Fiance and I started dating a few years ago, when we were still in our teens...

Fiance and I started dating a few years ago, when we were still in our teens. Back then we both agreed to wait with sex before marriage, over the years I agreed to 3rd base so that's where we're at.
Now it's 4 months before our wedding and we haven't gone all the way yet, and my bf having a tough time with that. He's not pushing me, but he's saying things like it was always me wanting this and it were never his ideals to begin with. I feel guilty af Jow Forums, what do I do? Also, how should I talk about this with him?

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Why are you waiting for marriage?

Sit him down and tell him waiting is important to you, and that three more months isn’t going to kill him. Plus, you’re already sucking his dick, what’s he complaining about? It’s like your pussy is more important to him than marriage

Religious beliefs. I was really convinced about it, but not so much anymore and I wouldn't recommend it to others at this point. I'm not less religious, I just really doubt if God cares.

He has been waiting a long time I guess. Thank you for the answer

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So, how many guys have you had sex with over the years behind your fiance's back?

0 guys, just your mom :)

Just keep riding it out user! You guys will seriously regret it if you get to your wedding night and you’ve already spoiled the occasion with pre marital sex ! You only have 4 months. I feel both of ur pain, me and my fiancé still have a while to wait too!

Enjoy the terrible wedding sex

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Thank you for your encouragement dear user. Do your fiance and you both believe in the cause? Because my worries are with feeling as he might hold this over my head even though he probably won't. I feel like this is just my ideal and that comes with a lot of guilt.

Are you thinking people are waiting for marriage because they believe the first time will be beter? haha

Yes we both share the same beliefs
You guys are doing the right thing and you will both be glad you did after !

>the point of marrying someone is to have sex with them

Surprised you'd even admit that. Well, you can lie as long as you'd like. At least we got half the truth today

What's the appeal of waiting to have sex after marriage? It seems like you believe that everyone is only out for sex and you can't love someone you had sex with apparently.

Nothing like entering a marriage with someone pressuring you with his selfishness, good choice. So how long until things fall apart and we see you back here asking advice for that too..

Sex is a sacred act that should only be done when you are husband and wife. Marriage is a union between two people and to have sex before then is just throwing that gift back in God’s face and saying fuck you

Which god? You spoke with them? You sound retarded.

At least "she" has principles. They may be external and retarded, but she's more impressive than you. I guarantee it

Marriage is a unions that humans made up though, why would God care about it?

>Sex is a sacred act
For someone who is supposedly against sex you hold it in such high regard...

Way to make shit up I haven’t said I’m against sex anywhere in this thread

Try again

Yeah I speak to Him, he says ‘No u’

Do I have to be religious to find a girlfriend like this?

It's not about that idiot
You know it too so stop acting like a dumbshit

Point out the sentence she said she was against sex.