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I woke up with regrets haunting me. This is gonna be a long day.

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>want to take out cute girls on cute dates
>live in a small town
>no car because unnecessary and I don't go anywhere
>tfw don't want to get a car just for dating

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I've never been so excited to ruin everything before. Rational thought and reasonable doubt have just been tossed straight out the window.

I bought myself a Nissan limousine, is cheap and big. You need car soon or later might as well buy it now, when you have time.

You need to know that probably all guys are thinking the same in your midget town, now imagine if a girl needs a ride from your city, would be nice if you would have car right?

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You're such a loser. I'm embarrassed to have had any connection with you. You came into my life at one of my lowest points and of course I met you through the scummiest people. You were never and will never be anywhere near my league.

Please leave me alone.

I'm sorry you've having problems, but stop interrupting our chat to talk about yourself. It's been about a week of this man and we've all tried to be supportive and talk things out. There's only so much we can do before you need to sort your shit out. Maybe if you shop bitching on group chat, you can take action and do something.
I really didn't mind you joining before, but now every time I see you pop online and start typing I leave.

I love how 90% of girls are so full of themselves and such cunts that they dont even have the decency to reply to you even if its to tell you they hate your fucking guts

I think I met the best girl ever. Most beautiful, cute, with a creativity out of this world, everything and more I could want. Again, it's not just her extremely cute looks, but everything she does puts a smile to my face.

Problem is I hope too much. I can't make a move because I'd rather live in a fantasy world where I feel and hope she is interested, than to be straight turned down. She's too good to be true.

I have a tendency to go completely strange sometimes when I think I've seen her. It's awkward, but who cares?...

I'll be that 10% for you, here's your (You)

I fucking hate your guts

hi I'm

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I still probably have feelings for you deep down. But you already have a dude and because of our past and a million other things, I gotta move on. I will be there for you no matter what, but romance isn’t an option anymore

i'm pretty sure i've started experiencing depersonalization. i've never felt more severely depressed and downright miserable in my entire life. it just feels like there's times where i'm watching myself or like i'm watching the same episode of whatever day it is over and over and i don't want to be watching.

i have absolutely no idea what to do and i feel completely trapped in life. also, my sleep schedule is just awful and i'm having a hard time fixing it. hell, i can't even get to sleep and i have school in a little over 4 hours

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I guess you saw my venting here? You weren’t supposed to... stalker.

If their non-verbal skills are that good, then why would they spell it out for you? Take a walk, sour milk

I like you a lot.
You are cute, adorable, handsome, kind, smart, talented, fun, supportive, anything I could ever want. It makes me happy to think I can be that to you too. Let's live a good life together, I promise to stay by your side.

Cheesy but heartfelt, so whatever.

I've only left my apartment six times in the past 15 months. I fucking hate this lifestyle. Someone get me out of here.

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Please talk to me here. What’s wrong?

Hey cunt im a human being with feelings as well

just becuse I dont starve myself anymore dosent mean I any different you stupid fucking moron

What happened?

You really hurt me. You made me lose hope. You shattered my worldview.
You knew you were a good friend of mine, you knew I cared about you. But once I was no longer of use to you, you tossed me aside like I was nothing, not even worth an explanation. You were selfish from the start, but I accepted that part of you. When I confronted you, you gave me just enough information for me to go away and then continued to treat me like I didn't exist. I'm having trouble trusting in people now because of you. I believed in universal human kindness but if I were to suddenly drop dead, I know you wouldn't even bat an eye.
From the bottom of my heart, I hate you.


But the girl I'm referring to is foreign and definitely does not browse Jow Forums.

Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to use that in court! Please try to argue that I took a night off to enjoy myself. Lol I so hope you do. You have no idea what an ass you'll look like.

I wish you could be more patient with me. It’s not like I want to be this way. I care so much. I don’t know what to do. I’m always afraid.

Initial? I wouldn't know you irl though, so just disregard this if it's not an online thing.

