Why are you considered the "Black sheep" of your family?

why are you considered the "Black sheep" of your family?

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I was a trouble maker since I came out the cooch

I'm not, we're all fucking weird

Because I'm the only child.

I'm the failure.

I'm a sperg.

No social life (social retard).
No girlfriend.
Still living with parents (at 30)
Shit job (45k pa)

I’m a Christian conservative, while the rest of my family are lefties

drug addicted, depressed , has an eating disorder, possibly retarded, ready to die

Wasted 3 years of education and also little social life

But next annual family meetup

They gonna see. THEY GONNA SEE

I'm black and my mom and "dad" are white


>diagnosed sperg
>heavy drinker
>trouble maker since day one

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bastard child

Join them, instead of being a complete retard.
Facts are not on the conservative side.

I was always the smartest out of my siblings. It kind of stings that they saw the most potential in me growing up, and they even confided in me that I was their greatest hope, and yet I ended up with no friends, job, or plan while my siblings did. I'm attending 2year but just stalling;idk what will happen come springtime

I'm a jock and they're nerds

>Christian conservative
Christians were the original liberals

Only child.
Still black sheep of extended family though.
Years of being a depressed shut-in neet means my life is basically over. Actually, it never began in the first place.
Fuck me, I make sure to not leave my room during family gatherings so I don't embarass my mom. She's lying to all friends and relatives about me but they've noticed at least some of it.

>everyone else is a minimum wage drug addict television watching teenage pregnancy domestic abuse abject poverty broken home dead-end towner top-40 pop radio listener who lives in the same town they were born in and will die in
>i'm the prodigal son who went to college and still managed to be povertous, literature enthusiast, socially withdrawn, minimalist-aesthetic, intellectual, bilingual, worldly, travel-enthusiast, moves cities every few years, all around weirdo into obscure subgenres-of-subgenres in everything unsociable outcast unironic weeaboo who idealizes tokyo and NYC
I don't have a single thing in common with any of my family. I don't even look like them. (I'm blond, everyone else has brown hair with a few redheads).
Honestly think I was switched in the hospital.

Ever since the 5th grade I was fighting with my parents almost every day, they wouldn't let me play video games like my friends, have a cell phone, or have any allowance I never had any money as a child, or got any presents. My computer was always 10 years old. I was forced to go to the temple on Saturdays and Hebrew school against my will.When I was little I wasn't even allowed to buy books I wanted.

In highschool I never spoke with my family, I would only talk to friends at school.They were always speaking in a condescending way to me, or scolding me for not doing homework in middle school. Over time I became more and more withdrawn. Ever since I was little I dreamed of running away from my family, I became mentally ill and started collecting stuff that could help me if I ran away. For months I barely spoke with anyone except my friends at school.

I went to college, I managed a small business, I lived in the city, and I am the only person in my family to move out after turning 18, my brothers didn't move out each until their mid twenties, and both of them ended up moving back in, bringing their wives with them. My brother got booted out of the marines for getting into fights with other marines, and my little brother's home was so disgusting that my parents would puke if they walked in, the smell was disgusting. My brother lost his job, lived off of his girlfriend, then eventually moved back in with my parents where he just played video games all day.

But I am the black sheep of the family that my father would hang up on.

Entire family is successful WASP businesspeople.
I got incarcerated at 15 and ruined the family name.
I rot on the other side of town now.

when I was 16 I took all the alcohol in the house and hid it in my room, i knew if my parents found it i was dead but that was always the case anyways, I got very drunk and later they found the empty bottles hidden in my room they were always searching my room, then they searched my phone and looked at my porn.

They found the noose I was hiding in my closet, that's when I was sent away to a boarding school for troubled teens, I didn't get out until i was 19 years old.

gonna have to work on your bait onii-chan

how did you get incinerated

I was adopted

I'm gay and the rest of my family are Catholic.

Panda? Busted for pot in a car full of fellow idiots?

I don't have a girlfriend


I'm far right among a bunch of leftists and cuckservatives (except my dad he is based and redpilled).

All the Adult Men in my family are Right-wing

Lucky me


>tfw no gf

Based rebellious Jew, hope you were able to straighten things out

lol that's fucked up

My other cousin is just wrapping up her PHD program at 29.

Two of my cousins are lawyers but they are like 15 years older than me.

My other female cousin is a fuck up NEET in her 30s.

I am 26 and have never worked a normal job in my life. I was a caretaker for my grandparents. I will be finishing a BA in history soon. Then I can start teaching

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Keep moving on to better things.

I come from a lineage of hicks and farmers that so happen to be xenophobic and carry an intense rivalry with my more affluent relatives.
He was a Mexican and she was a white woman straight from North Carolina.
Back in those days they looked like black people from the 40's.

Aside from that, I was hidden well into the background until my family fell apart. My predecessors did meth, my grandparents died, my dad is in asylum, and my half brother is several towns away because Mom does meth.

I am currently now a black sheep because my rich asshole family resent me for a conflict I never started, I was a first born ever in my generation, and I'm still lurking in the background as the only one in my family to have a damn job and housing. I am also a black sheep at work, but that's a story for another day.

Actually I'm the favorite
which shows how fucked up my family is

that sounds like the condition of my father's family
and my mother's

are you black?

