If the girl make it very obvious that she likes the guy and he still won’t make any move then it’s safe to say...

If the girl make it very obvious that she likes the guy and he still won’t make any move then it’s safe to say he’s not interested right?

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Not interested, shy, it wasn't that obvious, it was obvious as hell but he didn't get it, he got it and is not sure what to do, he's thinking about it, you can never tell. Unless you walk straight to them, look them in the eye and tell them you want to date them, because you like them a lot.


But ask a guy friend if they think if it's obvious. Men and women have very different interpretations of things.

Why is it so hard. I thought guys won’t reject any girls, ever

How much is obvious from your point of view? What is obviously clear to you when you think a girl is hitting on you

No, he could just be very shy or inexperienced

I hope you’re right. I will keep giving him hints then

Why don't you just make a move?

Because I’m scared, not about rejection but about him turning away and won’t talk

I have no reason to believe that any women have been interested in me, but people talking about men having missed signals in the past makes me want to believe that I am just the densest man alive.
Surely women can be trying send signals without talking to me or looking at me, right guys?

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How obvious are we talking about?

The problem is that what girls think is obvious and what guys think is obvious are totally different things

What girls think is obvious
>Looking at him a lot
>Smiling at him
>Randomly appearing in the same places as him
>Generally all indirect things

What guys think is obvious
>Directly being told by the girl that she finds you attractive AND that she wants to date you

All the things that girls think are "obvious signs of attraction" could just as easily be signs of basic friendliness, and so a shy or inexperienced or oblivious guy isn't gonna take the risk of getting himself humiliated by asking you out because there's a chance you could just see him as a friend.

Or, maybe he's like me, and it doesn't matter how many obvious signs of attraction a girl gives, he won't approach because he's scared of rejection, and even a 1% chance of rejection is still too terrifying to overcome. I've slept in the same bed as girls who I was crushing on HARD and did absolutely nothing even while they were spooning with me and caressing me, because I was terrified I might be reading the signs wrong or something. But that didn't mean I wasn't interested, it's just that I'm a big pussy.

>Looking at him a lot
>Smiling at him
>Randomly appearing in the same places as him
>Generally all indirect things

This’s not obvious?!?!?!?!?!
Guys us girls don’t just go to you guys because we want to be friends or being friendly!?!!!?!?!

So yeah that’s what I’ve been doing

So yeah combined everything you guys just said it’s positive that he didn’t even feel a thing. Maybe he doesn’t even know I was giving hints

Dont expect him to pick up on it. Either man up or stop playing games.

None of those signs are obvious because none of them are specifically and directly romantic or sexual in intent.

Someone can look at someone a lot without being attracted to them, they might be looking because they're interested in their clothing, or even because they think the person looks odd or offputting. Someone can smile at someone a lot just for friendly and platonic reasons. Etc etc.

The only obvious signs are ones that are direct and solely romantic. Things like directly telling him you find him attractive, or asking him on a date (with the wording making it clear in no uncertain terms that it is a romantic date).

My mom looks at me and smiles all the time. So do most platonic friends. You don't have to tell him you want his babies but try to make it seem like it is definitely a romantic interest.
Personally I would try to give it a shot with any woman who seemed to be looking at me on purpose, or definitly if she started any conversation, but so far those haven't happened in my entire life. Oh well.

Depends on how old you guys are, being inexperienced combined with a bit of insecurity its very likely to not read into it as much and just view it as friendly behaviour.

I guess what you guys mean but if it’s some guys that we women don’t have any interest, only platonic we won’t consistently being around you guys every time we have chances.

For example, I have male friends, I smiled, I said Hi and that this. I don’t find the excuse to be around them or glanced at them or laughing flirting with them.

This is maybe from both sides? Me thinking I’m obvious enough and he being a bit shy and insecure assuming I’m just being friendly

unironically depends on how much of a fatass you are

Unless a woman says the exact phrase: "I want you to fuck me," I would still question or doubt that she was into me.

>>Looking at him a lot
>>Smiling at him

Those 3 can be interpreted as someone just being friendly. 4th sign is something I would pick up on but he might just be inexperienced

No the problem of "getting the message through" is entirely on your end.
Men go through life without feeling like they're ever attractive or wanted unless they're 10/10s that constantly receive female attention; the rest are oblivious to whatever bullshit arcane signs you're using because the idea of a woman being interested is totally alien. Just ask him out in no uncertain terms.

That’s the point. The 4th sign. But anyway I guess he didn’t think of it that way or didn’t pick it up

If it’s true then how can others men get into relationships!?!?! At some points you have to make the move so you won’t be single anymore right?!?!?

If you're talking to him put your hand on his thigh, he'll get the idea

>If it’s true then how can others men get into relationships!?!?! At some points you have to make the move so you won’t be single anymore right?!?!?
We either do or we don't.
It's how you end up being 28 and still a virgin like me; I don't expect women to take the time out of their day to pick me up, and since I have weak social skills and am too beta to initiate things they just never happen.

id stil questiin it. how much is she being paid to say that? its a dare or a prank, and its going on youtube. she can fuck right off.

Even then I still wouldn't believe it

I'd assume it was a cruel joke or that I'm on a hidden camera show or something.

Girl, you can be direct and find out not only your answer but what kind of guy he is. Here's a way that is super confident and sexy but allows you to hide the nervousness. Just hang out with him and before you have to go, say "Btw user, I'm quite attracted to you. Hope to see you again soon." Smile while you say it, turn and go.

why are we like this

>assumes the odds of a woman showing interest in him are lower than the one-in-a-billion odds of being on a prank show

Have you not heard of the kinds of men that are attracted to men only?