Pathetic excuses for men who complain that getting hit in the nuts is somehow worse than menstrual, pregnancy, and labor pains remind me that it's fine to reject them coldly. And that I'm lucky to meet men who aren't this retarded. How often are you getting hit there in your life to even bring it up? You know your nuts are female ovaries that descended while your female clit turned into a penis, right? That it's literally the same organ and same pain? Except you don't experience monthly periods along with it that last at least 24 hours straight, you don't experience pregnancy, not labor and childbirth? How deep are your mommy issues or how low is your self esteem or how high is your ego that you can't acknowledge this?

I don't know how prevalent this mindset is but for those that have it, may you have monthly nut smack accidents.

>dating a much younger girl
>tell myself NOT to get attached
>get attached

how can I recover from this?

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Just pretend I’m her. What would you say?

I miss you. I wish you would talk to me again. Please stop isolating yourself. I am here to support you the entire way, no matter what. I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you too much, that's not my intention. I'll be waiting for you, whenever you're ready.

My brain cancer

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That’s really nice. I wish you were him but he wouldn’t say such kind things. Have you told them this? You should.

That's kinda what Trump was about for me.
Mexican government, outsourcing corporations, sjws brainlets that can't handle any communication that's not hyper polished and censored? It was like a conga line to make everything worse for the worst people.

I want to tell you that I miss you and to apoligize for my previous immaturity. What's stops me is that I think you'd just laugh. I don't think you particularly care in any capacity though (enough to stalk me and my immediate family though)
I'd like for things to work out between us eventually

Tell me this. Message me.

You definitely should tell them.

Well I don't know your situation, but maybe he would, you never know.
I have told them, but they still continue to isolate themselves from everyone. It's been about a year since they've started shutting out everyone. I just want to help them, it hurts to see them like this.

I hate you so don't leave me

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I'm pretty sure I've never seen my sister double over in pain from menstruation.
I don't think anyone would say it's more painful than childbirth, unless we're talking about your balls getting absolutely destroyed. I heard about this one football player that went to practice without a cup. They had to put it on ice. When they got to the hospital, it was the size of a grapefruit.
That "might" be more painful than some childbirth. I've seen some women do it as nonchalantly as a horse, just squinting the little bastard out of there without a whimper.


I think they'd just show the message to their friends and laugh about it

Well I don't know where the fuck you live that this topic comes up so often that it annoys you so much, but good luck.

Anyway, to the point, the fact it was the same organ doesn't mean it's the same anymore. Nevertheless, magine having ovaries in a sack outside your body, imagine them getting hit directly, no fat and muscle tissue to dampen the blow. It hurts a lot.
I still don't think it's worse than labor and childbirth. Worse than menstruation? Yes sure, but it doesn't last nearly as lomg so I get your point.

Still, I have to say this is the weirdest post I've ever seen here, and there's schizo user haunting every thread

If they’re that shitty then don’t bother.

Do you even love me

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Just stop.

Sorry for trying to start a conversation with you. I'll leave you to your self-pity and misery.

Your selection bias isn't fact you know?
For every woman like your sister there are people like me who suffered extremely during that time. It is the same pain from hearing how guys react to it, it is the same but compare it to orgasms. Clitoral orgasms are generally the same as mens orgasms, but for women who experience vaginal orgasms it is a different experience. (And one could argue it is similar to prostate for men but I honestly haven't done enough research about it.)

Men who end up in the hospital do so because they have external damage along with internal, and also likely want to make sure their nuts are still there and functioning. Women with extreme pain often go and aren't taken seriously, this has been the case for many women for a long long time. But never is it ever more painful than childbirth, you know they are pumped full of drugs so ony the length of the delivery varies but not the pain nor the risks. But I sure would love that elusive "swoop! oh it's already over?" like labor I have heard about. I really hope. Because after years of hell inducing menstrual cycles it's all I could ask for.

There's no way it's weirdo than schizochan. Don't be like this.

