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Old thread reached bump limit

Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros: imgur.com/a/y6BF2

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This is not sex/gender related, but I need quick advice and didn't want to kill a thread:

I really want to study abroad, but when I start to get some info on anything (university, how to apply, papers required, etc) I get really overwhelmed and some mild anxiety. i don't know why. What do?

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So...getting info triggers it? That's a bit odd. Are you afraid that you might end up doing fuck all abroad?

I’m super into this grill I know. Over the past year through sheer willpower (i will admit it was at least partially motivated by how I feel about her) and dedication I have gone from slightly overweight to what some have called “ripped”.
This girl obviously noticed this change since I see her once or twice a week. The question I have is, with women in general, imagine you’re keeping a sort of score. Do I get bonus points for being outwardly dedicated to my health and fitness or did I ruin my chances at the beginning by ever being out of shape?
Yes, before you mention it, I know there is much more to it than physical appearance

First of all: thanks for answering to my off-topic, stupid issue.

I think I get overwhelmed on having to take matters into my on hands and doing the research myself; I have been handed everything in my life.

I guess there's no way to get past that aside from taking a deep breath and persist, right?...

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Seems perfectly normal to me. Starting studies, or moving abroud can be overwhelming and scary on their own, let alone if you combine them.

Why did I not find one of my co workers attractive at all at first but now that I've worked with her for a few months she seems really hot to me??? Like today she had her hair in a ponytail and she had the top f

Well, yes. There are some breathing exercises but idk how much they work (I have generalized anxiety disorder + panic disorder and the breathing thing doesn't work).

So yeah, I guess take a Xanax and hop on the uni-hunt train. (Jk, don't abuse Xanax)

Maybe you didn't gave it a second thought but now that you are used to her and pay more attention you realize she's actually a hottie?

(oops auto post.) *Like today she had her hair in a ponytail and she had the top few buttons of her shirt open and it was really sexy

Thans for your help!

Its actually kind of annoying now because I want to fuck her but mixing work with personal life is bad idea

ladies what you think of this outfit. i wore something similar today to school

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Tuck in your shirt

Been hanging out with a guy who's told me he likes me. Whenever he sees me he comes to talk to me and tells me we should get together soon, yet he never initiates. He asks if I'm going out with my friends, but doesn't make actual concrete plans.

Last weekend I told him I'm free if he wants to hang out - he replied that "sure!" Yet didn't text me all weekend.

Is he just not that into me?

Sounds like a fucking pussy. He'd make a terrible partner.

He likes you but is socially retarded. I can sympathise.

As always, don't shit where you eat.

But my dick though

I think my girlfriend looks much sexier when she wears her glasses. Why? I ask her to keep them on during sex and she always makes fun of me for asking her to do that

That’s normal, it means you’re truly attracted
When you’re super attracted at first you get less attracted over time as you get to know them. When the opposite happens, then it’s legit

I dated a girl that saw me as her everything, somewhere along the way she lost respect and cheated on me. Then as we went back and forth (first relationship) she went hostile and completely out of her way to attack me in every way she could.

I can say honestly that I never abused or mistreated her and legitimately was a healthy and loving partner. Why would a women would go out of the way to destroy the guy they once admired the most in their life? What do they get out of taking men they date down?

Co worker gave me another co worker's number (f) how do i into texting if im an anti social spaz

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So what should I do? We get along really well at work and joke around together.

Reposting bc it was at the bottom of the old thread:

How big a turn off is being disabled to women? I have cerebral palsy but I can still sorta walk so I'm not in a wheelchair it anything. I've had gfs before but I feel like as my health has deteriorated I've been getting less and less attention from women and everyone I know in a worse condition seems really lonely and miserable. How much of this is in my head and how do I get past it? At some point should I just give up and go prison gay or start thinking about hookers?

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Ask her out dummy

Are there any websites that gives the girl "the talk" advice?

We have an 8 year old daughter we adopted 3 years ago and my wife isn't sure how to give her the talk once she needs it.

I asked her why doesn't she just teach her what her mom taught her? Except her mom never taught her. Any suggestion for a good site?

But mixing work with private life is bad?

Am I in love or is my heart just playing tricks on me?

Been friends with a girl for a few years; we've become very close. Became attracted to her and tried to get with her but she said she thinks we should just be friends. Now I got upset initially, but usually I'm just sad for a few days then I get over it and the attraction fades. I've had it with exes and such too.

But even now I feel "butterflies" when around her. I keep telling myself that it's not going to happen, but everytime I look at her I feel all warm inside. I even went about half a year without seeing her but when I saw her again the feelings came back.

Hell, one day I was at my girlfriend's house (ex now). We had loads of hot passionate sex (best I've ever had), danced, cooked dinner together etc. It was a really nice day but the next day I went to the beach with the friend. Somehow that day was much better than the one spent with my ex; my friend agrees too, and she also had a boyfriend at the time.

