Be me

>be me
>listen to punk rock / pop punk ( Ramones, Misfits, Descendents, Green Day... stuff like that)
>mid length hair, just messy top, doesn't drop, don't want to use any products so I'm happy with it.
>short, 5'6
>plays electric guitar, even had a few gigs
>socially awkward
>watch anime and play vidya
>not bad looking
>really smart
>good grades
>wear normal clothes sometimes, on special occasions maybe a black shirt and a red messy tie but that's as extreme as I go with the punk stuff
>don't do the gay stuff like putting make up and painting nails

In theory I should I have a girlfriend. In theory this style should attract the cute rock(ish) girls who like alt guys and emos ( am not but close ).
Yes I don't.

What's the demographic I should be going for? How do I utilize my already boyish poser pop punk looks for getting a girlfriend.

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I swear there was a better picture with something like "ideal pop-punk bf" but I couldn't find it so this is the closest thing I could.

>socially awkward
There’s your problem.

>don't do the gay stuff like putting make up and painting nails

Is not gay user

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It comes with the package user.
Move along Ted, I'm literally the exact thing you're trying to be but failing.

>In theory I should I have a girlfriend. In theory this style should attract the cute rock(ish) girls who like alt guys and emos
Wrong. Totally wrong because of the following excerpts from your post:
>socially awkward

There is NOTHING you could do worse for getting a gf, except perhaps be pedo. Criminals, people on welfare, people shorter than you can get gfs, if they have the guts to approach girls and liven their day.

Maybe I've fucked up because I'm in a retard filled country with mostly Chads and Stacys, maybe this style only works in Burgerland.

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>It comes with the package user
You can be “le quirky subculture bf” all you want but it means jack shit if you don’t actually make an effort to talk to girls.

>go for
Don't separate people like that
At your age, you should be well into learning how to step back from prejudices. That was supposed to be at 15-16, in the fresh throes of high school

Don't define people and don't knock it til you give it an honest whirl. People are all kinds and everywhere, and you get nowhere by knocking people just because they dress in pink, or have lots of, or no, hair. Explore, seek out novelty, and by broadening your horizons you'll broaden your prospects and your chances.

It's pretty fucking gay. It's on you if you care or not, but it's pretty fucking gay.

Hop in a time machine back to 2002 back when pop punk was still in.

>>wear normal clothes sometimes, on special occasions maybe a black shirt and a red messy tie but that's as extreme as I go with the punk stuff
>don't do the gay stuff like putting make up and painting nails

oh wow a messy shirt and an ironic tie you're a real Johnny Rotten huh

listen dude, either commit to the genre/style or let go of it. I was in the whole emo pop punk nu metal mallgoth scene of the 2000s and I got laid like crazy but only because I assumed the fashion and went all out with the "gay shit" like make-up. I dyed my hair pink and grew it out down to my shoulders and was with more girls than I could handle, literally.

You're not gonna get an alternative girl by just sticking your toes in the water. You gotta jump in.

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>writes about stepping away form prejudice and broadening one's mind

I can talk to girls my age fairly well and I'm getting better, a lot better. I've even tried messaging one I was crushing on and trying to go from there but now we're only just kinda half-friends that say "hi" to each other when our paths cross.
Still massive progress than last year me.

But cold approaches and PUA stuff I'll never be able to do.

It hasn't worked in burgerland since like 2012.
>t. american

This, this and this. I didn't get a gf til I stopped being quiet and pretended not to be socially awkward. I thought my sperginess was holding me back but it was really my introversion. I can honestly tell you most introverted girls aren't into introverted guys.
Dude, every country has chads and stacys, burgerland included.

You are 5'6 lol? Of curse you are, hahahaha.
Is not gay you normie, reeee

>I can talk to girls my age fairly well and I'm getting better, a lot better
So you're shit at it. No wonder you're a virgin.

It's gay. If you like it, like it. If being called gay sets you off, well... not my issue.

