So I have been dating this girl recently and we have had several dates...

So I have been dating this girl recently and we have had several dates. Some red flags like daddy issues because her father was an alcoholic before finding God or whatever. Due to this she doesn’t really drink or do drugs, hits the gym a lot and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. Saturday night we had sex for the first time and afterwards she reveals that she is a former stripper and my jaw dropped internally but I played it cool and left after talking a little more.

I think she only did it for a month before she realized what a mistake she was making. She seems definitely into me but I have major fucking trust issues as is and I will not be able to handle this shit. I will not end up viewing her as a serious relationship prospect inside my head but I am kind of torn internally right now. I didn’t freak out initially so she thinks she’s in the clear and wants to hang again, I don’t know how I should handle this shit basically saying I’m not ready to take on those issues or my cock doing the thinking and trying to basically use her for sex? Also immediately asked her about STD panel and she was clear from a couple weeks back when she went to get her IUD checked out. She’s a nice girl who is kind of damaged so I don’t feel like completely shitting on her world. What do?

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beat her till she dies lol

If she takes care of herself and you're into each other I'd say keep going (inb4 cuck). People make mistakes.

This is a pretty big mistake no? Most strippers end up in drugs or fucking their customers? She said she was never into any of that but my last relationship ended really badly so I’m constantly paranoid of the slightest red flags and this is a fucking huge one

>daddy issues
>"What do?"
do you really have to ask

Do I use her for great sex under the pretense that we will be in a serious relationship or do I let her know that my trust issues and her past will never work out. I feel like my shoulder angel and shoulder devil are playing tug of war

>alcoholic father
>daddy issues

user do you have some self respect?

Former stripper

Fuck her for a few months, make her think there is no problem and that her past mistakes are forgivable, and then when she least expects it, whammy her with silence and cut all contact.

Dude, wtf. Just leave her. You clearly aren’t capable of an adult relationship so spare her the heartache

I had not fucked in a year and a half before banging her so the amoral part of me just wants a little companionship and sex


Who cares she is a broken thot anyway


>I have trust issues
>But no issues shitting on others' trust in me
Buddy, you ever think that your shitty relationship was a product of... Oh, I don't know... Your shitty attitude?

I sort of overdosed on redpills after my last serious relationship and saw how it actually worked. But I’m trying to read some Mark Manson and not be a complete sociopath. It feels like I’m juggling two different ideologies and it’s making me crazy

>overdosed on redpills
>two different ideologies

Usually, I find this is a product of "Being nice and trusting is too hard but I still want all the perks." Sorry man, you gotta give if you wanna get.

As long as you remain like this-- "redpilled," your fucking buzzword soup you pulled off Jow Forums, treating women like sex objects-- you're going to nuke your chances with decent chicks and will keep bagging druggies and strippers.

Your attitude is what attracts them. It's a safety in numbers thing. They won't be outed as the broken one if you're broken too-- right? They can't be 'the problem partner' if you're also problematic-- right? And likewise, you never need to worry about being held accountable to your shitty views because you keep bagging ex-strippers and shit.

It's a fucking cycle, man. You either break it or you live it.

>I think she only did it for a month
user I have some really bad news for you

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I don’t understand what you mean here. I met a girl through a coworker of a friend and took her on some dates, dinner, coffee, bowling. She revealed she wasn’t close with her dad and next thing after sex I find out she was a stripper? By redpills I mean i was focused on my job, gym and family and she would have to prove she deserves a spot in my life. I give her a chance and tell myself I’m not just going to fuck her and run but then find out some major baggage?

Talk to her about it instead of Jow Forums, you colossal fucking idiot. Own your feelings, communicate them, and accept whatever response you get.

An quality girl you want to date would never consider being a stripper even as a joke. Your girl actually went through the hiring process, lessons, dances, and who knows what else. She’s damaged goods.

Brother why tf would you even consider dating a stripper