And yes, I've accidentally called other girls by her name.

Is it bad idea to start relationship with girl who will be going back to her home country in a few months?

A fling? It's fine.
A relationship? Terrible idea.

Depends, do you have any guarantee that she will return or will you be able to visit her?

If you agree to end it for both of your sakes when she leaves, then yeah.

>then yeah
Yeah as in go for it
my bad

Shes from Germany and I'm from England so it wouldnt be that big of a deal to get a flight to see her.

Oh that isn't so bad. Flights between European countries are relatively cheap, correct?
Until brexit fucks you over.

I think about this girl every day. Sometimes I even dream about her. I’m like 99% sure she would say yes if I asked her out. How do I get myself to actually do it though? It’s like there’s an invisible hand holding me back.

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Theres a girl I know and sometimes I think shes hot but other times I don't. Why?

Depends. Its mostly not a good idea but Id say fuck it if you work in different departments. I myself am going to ask out a girl I work with, but that's only because Im extremely into her. If you can hold yourself, dont do anything.

Sometimes she wears makeup and sometimes she don't.

I've noticed there's a fair amount of actual decent quality women who end up alone in the second half of their twenties for one reason or another. How do I get one of them to marry me and bear my children when I reach the point in my life when it makes sense to do so?

You look like an idiot. It is cringy as shit to wear suit at school, but if you do - tuck in your shirt, fix your tie, button up your shirt.

As one of those girls (I believe) - dating sites is a big one, to be honest. Volunteering too.
I met my boyfriend online, been together for over a year and very happy

Posting this here, does this style still work? I was literally made for it and that's probably the best version of me there can be.

I like this girl. I've never connected with someone so much in my entire life. She's very playful, and I like her personality. However, she already has a boyfriend. How the fuck do I move on, knowing I'll never meet someone so perfect for me once more?

Kill the boyfriend and wear his skin, duh

You cut contact, and keep yourself busy. Its the easiest way trust me.
>knowing I'll never meet someone so perfect for me once more?
You will, no woman is special unless she's your woman. Keep that in mind.

Same situation here. I’m pretty sure there’s a breakup coming in the future, might need a little push though. I think she likes me, or if nothing else she responds well to my little advances. We’re on spring break now, should I text her? She’s russian, and I’ve been learning it as a way to get closer to her, but that’s starting to seem pretty cringe. Still, asking her to help me with something language-related is a good casual way to start a conversation.

>business casual
It's not. /fa/ is actually a really good place to start to learn how to dress. It doesn't take much to stand out from everyone else,but a suit for every day wear is overdoing it.

Dude lives in another continent, so no. Its a long-distance relationship, but they're like 3 years into it.

I wish. I have to see her every day for class. And it's also my favorite class, so I really can't skip it.

Are you close enough to her to do that? If so, go ahead. But if you're just getting to know her, I'd tell you to focus the conversation on the language and don't derail to much. It'll keep you in her mind.

>be male
>been into femdom for as long as I can remember
Other than the obvious option of suicide, what should I do?

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We literally sit right next to each other at work :/

So her boyfriend lives in another continent? Doesn't sound like competition to me then

He kinda still is. It might be long distance, but they see each at least every 4 months. Besides, I can tell she really loves him.

Well let her try loving a corpse

how do you go about telling your partner about your degenerate past? and when, at first, or later in the relationship?

i feel like guys are harder on girls in this regard, like not tolerating many previous partners. am i just gonna have to find someone with a bad past like me? any comments from females (and males, i guess) are appreciated.

Might be awkward as shit if she shoots you down/it doesnt work. Always compare best case scenario (she says yes and you two get into a wonderful relationship) and the worst case scenario (she says no/you two date but break up terribly). Ask yourself if the best case scenario is worth the risk.

Tough to say. We’re definitely friendly with each other, but it’s mostly small talk or about class. We met up to interview each other for class and there was a lot of subtle flirtyness on both sides, smiles, eye contact, body language, etc. Thats why I have her number and I don’t think it would be weird to ask her for help with something that she knows well. If I decide to, I’ll just keep it as on topic as she does. My only concern is I don’t know it well enough to come up with a specific question that can’t be answered by a google search. Might just ask about how tough it is and see where the conversation goes.

Is it normal to have lower standards for looks but higher standards for personality as you get older?


Not upfront, but as soon as we're comfortable with each other. Once we've had sex and the initial awkwardness is gone, conversations about kinks and past partners always comes up naturally.

Couldn't you just not get into it?

I don't know what counts as "degenerate", but eventually the weird shit comes out one way or another. Owning it gives you the chance to share it with someone you probably already feel comfortable with. Plus hiding things you feel guilty about will 100% eat at you forever.

