I am 18 . give me a general life advice before I fuck up

I am 18 . give me a general life advice before I fuck up.

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Dont marry until you are 25
Dont drop from school
Pick education which is in demand
glassdoor.com/ AND you wont hate it (much)
Ask girls for their phone numbers or remain virgin forever

Get neetbux and do whatever you enjoy doing

This but the last bit should be
> don't chase pussy to chase. Find someone you genuinely like and learn to accept rejection.

Leave Jow Forums.

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Well, that’s life, you fucking up and learn from your mistakes...

Finance. Whatever you chose to do in life, make sure you are saving up. Get a house and land early(within sustainable income), life will just become so easy

Do as little harm as you can
Do as much good as you can
Within the restrains of the first two, have as much fun as you can

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, and never ever forget your mistakes no matter what. Every mistake made is a learning experience. No matter how stupid it was, no matter how embarrassing it was, you're now a better person because of it, and you have grown because of your mistakes.

Alcohol abuse will destroy the relationships you cherish most.

You will fuck it up. Not just once or twice, but a couple of times.
Its fine, learn from it.

open an account with vanguard

The things you can rationalize now you won't always be able to rationalize. Your brain starts to change around 30, things that used to be normal to you can start to scare the shit out of you. You will be more susceptible to stress/psychosis and you can have life-changing panic attacks.

Only buy something if you have the money to buy it twice

Recognize that you can solve a lot of problems and go far in life if you develop a tough mindset and stop getting hung up on every little set back, and work hard. Your time is valuable and even if you are a literal retard in a wheelchair you have a lot of potential at 18, life has so many opportunities and all you have to do is get your head screwed on right and pursue them. And remember that success is not so much about being smart or talented as being persistent, luck will find you eventually if you keep showing up, and even if it doesn't then experience definitely will.

Same here, I'm starting to feel the grim reality of adulthood. Please I want to be a kid again.

don't be scared of fucking up... this is how life is and how you grow up, becoming a nicer and experienced person.

Murphy's law is the only law that works.

Don't look for work that makes you passionate. Its too uncommon and doesn't pay well. Look for work that is worth something and you can stand doing.
Try not to worry about who you are too much, that gets in the way of it.

1. stay in school for as long as you can.
2. your never too old to make a new friend
3. friends will come and go from your life, the leaches and the hangers on will eventually dissappear but the true friends will stick with you no matter what.
4. learn to cook and clean for yourself. especially if you want to be able to bring someone back to your house.
5. try not to care how much how you look. because: beauty fades
6. be able to shop for clothes by yourself. shows your own style and freedom of choice.
7. dont text while driving
8. dont text if the person is in the same room or the next room because thats just rude.
9. try to have a sense of occasion like the joy of xmas never lose that.
10. dont be afraid to have a opinion, dont be afraid to state it.
11. celebrities arent valid sources of information now matter how much they are paid...
12. learn to have some self respect. if you dont then thats something for you to work on.
13. dont do something if you dont want to do it unless you like being pushed around and being told what to do?
14. if you screw up, think about what got you there then take it as a lesson to avoid for next time
15. if you come up against a word or a term you havent heard of before: take a few mnutes to look it up. just because you wont be tested on it that you wont pay for your ignorance at some point in your life.
16. dont be in a hurry to get into the big wide world, because once you are there its hard to go back...

Lift bro

1. Put yourself above all else
2. Family and friends are the most dear people in life, especially family
3. You have to act when it comes to girls, they wont
4. Confidence is almost everything
5. Being nice out of fear and discomfort isn't being nice, its being a pussy that everybody stomps on
6. Read verified books about self improvement, a lot of them are good but read reviews so you wont buy cheap bullshit
7. Pick up a sport hobby

Good stuff here
I disagree with 5, worry about your looks since you get away with shit because of the halo effect
Appearance helps compensate for shortcomings unless you are an absolute dumbfuck