Yeah but I'm probably going to have more chances with an uber nerd than an athletic volleyball player.
I hate Rotten, he's the literal incarnation of a punk elitist, he had his 5 minutes of fame and then thinks he's the king of punk and can say what is and isn't punk, they sold out even more than Green Day but he'll say they aren't punk. Ramones, Descendents and even Green Day are all better and more "punk" than the Sex Pistols.
I don't want to do the make up and the chains on the pants thing, I'm doing the tie sometimes, that's good enough.
Mine probably has the least nerdy / geeky girls.
Mate you're literally 5'8 as you said and you're trying the exact same thing as me except you have old mans hair and sad eyes.
Well you have to improve somehow you can't go from 0 to 100

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>Well you have to improve somehow you can't go from 0 to 100
Yeah but it explains in terms of theory why you don't have a gf.

>Mate you're literally 5'8 as you said and you're trying the exact same thing as me except you have old mans hair and sad eyes.
Holy shit
Lil punk OP just eviscerated Ted Cruz, you're fine in my book OP.
Add funny to your list.

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Except that your 'uber nerd' is busy segregating you because you like a music type while the volleyball player may want to hear what draws you to your music. One is an ultimatum, one is a conversation.

This is what I'm saying, don't do that to yourself. Cutting off your options with excuses is just telling yourself not to try because you're lazy. Get out there, make mistakes, and get messy mah Frizzle, because the way you're going you're gonna be one of these 25 year olds who does nothing but shitpost on Jow Forums but somehow wonders how it's all come crashing down to nothing.

You either go out there and make friends, or you remain alone. I'm not telling you that as an, "lol b urself!," I'm telling you that as a guy who went from no prospects to regularly having a girl on each arm playing tug-of-war, you get the best results when you look for potential, not specifics.

Get out. Meet people. An expanded social circle is the best thing your prospects can have happen to them.

I'd say I'm now close to normal level, not the serial killer in the corner and far FAR from the Chad hitting on 3 girls at once on the street.
I'm still having literal panic attacks and breakdowns inside but I'm hiding it.

At least i am taller than average female, you are fuckt Hector, you say you are handsome but you are 5'6 hahahahaahahahahahahaha

Your are 18 and your shit talking about me and posting my pic, yeah you are not
getting gf with that personality

Now i know why you hate me so much lol, i am better version of you.

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My mom listens to green day. green day had an elitist rock star shit fit on stage because they were mad that they had a limited time set on a pop music festival.

>I don't want to do the make up and the chains on the pants thing, I'm doing the tie sometimes, that's good enough.

If you want to attract punk girls, you need to get into punk fashion. Wearing a tie as the most punk thing you can do just makes you look like you work at Best Buy or something.

It's the same when trying to attract any other kind of girl, you gotta dress to impress.

I haven't posted your picture, I couldn't care less about you why would I save your pictures? Oh right, you think we're all 1 person. You're what? 21 and virgin right? Well at least I have 3 years on you.
The volleyball player can literally beat the shit out of me if she wanted to. The volleyball player is the one all the Chads go after.
I'm making mistakes but not the ones with big consequences, I need to risk more I know.
I risk in everything in life, everything BUT romantic stuff for some reason. I just can't go on with the consequences.
I've friends, even female ones, I'm not one of those friendless anons, the only thing that's a thorn in my shoe is the lack of love.
They were cut short IIRC, they did more for punk that Rotten, Sex Pistols had one album and they were out of it, Green Day and say Descendents are still going strong.
I'm not looking for the crazy metalheads I'm looking for the casual clingy girl who likes stuff like that and think that's the peak of style.
Not a girl who'd literally suck off Mark Hoppus back stage but a girl who'd have a crush on them because of their style and all.

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Jesus you're obnoxious, no one should interact with you on this site.
You have a brain of a 14 year old.

>they did more for punk that Rotten, Sex Pistols had one album and they were out of it
you can’t be serious. Green Day did more for punk than the band that helped invent punk? lmao

Notice how I said Rotten there and not Sex Pistols?
Yes Sex Pistols invented it, had the Bollocks album and were done. Rotten wasn't even the main writer.
I'm not hating on the band, I'm hating on the pretentious idiot that is Rotten.

