What’s the best way I can improve my face?, what is good about it?, I do the gym because I’m too busy...

What’s the best way I can improve my face?, what is good about it?, I do the gym because I’m too busy, should I make time for it?

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Here a better pic

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Get on a massive weight loss, literally be super skinny. That double chin and baby fat makes you look like a child and not a man.

Get a super short haircut or some sort of haircut at least.

wear hypebeast clothing.

lose weight, get cooler glasses, get rid of all facial hair

sweater vest is okay, but out of style and adds a bit of a geek factor you cannot afford. Wear button downs with the sleeves rolled up. Works especially if you're in good shape

This man has gazed into the abyss. You can see he is already dead inside.

Going to the gym is always a good thing!
I think getting in shape would do well for you, but you're not bad looking at all. You're just unpolished, i guess.

Get nicer frames, get rid of the mustache until you figure out your style, and for the love of god get slim fit jeans and nicer shoes.
I can't see the lower half of you, but i can predict you're wearing baggy jeans and bad shoes.

My advice to improve

No facial hair unless you are growing a beard.

Trim your hair a bit more

Get a more modern pair of glasses.

Some type of physical activity always help

Photos can make anyone look good or bad, it's how you present yourself that matters, if you gaze at a chick the way you are in the picture then she is not gonna get a very confident vibe out of you. Socialize, date, work. Don't get yourself fixed on your face, work on improving yourself in general, that's the most important attribute and the one women pick up on the most.


>socialise, date, work
I don't know user, based on the dude's pic I think part 2 might be a bit impossible.
Even part 1, normies don't like being seen around non-fashionable, nerdy looking dudes.

Good good post your face more here, i have found my new sacrifice

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>dating is impossible
Do you really think he's that tragic?
I'm a biological grill and i think he's good looking, just needs to clean up a couple things if he wants to appealing to a wider female audience.

Ditch the wire frames for plastic ones that are not as narrow to balance out the length of your face. Also, get a fresh hair cut and perhaps start using some gel in it.

Some mentioned but I don't think you have a double chin; it's just the angle more than likely.

And the facial hair is fine. As a woman, I'm not a fan of manscaping and prefer the scruffy look, whether sparse or grown out.

Aside from that you look handsome, nice eyes, lips. Have slight bit of acne but no biggie...

Unless he's rich and tall, yeah.
I'm sure you're gonna come back with some insult like 'incel, Jow Forums' or whatever, but we both know if you met him in real life you wouldn't give him the time of day in a million years.

I dated a guy pretty similar to him when we were both in college
We were both poor students, but we were happy. Went out for 2 years.

Not really any point in trying to prove anything to you, you'll just be difficult and pretend i'm lying.

Can you also show side profile so we can give you a rate, thanks.

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Femanon here, i personally think you're a very handsome guy already.
My first tip is to either get contact lenses, or get bigger glasses. The thing glasses make your eyes look very small, and your face very thin. I also advice to either grow out your beard, or to just shave it off. This stubble doesnt help.

Also, can i say, you have beautiful eyes?

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You do sound like a delusional incel tho

You should never trust what a girl says, tho i do agree with you

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The double chin is the main issue on your face. The beard is fine although I'd personally suggest keeping it trimmed with a shaver (I have the same issue, it doesn't look nice no matter who tells you and photos will prove that)

If the double chin comes from weight, consider asking Jow Forums in their fuccboy threads and read the sticky. It'll cover some basic concepts that'll save you a ton of time rather than throwing yourself into the gym and lifting free weights for several months with barely any muscle development.

If it's not weight or bodyfat, you can actually exercise your neck by simply raising your head to face the ceiling but not going all the way. Cannot remember the technique but my friend had it when he was younger.

Lastly, don't take advice from the opposite gender seriously. I've learnt that it's far more important to take advice from people who are the same gender as you and who actually attract partners (that same principle applies to this post since I cannot prove I've dated several girls)

The biggest thing is to get contacts. I have glasses with similar lenses that warp my face, and trust me you’ll look better without them.

I understand why you say I sound like an incel.
Anything that criticises you roasties is 'incel speak' to you.
I don't hate you for it though so I guess I'm not a literal incel.
But how am I delusional, if it's true and it's everywhere around us?

Start mewing. Will make a big difference year or two down the line

If this guy is handsome I guess I'm a supermodel. Thanks for the ego boost femanons.

Pretty much what this user said mate.

The stubble is the most off putting thing up close I would say. Makes it seem like you eat cup ramen like it's the only thing you can afford. Either grow it out with more definition or keep it nice and smooth.