legally they are, it's not really that different, it's just with your mouth. It seems that the only thing you won't let him do is put penis in vagina. why is that? do you have emotional objections or something?

Yeah, I've been tested. I'm fit and healthy, sleep my 8 hours, and generally have a stable hormonal level. Everything looks fine, except for this strange distinction.

I'm checked twice a year because they suspect cancer, but so far can't see anything wrong. As long as it is just the production of whatever chemical that let's me have sex is broken, I can live with it, honestly.

The law has nothing to do with this.

>It seems that the only thing you won't let him do is put penis in vagina. why is that?
Put simply, I will never get pleasure from it, and I physically cannot get wet enough naturally to let it happen. Same reason I dont get off in any other way.

It isnt emotionally or mentally. It is pretty much just a physical defect I was born with.

And at least for me, there is a world of difference between a blowjob and proper penetration. Blowjob is like sucking on candy, even if it tastes weird, it's not really a problem. The problem comes when he tries to pleasure me, especially vaginally, as the complete lack of lubricants makes it a painful experience. Attempts with lube has not worked at all, because all of it seems to dry up way too fast, even those that claim they don't, and even if we spend like half a tube, it still hurts and feels sore for days afterwards. There is no saving this. Trust me, we tried.

So you arent partners, you are friends.


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Nice close friendship you're having there, not a relationship for sure.

What the fuck kind of friends make out for hours, cuddle nude and give hand jobs? Fuck off you nigger. Sex isn't everything. Everything isn't about "MUH DICK".


>do foreplay
>do handjobs
>do mutual masturbation
So in other words you have sex. Thanks for clearing that OP. You have sex, but you also want to feel like special snowflake so you claim you dont have any.

Handjobs is sex, retard.

I love you morons. you keep business booming.

period. end of story. no relationship can survive a sexual desert. they will cheat. men pay for it. women get a new sugar daddy.

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Sex is penis penetrating vagina, not groping you absolute faggot. What now, gropping someone's titty or ass cheek is defaulted to sex too?

Sex is penetrating an asshole or vagina, not caressing a dick. Did you not have sex Ed before?

Shut up you retarded snowflake. Anyone who name fags is by default invalid.

Nah, it's just a super convenient grey area for them. They want to make someone feel shit about being a "virgin"? Everything but PIV isn't sex. Want to make someone feel shit because they're willingly not having sex? Uh don't you know that lightly brushing your lips against someone is sexual and you have sex. It's bitter incels on Jow Forums 101.

Any erotic contact with another person's genitalia is sex.

Even if it's one pre marriage fuck?

>this much retardation
American education, everybody. Where non penetration, non blowjobs now equals sex. Now I understand why American women think that staring into their eyes is considered sexual assault. What's next, sitting on someone's crotch whole you're wearing clothing is sex now too? This sounds like some literal underraged virgins are typing.

But user, why do there exist people who solely exist for the purpose of waning to belittle or shit on some literal stranger they know nothing about?

>Now I understand why American women think that staring into their eyes is considered sexual assault. What's next, sitting on someone's crotch whole you're wearing clothing is sex now too? This sounds like some literal underraged virgins are typing.
I was thinking the same thing. Literally a stray touch is considered sex? Really? Are the people in charge of sex ed in the US pre-teens? What the hell.

>Everything but PIV isn't sex
Retard foreigner here, what's PIV?

>Want to make someone feel shit because they're willingly not having sex
We live in a world where willing celibacy, or people who don't want to have sex until they're ready, is considered a taboo, and they get called prudes. The world has gone upside down really fast. But in this case, I assume it's either becuase they envy someone not only having the choice to have sex, but also refusing it? Or it's some incels being pissy because they've slept around and feel like used up whores no one wants anymore. No one likes a used up hole or a dick that's been dunked in a garbage bin.

found the roastie

I learned this shit in, like, 6th grade. I remember kid me going "whaat, x and y isn't sex? Weird". If those anons are above the ages of 18, I feel worried. When a scientist says animals are having sex, he refers to their intercourse. If a dog began simply touching another dog's dick, I really doubt they'd call that sex.

Nice buzzword. Thanks for misusing and ruining yet another once good insult.

Because they're miserable with their lives and are adamant to spread the plague of insecurity any way they can. They usually like to pretend it is out of boredom, but they're not usually smart enough to realise it's their misery that makes them bored.

PIV is penis in vagina, another term for penetrative sex. Whilst they may be angry because they're unhappy with the surplus of sex they're having, it's far more likely for those who haven't experienced sex to be the ones overhyping the importance of it on a truly loving long term relationship.

I've noticed how virginfags who deeply want to not be virgins will consider literally anything sex, even a blowjob. One person i knew literally considered sending nudes as a form of "sex", she only changed her mind after she actually had sex. Besides PIV, anal would be the only other form of sex. An unnatural one that leads to "gay bowel syndrome" or whatever the term is, a very terrifying phenomena I tell anyone to Google before they consider anal.

Because its clear that people like you just try to reframe their failure into a virtue.
You forget that youre adhering to values of a time when people got married at fucking 14 in an arranged marriage. Nobody needed to “work for it“ or somr garbage.