Is it possible for women whose never been particularly fond of someone to grow feelings towards them person over time?
I started going to a gymnastics centre that a girl I know from highschool happens to be apart of. She never really hated me but didn’t really like me either (not that I blame her I was kind of a sarcastic jackass at times and wasn’t too concerned with being her friend at the time). When I first started going she just made a little remark like “damnit now you’re coming here too?” We mostly kept to ourselves to practise our own tricks but as time went by she started initiating conversation with me more and more frequently and we’ve mostly scrapped the sarcastic name calling in favour of friendly compitetion. Since I fail to understand how the female mind works is this some work of the mere-exposure effect or what?
I’ll admit I’ve grown more attracted to her as the time has gone by but it sure isn’t worth pursuing if I know she’s just finding someone she knows to talk to as instead of a full flegded relationship

You might be overthinking this and she just made a new friend at the gym.

How old are you people? Are you male or female?
I'm 31, male, never dated and my standards haven't changed. I'll probably die with high standards, unfortunately.

What do you think about the Huezilian Carnival? State your gender.

Is it worth trying again to be with someone even if you were rejected before? Some say you shouldn't keep barking up the wrong tree but I've also heard of people trying for years before they finally get with the person they want.

I'm your age and recently tried to lower them, made dating easier and she was super into me, but I sort of just wanted to be somewhere else.
At least one of my friends is too autism to get a gf so I still have someone to hang with as the rest are getting too busy with the wives

if it takes you years to get with someone, it is very very likely that they RELUCTANTLY settled for you as an absolute last resort.
If you have no pride and don't want a functional relationship, then yeah, just orbit some slag for a few years and watch her ride the cock carousel, until she is finally unattractive and desperate enough to get with you.
Then, after she gets fat, you get to bang her a few times, get to spend some years in a loveless and sexless marriage, until one of you finally calls it quits and she gets half your stuff.


I'm a man, but I have some really serious skeletons in my closet. When and how do I bring this up with someone? I've never been in a relationship, because of said skeletons in my closet and I'd like to be with someone who will work with me.

Depends what they are and their circumstances. As long as your past was legal and didn't hurt anybody, I'm sure there are people who wouldn't hold it against you. And like I said, topics like your past usually come naturally after you get used to each other.
I have sketchy things I've done, but usually if I'm comfortable with someone it means they can handle it.

>made dating easier and she was super into me,
Easier in what sense?

I have 2 girls on my OkCupid matches for weeks and I don't know what to do with it (I haven't messaged them). One seems to be a dentist (I think they are all crazy) and I don't see much in common with her, judging by her profile.
The other is cuter, has a more similar personality to me, but she seems to be fat.

Well it seems when you are the much more attractive one she makes more of an effort, she always texted first, offered her number without my needing to ask, and put up with a lot of autism without losing interest.
If honestly say message both of them and plan out 2 dates doing things you find fun. You have nothing to lose but a bit of time.

I wasn't doing the bad things, they were happening to me

In that case you're even better off. You can bring up your past once you're comfortable with the person, but try to understand how that past affects how you interact with them. If it honestly doesn't really matter on a daily basis, it might not even need to be talked about.
Everyone has something to their past, but it doesn't need to ruin your life forever.

It'll definitely come up at some point. I'd prefer to talk about it before I have sex with someone, mostly for practical reasons. I have a hard time receiving female attention and being touched by women I don't know, sometimes by women I do already know. I don't think it'll be as big if a deal later on once I have other experiences, but I would like for whoever I'm with to be aware if of what's going on with me at this point in my life.


sex isn’t really a big deal for me anymore because i have awful depression

if i withhold sex from my boyfriend would he treat me better?

a better example: when my boyfriend and i hang out we usually just chill at each other’s places, fuck, order food etc

but the problem is that it’s so fucking predictable and it’s driving me insane

never ONCE has my bf decided to go somewhere spontaneous or do anything special/cool for me... i feel taken completely for granted

should i withhold sex and wait until he gets the message or is this something that he can’t figure out on his own

my boyfriend was my friend before we dated so he knew about my entire sexual history before we dated

although i’ve had a lot of partners he doesn’t care at all. i’m his first too

>if i withhold sex from my boyfriend would he treat me better?
>should i withhold sex and wait until he gets the message or is this something that he can’t figure out on his own
No, talk to him like an adult instead of punishing him for not reading your mind.

Can guys really not be satisfied with other sexual acts besides penis-in-vagina sex? I don't want to sleep with my current bf just yet, but I'm willing to do anything else. However he keeps complaining about needing actual sex.
It seems like an exaggeration.

I mean, in a physical sense I can be satisfied with other stuff, and if there were something that prevented us from being able to have sex I could be satisfied with other stuff, but if my gf just didn't WANT to have sex I'd feel kinda hurt. That said, even if she reluctantly had sex but didn't really want it, I'd still feel equally hurt.