And actually it is the same, because we are comparing internal pain to the ovaries and internal organs to external cause to external organs. The eggs passing through are not protected by any fat or bones, that's a ridiculously bad statement to make.

Btw I was watching a video where men are hooked up to a machine that simulates labor pains. Some bitch bois were complaining in the comments, and I've seen this attitude here and there.

As someone going through the same thing I wish I could tell you it gets better, but I have yet to find that to be the case.

If they do so what? You have done the right thing so at the end of the day you can feel better about it.

They don't deserve it you're fucking stupid

If you have any doubt about my feelings for you, allow me to make it clear.
I think you are scum. I'm embarrassed by you. All the things I thought I loved about you were never real and ironically those qualities I possess, not you. I don't hate you. I don't love you. I honestly pity your existence. You come from shit. You live in shit. You'll die with Jack shit. I believe many people are in poverty and it is not their fault. You? Totally your fault. You've seen a better way but still want to wallow in filthy victimization.

I tried. I don’t know what else I could have done.

When you saw me
You fell in love and I smiled
Because I knew

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Apologizing is rarely for the person impacted, it is for yourself to make you feel better.

Tell me.
I like you too...

You're pathetic creating IG and FB accounts to pretend to be someone else to talk to me. Now words with friends too? GET A FUCKING LIFE NEET and quit cyber stalking limp loser.

Yes... what you are describing is borderline personality disorder. One of the things I was diagnosed with. I’m happy you had a good upbringing and development. I’m glad you’re so strong and independent. I admired you.

Im sorry for everything i put you through A. You did pressure me into being like a relationship which is silly when we're an ocean away. C told me to stop talking to you or else hed post my nudes everywhere and dox me etc. Im sorry you had to be hurt because of all my poor decisions and you never even knew. It was never your fault, you never did anything wrong, in fact you're one of the few real men ive met, even with your softness. You're a million times too good for me and i know you'll make someone really happy if you got out of your shell a little. I tried looking for your fb to apologize but i cant find you.

Then you get the toothless wonder to spy on me this weekend. You two are both NEET dirtbags with the emotional maturity of 6th graders. Pathetic.

You know it's hard to feel loved when you feel disconnected from everything

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Im only becoming a Freemason to protect my family and for the power to snuff anyone at will. I've come to such lows in my life intellectually that even I fear my own self for what I'm capable of. Ive spent half my life since eight thinking the world was a cruel place to just burn to the ground and start anew. It would be so easy, but do I care enough.

Initial? I’m hoping since you feel so strongly you’ll give one.

You're being fooled E. It's not even me trying to talk to you. Please be smart enough to see through that shit. Besides that one phonecall. I have already left you alone. I know you're smart enough to see through this. Use your logic not emotion. Figure it out.

I want to join as well, but don't have any hook ups. I need more occult books to read. I seek knowledge.

It is weirder thing to complain about. I can understand crazy, but not an urge to write this, didn't mean it as an insult.

I can cede the point that same amount applied force may cause the same amount of pain, but eggs moving do not excert the same amount of force as a full force kick. In the short term getting your balls smashed is worse.

I'm aware of the labor simulating thing, but the thing you forget to mention s that female body releases chemicals that suppress the pain during the process, which said men didn't have luxury of having. I still believe it can be very painful for women regardless.

He’s a bad influence on you but you know best. You’ve already told me so many things that show that you don’t respect him. I think he’s infecting your mind. Something is wrong but I can’t help you. I can’t even help myself.

You always lied. Nothing changed I see.

I get so tired of married (and people in dating relationships) teling me how overrated they are. Yeah you get laid several times a week while I lay in a cold bed just wanting someone to be close to me. It's worse when you know these people would come apart at the seams if their relationships failed. Go F yourself!

I really wish I could die. Why is everything so hard for me? I only push people away and I never mean to. No one tries for me, it’s always so one-sided. I’m tired of living just so my family won’t be hurt by a suicide.