Well it's simple.
My grandparents were both world war 2 veterans and then doctors, then missionaries.

My dad was essentially burt fron Tremors, but now owns a company worth alot

My mom is a Hospital admin

My older sister is famous in the Arccheology community

My younger sister was straight A, doesn't do drugs, and got full ride at great school.

My Older brother was a prodigy hacker in the 90's and 2000's then joined the army then worked both with the NSA and CIA and now makes bank private sector.

And I spent 14 to 22 getting high and doing other crimes with a Domnican gang and now am clean but work for 14 an hour. Hahahahaha


i'm also very anxious.

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My whole family's the black sheep to my extended family on both sides.

My brother and sister both did very well in academics and now have quality jobs in respectable fields. I got depressed and dropped out of high school, I had a few years where I was just sitting around at home playing computer games. I feel like my depression was spurned on by the fact I felt so worthless in comparison to my brother and sister who were just a few years older than me.

half-siblings from mothers side are extroverted and borderline chads they tolerate me but passive-aggressive
half-siblings from fathers side are pure stacies, has a rich mom who was enraged about my existence so im 100% sure we won't get along if we ever met

Parents told me that they wished that I was never born because it ruined both of their lives apparently

Because I rock the boat on the most traditions, though I have the most honor potential.

bc theyre all married with one kid and own homes and I still bring home wild mongoose women that cuss, drink, and can barely use a toaster.

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I have aspergers but unlike my siblings I am attempting to integrate into society and make amends with the fact I am a small part of it.
The world is not my oyster, this is not a film and I am not the star.
I will raise a family and they will be my stars.

Ironically, because I'm black.

I am not. Everyone thinks I am doing great.
People always have weird ways of complimenting my failures in life.
I hate my life and I am dying inside.

I'm the lightest skinned, the only one with hazel eyes, the deepest voice, the only one that enjoys computers and gaming, and the only one that speaks proper English without a ghetto slur. And I think I'm the only one without a criminal record. And the only one that's been in the military.

But I'm still not a black sheep per se, I'm just different from the rest of them. Sometimes I wish my family was more relatable for me.

You couldn't be more wrong. They preach values that align with liberals but behave the opposite way. Especially if we're talking about the early US. And any time period in Europe.

I am the only one in the family that is not good with art

while the rest od them went to work, travel and start lives on their own, im slaving away in academia like an autist. i am the only one aiming for a degree in the sciences, yet i am most likely the only one to be signle at 20 and likely to stay that way for many years to come. its not autism, but i have no merit other than being good at math: i cannot drive, i cannoy play instruments, no gf, no family, no property, nothing.
i thought my education made me special, but now my female cousinnis graduating from her political studies with a masters and the other just became a dad and received a promotion to a supervisorial position with nothing more than a high school diploma. so i guess im just 'that guy' with no family and no merit that they see once a year, always to afraid to ask if im seeing anyone.

Because I have aspergers and my family acts like that is the same thing as downsyndrome. they also think im a hermit who does nothing but play my ps4.

cause I have Asperger's

Only child, only one living in a city on my moms side. The rest live in rural poverty and all my cousins on that side have kids (married or not).

My dads side everyone is split up around the country so we are all kind of black sheep.

Also nobody talks to my dad anymore, he’s the black sheep of the black sheep family, which probably has little consequence given the situation anyhow.

I wanted to make art and music and be left alone and the rest of my family are socialites and normies

I had untreated and undiagnosed ADHD. Didn't get any treatment until 27. My life's better now but still a pretty fucking big mess.
I come from a family of entrepreneurs PhDs, Doctors engineers geologists. Super high tier.
Im the only one who hasn't really achieved anything extraordinary. Don't get me wrong I don't give a shit, really.

But I've also topped everyone by losing my fiancée. No divorces in my family and I'm doing a common law seperation. That ones got me pretty bummed.
That woman was my light.

I went to a cheap state school (my parents met at Princeton, my sister went to a fancy liberal arts school). I never aspired for status. I moved across the country away from my (extended) family.

Jow Forums

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Because I am not homeless and don't smoke meth. I have held a job my whole life and own a home.

I am not. Literally the most accomplished one out of the bunch in generations.
Autism sometimes brings something positive, I guess.


I wasn't an idiot. They're all pretty much dense fucks who screw themselves over time and time again. My own sis got knocked up at 17 for crying out loud. So pretty much by being a decent human I stood out and couldn't relate to the stupid shit that would get them in trouble. They still think I'm the weird one.

He's taking about Christianity in antiquity, retard.

no friends, never experienced love or intimacy, nearly a wizard, currently a NEET, living with parents (my own home had construction going on).

On the other hand until last week I was making 108k/year and I still own a home which is alright I guess. I've got two pending job offers and am waiting to see which one produces a piece of paper for me to sign first, though if they both do I know already which one I will choose.

I use drugs lol

I was always drawn to the macabre at a young age. Drawing skulls and things related to death, wearing black clothes. Hanging out with people a lot older than me.

>Child of divorce
>couldn't play with school friends over the weekend because of joint custody
>best stepfather one could realistically hope for, but he would always put me down and spoil my half brother
>become pathological liar and attention whore
>say outrageous shit for no reason
>lit 3 yards on fire before i turned 10
>drug abuse

But at least i made it