>Green Day aesthetic
>think that's the peak of punk style

Do you think it's not a coincidence that you haven't been able to attract any punk girls with your slightly-crooked-tie style

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Bro you are a same guy, look i dont have a 2 digit IQ like an average black mexican emo.
>Well at least I have 3 years on you.
> Black mexican emo thats 5'6 and has incel personality
Ok good luck user, yikes

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When did I say that? I'm just saying that I'm leaning more towards it then the mohawk hair spray, spiky jackets, savages.
There's a difference between, say, Black Flag and Misfits and they are both punk.

Work a bit more on that English Paco

There is exactly one appropriate reply to namefags or tripfags. You start by clicking that arrow at the end of the post number.
After that, every field.
I'm not asking you to devote your life to a volleyball player. I'm telling you that these high school mentalities are never going to do you favours with women.

You're the one who can't get luck; why are you so ardently defending your position? All I'm suggesting is that your narrowing of your field is just damaging you, and that by keeping prospects wide and open, you'll experience better chances to meet people who really resonate with you.

Or is the problem that you're not satisfied unless they 'dress' as what they are? In which case, you may not want to plan for any long-term.

Here niBBer
Fucking this

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Actually, I’m Héctor, I don’t need to hide pal.

1. I never say I’m good looking, I let my dates judge that, and no, I don’t need validation, any photo I upload you’ll find something, because apparently you think I’m the only one who’s bored of your shit
2. I have no idea why you think I’m 18, I’m actually 23, I’m 1.75m so that’s about 5’7, and meh, I’m not even mad about that

And ehhh sorry to break it to you but, I actually think is cute you took the time to figure out what my name was, I thought you weren’t responding after reporting me like a little bitch
There’s no better version of anyone fool, everyone is different. And let me ask you how was your night? Sleepless? thinking what you would respond after calling me out to the mods?

Oh and I have no idea why my name is going around threads by this virgin asshole

I like how you posted the one chart where your height is considered okay, you're really insecure aren't you?
I have 3 more years to grow, don't you worry I may catch you.
>Fucking this
Dude, you are namefagging as the biggest edge lord in anime, you listen to Hollywood Undead and Nightcore, you have no high ground here, the guy who said that would be laughing at your taste.
I think we don't understand each other and that it's definitely my fault.
I'm not avoiding the Stacys, I'm perfectly with with them if they are fine with me, it's just that I wouldn't go out of my way to try and get on their good side like I would with someone who I have stuff in common with and who I have better chances with.

I don't get this. Every guy shorter than I am (I'm 5'10" and change) has historically scored more than me. I'm the second tallest of my three other buds in high school. The guy with an inch and a hair on me got laid less, the two shorter guys got laid more. Relationships, flings, just talking to girls. All of it. More. And I'm taller.

I don't get this. Why do guys immediately blame their height and not their personality? I always attributed that lack of success, and still do, to my general attitude toward dating and women in general. Not that it was toxic but I just did not put the effort in. That's plain as day.

But then, a lot of guys do shit JUST to get laid. That's even worse for your chances.

He thinks everyone who hates on him is the same 1 guy, that's literally his mentality. That's the bubble he had created.

OP here
I personally didn't blame it in this post at all, it's actually a positive if what not, you don't see this type of style on a 6 feet gorilla. You may be less handsome but you're cuter if you're short.

Well and I hate to contradict myself but 'go out of your way' should be reserved for reciprocal cases. You don't want to go out for someone who doesn't do the same for you... trust me, it's put me out four digits of money just to go out of my way and trust people and believe they understand things I expressly say to them.

What I DO mean is that instead of this view, just swing by and pop an invite to Stacy when you're gonna throw a party, or keep tabs with Stacy and keep chatter open so she might invite you to one. Any successes you have are bound to be expanded upon, because you'll have the element of quantity on your side.

I'm not trying to slam you or tell you you'll be a permavirgin if you don't fuck Stacy, but more that you'd be really surprised by Stacy (but in more relevant terms? you'd be surprised how fucking goddamn shit nerd girls can be)...