From meeting you, you've shown me that it is indeed possible to despise someone while still respecting and looking up to them. You were your own man and we had alot of fun together and some heartfelt talks about our concerns with life. I miss spending time with you as I feel you're the only person in my life who I saw as an equal that also wanted to push me to improve. I didn't improve fast enough I suppose, or was still deluded some by escapism. You abandoned me completely the day I broke down in your car and exclaimed I can't stand the west and popular ideology and materialism and all the bs and that I just wanted to move overseas and see if things change, and you sprinkled enough reason and doubt which did eventually orient my mind, after I fell into a deeper confusion the next half year. But you stopped messaging me, responding, while I did say I didn't want to be with anyone anymore, which included you... Well now it seems you may be breaking down likewise in planning to move out and live in your car, a fantasy I played at during my low. I message but you don't respond. At times you seem far better off than me, yet others I can't help but wonder if I should feel sorry for you, or maybe that's my attempt at jealousy? I guess it can't be helped either way, I hope I'll end up having the inner will to at least get as far as you did. Farewell.

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My little sister got her first boyfriend, and he’s an asshole. I mean, he encourages my sister to lie to her family, to steal from us to get money to travel to him every weekend, he spams our mother with messages to to give up or else, and now she wants to move to the little town he lives in, and settle there, far away from all of her friends, far away from us. She’s 16 and he’s 17. They met 2 years ago. Two more years and they’re going to get married.
I tried to talk her out of this nonsense, but it’s difficult to pinpoint what is a red flag since I’m unironically autistic and a virgin, but this seems pretty bad. Sister has talked with me about these things, and cried and seemed very genuine, I gave my full support and advice, and then afterwards I found out she was making everything up. Over and over.
Honestly, it’s been exhausting. This is not the sister I knew growing up. She has changed so much since she met him. It seems that I can’t save her, and neither can anyone else, because she hates the whole family now and has distanced herself from her friends.

Why’d you have to come here? This was my safe space. How do you expect anyone to put up with your abuse and keep it all inside? You’re so unfair.

People take Jow Forums too seriously

Thanks for the snacks, the pot and the good memories.
Every time I talked with you, it was always the best moment of the day.
I still can’t figure out what was in your mind: why act all lovey-dovey by day and then ignore me by night? Why be so nice to me and inviting me to do shit when the moment I accept you make excuses?
I love you btw.

I think you still have feelings for me but you're dating someone else now and I'm coming back to your area soon and I really wanna just pull some stupid romantic shit to take you back and convince you to leave with me wherever my job is taking me next


I should abuse you

>female coworker told me I am handsome and was wondering why I am still single
>instead of making me happy this throws me into depression

The fact that I am ugly was the only cope I had left, it was the excuse I went with. Years of hard work, lifting and excelling at university/work built on that foundation. I always knew deep down that I am just fucked up in the head from childhood but I never wanted it to be true, I never talked about my feelings to anyone and try to never show weakness.

For some reason it just hurt so much that from the outside people see me as this successfull, handsome guy and are wondering why on earth I havent had a relationship this past year (for all they know in reality much longer). On one hand I will never show them what is wrong because I am not someone to complain and I can take the burden, I hate weak people and I will not let myself be that way. On the other hand I just wish I could just open up and let it all out, have someone to share my feelings with and be truly myself, it feels like noone on earth truly knows me apart from my brother who went through the same shit as me and has the same problems. We never talk about it ever but often times when things are rough I look at him and I can see in his eyes that he carries the same burden, he knows what its like and how could he not he is the only one who understands. But he is also the same and wont ever show weakness or talk about it either.

And the worst part is when I think this way I always feel like I am being too dramatic and dont deserve to feel this way, or that a stronger person wouldnt care...

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I hope you find someone you feel safe opening up to, user. I’ve tried to be this person for someone I love but they’ve never opened up.

You don't have real feelings. I'm ok with that. I know there is no place for me in your life. No way we could ever met. I don't want to talk to you anymore. I have zero motivation. Don't bother. I wish you all the best

I can't trust 95% of the people I meet in life. It feels like my walls just won't come down.