>I dont have sex before marriage because MUH TRADITION

Christcucks really are retarded, aren't they? None of this is about tradition. European culture is inherently sex positive, our ancestors fucked like rabbits in every hole and with every kind of human and saw nothing wrong with it. It wasn't until this cancerous cuck religion invented by brown people from the middle east invaded the continent that people started acting like "abstinence is a virtue" and "anal sex/sex for pleasure/homosexuality is wrong".

And before you retort with "b-b-but christianity is a european religion in the modern day, we made it our own! we improved it!" Remember that in 500 years time, if demographics go the way they are predicted to, Islam might be a "european religion" by the same definition.

These desert cults are not our own.

Wake the fuck up, faggots.

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>their failure into a virtue
Not the person you're responding to but assuming that one who follows chastity or chaste concepts to automatically have a "failure" to hide (in this context, virginity) says a lot more on your odd worship of sex than it does about the point you're responding to. If someone hasn't had sex, it is not a failing and believing otherwise genuinely makes me believe you've never been laid.

>Europe will be muslim because muh demographics
Jow Forumstards will believe anything like the retards they are.

Honestly I don't understand how the retards can disagree on literally everything (religion, sexuality, women, life styles, drugs) but still all believe that brown people are Satan. It's almost as if there's no actual coherent evidence that would suit all those differing opinions.

>muh Europe boogey man
How about you fix your nigger problem first

Beimg unable to form relationships with others is as failure, yes.
Sex is the result of forming such an intimate relationship, however casual it may be.

I just know my 2 cats are having tons of gay sex then, because they keep sticking their nose up each others butts.

Shying away from oral

I think people are also trying to attach value to it that doesn't need to be attached to the term.

For example, jerking someone off is cheating on a different level than, say, a kiss, but usually considered to be the same level as PiV sex, since you are now explicitly sexual. For the purpose of cheating, there is no difference, and it is important to highlight that, so nobody is stupid enough to try to weasel out with a "we weren't cheating, I was only getting a handjob!". That doesn't make it "sex" in the same way normal people describe it, but I see why some people might confuse the terms.

I am split on oral sex, mostly because I consider sex to be penetration, and... well, you do penetrate *something* when you stick your dick down someone's throat.

Some people prioritize themselves and their other relations above one that leads to sex. That is not a failure. Statistics show you become vastly less productive and prone to large developments once you settle with someone, and staying out of that race until you are closer to your end goal, is quite a smart choice, and is part of why you see so many people wait with sex, and generally be less promiscuous.

>Beimg unable to form relationships with others is as failure, yes
The concept that you believe sex is required to do such a thing only furthers the points I am making. Do you not have friends? Close family members? Is it not a relationship, even after several years, if you're both saving yourself for marriage? What a genuinely stupid concept.

Half (in theory) of all oral sex isn't going to be penetrative.

>Half (in theory) of all oral sex isn't going to be penetrative
Then you are doing it wrong.

Nah, you're right, I somehow forgot it's different when someone goes down on me, probably due to how rarely that actually happens.

Probably cus you don't go down on women so you're just thinking about when you go down on someone. Altho I play the saddest of trombone noises for you for that last bit.

This, but unironically.

Fellow ace here whole lotta gang shit

Your girlfriend is fucking around on the side mate

>one of us
Probably her

>our ancestors fucked like rabbits in every hole
We aren't Africans, fuck off with this fictional propaganda.

And that's real shit.
Girls will spread their legs anyway for attractive guys, yet the rest have to play this bullshit game of being interested in their non-existent personality.

>Girls will spread their legs anyway for attractive guys, yet the rest have to play this bullshit game of being interested in their non-existent personality.
They certainly dont have to spread their legs to those guys with non-existent personalities. You're right about the part with attractive guys, though the rate of cheating is vastly lower than you closetcucks think it is.

Someone is mad.
Also OP, your bf is going to cheat. No two ways around it, you can’t pleasure your man the same way a regular woman can.

>girl has sex before marriage
>Jow Forums is angry and calls her a slut
>girl doesn't want sex before marriage but still wants to be and romantic with the gift she loves

Yeah, op Jow Forums isn't exactly the best place for relationship advice

It's tough giving relationship advice when you're an teenage virgin.

horrible bait 0/10

You forgot;

The guy is more Christian than me though :((

If neither of you are fucking on the side and you truly are very much in love and both feel no need for sex then good for you, but that's definitely not going to work for everyone.

I personally need sex in a relationship, it's a must and it makes me feel more connected with my lover. But that's me.

Also if you have absolutely no fights or even disagreements ever that sounds like a red flag desu

yes, it's called "marriage."

sorry, you're a cùckel

well you seem like you are really trying, so I wouldn't be too insecure about it if that is what you are worried about.

>only women are expected to be horny for their partner and not fuck anyone else

>Blowjob is like sucking on candy
is that some kind of weird coping mechanism? You aren't okay with thinking that it is a sex act you are doing for him because you love each other?

This is like the Christian sluts who only suck dick and do anal because they want to save their "virginity"