The most subtle yet obvious way a woman can show interest to a man is by saying something along the lines of "I wish we could talk somewhere outside of (insert school, work etc) !" Saying that not only tells the guy that you're interested in him, it creates an opportunity for him to invite you out somewhere. If he doesn't invite you somewhere then you can go for broke and suggest a place

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The depths of self-loathing are incalculable

Why does it have to be like that???
That’s sad

A girl i met online literally travelled over 150 kms(100 in burger length) with a train from her busy schedule to maybe just meet me for a few hours. What happened when i told her i liked her?

She said she wasnt into dating me because of the age gap (22-28). She didnt know the age gap before we met, but it sort of stung a bit i have to be honest being rejected by something i cant help.

So maybe walking around a city for 6 hours, talking all the time with her holding my arms would count as hints by some girls. For this one it wasnt and i misinterpreted. So obvious hints arent really obvious in some cases.

She frequents this board so, in case you read this I, this is I. I genuinely don't have any bad feelings. Just ranting a bit here cause this is a thing i cant change no matter what i do. You truly made me wish i was a bit younger and i hope to see you in the future again. Hope the best for you.

TL DR; hints are not fucking hints when it comes to these things. The so called friendzone sometimes is essentially guys misinterpreting the kidness of friendliness of girls as romantic interests. The things listed in this thread can be done for friends you find interesting or fun. Make it obvious in an objective standart and not the standart of your head.

Oh and for any girls who complain about man not approaching, why dont you do it?

Very, very likely yes. But you also cannot count out the possibility that he's retarded and just isn't picking up on the signals. It varies from case to case.

It's kind of just how it goes. I went out with a co-worker a few months ago and it took me forever to ask her out because I couldn't tell if she was interested. We had great conversations, she would constantly stare at me, laugh at my stupid jokes, have physical contact, and she always waited and said goodbye to me. However, anytime we went out she was cold, distant, and very hard to talk to. Perhaps I just was not in the best place and couldn't make a move, but I never got a clear answer from her what her feelings were towards me.

Girls never make it clear that they like a guy. They think they’re being obvious, but they’re not.

No. Those things are not obvious. In 2019, if a girl looks at a guy a lot and laughs around him and appears in the same places as him, and he makes a move, he’s got a 50/50 chance of being accused of harassment. So no, don’t expect a guy to make a move just because you looked at him and smiled. That’s how guys get grilled by Congress thirty years later when the girl decides she’s not getting enough attention anymore.

This. I’m an average guy who got a little bit of attention now and then. And even I know this.

The guys who get serious relationships are the ones who take a chance and make a move themselves. Some of those guys get the girl, the rest of them get accused of sexual harassment or assault. So good luck finding a guy who’ll take that chance.

Yeah, put your hand on his thigh. I mean, if HE did that to you, he’d Go to jail for LITERALLY RAPE. But go right ahead. You can get away with that because you’re a chick.

This is the sort of thing females do in 2019 on a regular basis. So yeah, that’s a concern.

You do know that we use the metric system in the US, right? Our healthcare system, our military, our engineers and scientists, etc. we have two systems we use and can flex between them as we need to.

were you older or was she? because 28 and 22 isn't that big of a deal if you're the older guy. That seems like a cop out and she had a different reason why. Maybe she was turned off by how you look or act IRL, because she only really knows your online persona

I was the older guy. Sure it might have been a different thing, but i have no reason to not believe her words.

Maybe she was just saying it so i wouldnt have any hope? It would had to be a long distance thing anyway but i did find her funny and likable regardless of us dating or not. A nice girl really(not "nice girl" nice girl but a pleasent person)

I guess she could have been put off by my looks or demeanor, but doubt it since with the physical proximity we had i doubt she was repulsed. Maybe i was too short for her liking? Maybe not handsome enough? (Soc rates me 4-5 so i am below average)

We wre talking like all the time and laughing, so doubt she had a bad time at least. It might even be because it was going too fast since i had to leave because of a plane and her meeting me is pure chance of time and place.

And for OP and other femanons this is how some guys think. Like you always self doubting, and with being honest and upfront might be a dealbreaker (or not which you wont know until you commit) who knows if she likes you. Drop the small hints, it rarely helps..

you don't think women have confidence issues and doubt? like have you read the op?

Pretty much. Or socially inept. Both is good to stay away from

No, i meant.

Like you (women) are always self doubting, some men are too.

Thanks user. Self doubt is the worst. And

>Both is good to stay away from
Is not right at all. Everyone deserves to be loved and to love

well he probably didn't reject you so much as not assuming you want him
there's a lot of stigma if the guy guesses wrong so they don't bother

>"why do men assume that just because I'm friendly with them that I'm into him?"

lines like this are said every two seconds nowadays so men got the message and are now going to think "friendly = they're just platonically friendly no need to think further" you're going to have to make it more obvious

He probably does love you, but you aren't going to do anything overt to show it, so it's probably not going to go anywhere anyway

OP you're doomed to failure due to your passive nature

>girl is very friendly with you

>you think she's into you
>"why do guys think that just because I'm friendly that means I'm into him"

>you think she is just a friendly person
>"why are guys so dense? girls don't pay attention unless they want you. I made it SO obvious!"

damned if you do; damned if you don't
all the advice said that a girl is only into you if they say it or giving vague social cues that will never be explained so unless you're a player that's fucking girls left and right that's the advice you're going to take