The only people I trust are my dad, girlfriend, and best friend.

Everybody else is shut out. Even when they're being nice and friendly with me I am skeptical about their intentions. It's an unending paranoia that my peers/coworkers/"school friends" are only socializing with me because they want something about me. Or that the second I leave they are talking bad about me behind my back. It's a large reason for why I am an introvert and have substantial social anxiety. I just slap on a mask and act a certain way to hide how insecure I am on the inside.

How do you know they have no real feelings?

thanks user, the truth is I never really talk about how I feel to... anyone really. I only really open up here probably because there are no consequences to doing so and nobody to judge my weakness. the thing is if I tell people about the shit I have been through and that my family isnt as perfect it feels like I am devalueing myself and labeling myself as a broken person of some sort. Not sure if that makes sense...

I mean my dad never hit me but there was a bunch of verbal abuse when he was drunk. He was my football coach and whenever I didnt play well the entire week it would just be walking on eggshells to not set him off and have him shout at me. Then there were other things like him coming home drunk waking me up from bed to yell at me about the fact that I didnt give my all in the last game. No excuse I ever had mattered... My mom didnt help much just told me to basically take it and shut my mouth so it would be over quicker... I was like 8-10y old at the time and this happened for many years not always as bad and not every week eventually his focus was more on my brother as he had more talent than me and he wasnt my coach after a while and rather coached my brothers team.

And I guess the success me and my brother had prove it worked honestly... I wasnt the most talented player but we won championships our small town never had before or after we actively played on the youth roster. The thing is I never had the talent but I had something other kids never had on the field... I didnt play to win I played because I knew it would mean not having my home be a fucking warzone for atleast the next week. Even games that didnt really matter as we were already sure to win the division I worked my ass off. I guess part of that is the reason why I can so easily push myself in the gym nowadays because pushing myself through pain makes me proud... probably a skill well learned when I was little.

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So here is the situation there is this asian girl at work who works for the competition (a bigger company, I am just a juinior) She is clearly in my league as she looks at me back everytime, like she is waiting...
The thing is that I looked up her LinkedIn account and she's +8 years older than me. For me it's not a problem and She still looks young. She's clearly waiting for my move but I become nearly nervous when I have to speak to somebody for the First time.
What to do, friends ?

Cause your typically attracted to others with complementary personality traits
The domineering, narcissistic personality casts me in a well defined role with little effort
They able to give me an identity even if the identity involved submissiveness and mistreatment

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she’s not interested

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She fears abandonment, so she clings; She fears engulfment, so she pushes away
She craves intimacy and is terrified of it at the same times
She winds up repelling those with whom he most wants to connect

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How do I get a girl who genuinely won't mind that I can't satisfy her sexually?

I should abuse them


I want them to suffer as well

I want to ask if you’re okay but you’ll get annoyed. I want to messsge you but I don’t know what to say. I’m not okay.

So theres this guy i used to be friends with, but i realised he's a huge manipulator and cunt so im not as close with him, but we still talk.
While i was friends with him he took a few dumb videos of me and i told him about some things ive done (he said they were no big deal and it was a year ago so i think he forgot since he hasnt mentioned it since)
Ive overheard him saying things like 'user says he doesnt talk hit about me but i know he does' and he alwway aks me if my current group of friends talk shit about him.
He's currently in a relationship and e were recently on a school trip where he got really close with another girl and hung around with her most of the trip and i saw them sleeping on eachother on the bus.
I told my current friend group this (a few of which were on the ssame trip) who dont like him much and they told some people and then they told his girlfriend.
His girlfriend didnt get mad at him but he's now tweeting things like 'i love it when people make stuff up' and 'stop talking about me' so i think he knows that this is me.
What should I do? This guy is a huge cunt but has been an ok friend to me
I have ocd so i might be overreacting about the pictures and info but im not sure

>life in the big house

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