That's very helpful, thanks.
I don't want to do it yet because I'm a virgin and don't feel ready. If your gf told you that, would you still feel hurt regardless?

He's a fucking manchild baby if he actually keeps that up. My ex was raised catholic and took sex very seriously. She told me she loved me and that we would have sex one day, but that she wanted to take things slow at first. I would like to point out we were 21. I got a BJ 3 months into dating we didn't have penis in vagina sex until we had been dating 8 months.
I didn't complain even to my friends. Because it really didn't fucking bother me. a) I liked her as a person so spending time together was fun. b) Making out and cuddling is fun. c) Once blowjobs happened I was still getting to cum and naked fooling around with oral is the next fucking best thing to the whole shebang and is awesome. and b) I knew it was gonna happen eventually so why fucking worry about it?
You should be with a person who isn't butt hurt over not getting to fuck you. The way I saw shit with my ex was like "yeah I would be happier if I could fuck you, but there isn't anyone else I'd rather fuck so I'll wait till you're ready rather than risk making you uncomfortable and then probably not want to have sex with me at all."

I can understand being sexually frustrated, times when we had to spend a lot of time apart or when obligations got in the way would make me grumpy sometimes. But you're still offering to get him off and he's being a baby.

I'd feel a little hurt, but assuming it was clear that she'll "feel ready" later, I'd be reasonably understanding. If you're feeling pressured then obviously don't just do it to appease him, use your judgement to decide if you think he's being honest about how he feels or just trying to pressure you so he can get his dick wet.

Is it really possible that I am too ugly for 100% of the women I message on dating sites? I've tried all sorts of openers, appeal to their hobbies, bios, pics, but I never seem to get a response. Sometimes they view me back and just ignore lol. I don't have high standards (I think)- just white (since I am too), between 23-29 (I am 28), and no obese (I am Jow Forums but don't mind chubby or slightly ovetweight). Is this too much?
This is very dispiriting because I had at least some hope to get to share my life and new experiences with someone, and time moves too fast as it is...

Thanks mates. I didn't want to believe it but I'm starting to think he isn't being as honest as he claims and just wants to get his dick wet. Will have to sit down and really talk about this.


How often do you get a skid mark or scent of ass in your panties?

Not asking this in a fetishy way. Lately I've been pulling my gf's panties down and getting a whiff of dry ass smell. Even when my face is not even directly up in there it's happened. Granted we don't live together and I've seen her after she's had a long day of work, so do I just expect ass to smell like ass? But I just had a long day and showered in the morning and my hairy ass smells perfectly clean. Is it a byproduct of having a wedgie all day? Wat do about this?

Any tips on how to last longer or will I slowly get better at it over time? The first time we did it I cramped and had to stop and the second time I lasted only about 5minutes...

Girl here,

I don't get skid marks or any scents on my panties, I wash them as soon as I get the chance to. But then again some girls rewear underwear as long as they think it's fine.

Now a question for the guys: What does it mean when you talk about dating other girls to a girl? Especially when they say they're trying to date/find the right girl? Does that mean 'I want to date someone who isn't you' or is that a subtle hint they want to date me?

Part 2 I forgot to say: This guy takes me out on fancy dinners and pays for it all (I always offer but he always says it's alright and syas he makes enough money to afford being able to take me out) and that if he dates a girl she'll have to be okay with us going out and hunting/fishing/him buying me dinners and movies.

Personally, if I said that it'd be a subtle hint that I want to find out if you're the right girl.

Would throw it out as "I'm available"

Personally I'd probably say something like that as a way of floating the idea that I'm available if you're interested, mostly just to see how you react.

If I wanted to let someone know I wasn't interested I'd either tell them I was already seeing someone or I'd just be blunt and say thanks but no thanks. I'd avoid talking about dating at all around you if I thought you might be interested in me and I didn't feel the same way just to avoid putting any ideas in your head.

How might a cunning, manipulative man flirt? I recently met one, and he gives me a lot of advice, asks me subtley personal questions, and compliments me/boosts my confidence a lot. Is he hitting on me or is he just being a good mentor?

>really like girl
>kiss after a few years of knowing each other
>try to move relationship too fast
>too open and emotional (not like in a bad way, just very open about my feelings) about stuff
>she slams the breaks and cuts it off
>hasn't talked to me in weeks

I realize what I did was wrong, after she cut me off my mind snapped back to reality. Idk if I should just cut ties for a few months, if I should wait till I can see her in person to formally apologize(asking her out for coffee or something), or just message her an apology(which I don't really want to do at this point). It's not like she wasn't the one who made a move on me ya know?

>inb4 just let go
mentally ready for that, don't worry guys

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He's just thinking with his dick. In reality yeah, sex is cool and nice for both people, but it isn't required, it isn't mandatory and it doesn't have to be frequent. If he doesn't like that, tell him to hit the showers.