You honestly sound like you don't need OUR help, you just need to get out and explore. 18 is THE age for that, you need to go and figure your own way about this because you're gonna spend a lot of time marching to the beat of your drums.

Femanon here, I'd much rather date OP than you, he actually seems intelligent and you... well.. we all know you're not on the sharper side.
Height doesn't matter that much, if you're taller than me you're fine.

>I have 3 more years to grow, don't you worry I may catch you.
Lol, no is over for you, sorry
>Dude, you are namefagging as the biggest edge lord in anime, you listen to Hollywood Undead and Nightcore, you have no high ground here

And that's why you can't get gf, you started attacking me first, is really sad dude we would probably be good friends if you didnt attack me, oh well

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Sorry pal, I actually just got to my house from work, I go into Jow Forums and I see this L Lawliet fella calling my name to others, he’s delusional, he thinks I’m the only one who’s tired of him, he’s a prick who goes around talking shit, but when the one being pushed around is him, he reports (yeah who would’ve figured, he reports like a little bitch)

>a namefag is delusional
Real talk, how long have you actually been coming to Jow Forums?
Anyone who isn't Anonymous is basically guaranteed to be a self-absorbed cunt with nothing constructive to add to anything.

Now you larp as a girl too, hhahah omg, this, this is just sad. If you really think that female care about this, well that exlpains why are a retard actully
I know where you live too lol
>I let my dates judge that
Chill dude yoi went on 1 date that you had to shove me last night and now you think you are a chad, jesus...
>And ehhh sorry to break it to you but, I actually think is cute you took the time to figure out what my name was
Yeah it took me 1 min lol

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Well that's kinda my problem, I have yet to find someone I'm interested in who's gonna go out of their way like that, all my tries have been pretty one sided.
I'm pretty different that the rest of guys ( yes, cliche ), I can't be the muscular mega Chad, and most Stacys are going for those, if someone's looking for unique guys I'm here.

I don't don't think I don't need help, being 18 and never having a girlfriend or a kiss is abnormal no matter what people say, the firsts should be done at 15/16 at most.
Thank you anonnete, glad to hear that.
>And that's why you can't get gf,
And who are you to say that?
You say you're a virgin, you ask if you should have sex with a fat chick just to lose your virginity, you larp as females, you ask in gender general how to get a girlfriend.
Do you have even a little bit of self-consciousness in that Cruz head of yours?
He's quite obnoxious, the worst thing is he isn't trolling, he is literally like that, from his first hair advice thread he's been like that.

Try in English next time Pedro.

Imagine this,
>He creates a thread to change his name because he’s tired of people knowing he’s a prick
>Someone else calls him Ted Cruz
>I agree and call him Ted too
> He gets butthurt and “reports me”
> I say good night and go on a date only to discover like 30min ago he spent time of his night into figuring out where I’m from and what’s my name, isn’t that nice?
He immediately thinks that anyone who isn’t fond of him IS ME!!!

He goes around thinking every user is me! How about that!!!

>still replying to namefags
Just fucking report them and move on. They never post anything constructive and they never contribute to threads in unique ways. Just give the janitors their workload and move on, don't even give them a (You).

More to the point, dating is always and always will be a numbers game. You get out, you make quantity happen, you find potential.
As for 'timing,' totally irrelevant. The only people who care are high schoolers and you shouldn't be thinking like them even IN high school, you should be breaking away from their limited mentalities because they're atrociously, irredeemably limited.

I repeat, just report namefags and tripfags if they're being inflammatory. Don't bother replying to them, and that's advice for everyone in this thread and any other thread.

>And who are you to say that?
I had many gf's i just didnt have sex
>Do you have even a little bit of self-consciousness in that Cruz head of yours
But you doxxed yourself Hector lol

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Here ya go m8, no fat chicks like you

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Eh I mean he's bumping my thread, may as well give the dog a bone once in a while.

But the numbers game is extremely unfair. If you're trying like that and going in without any signs of interest from other party you're basically shooting in the dark. You shoot 100 times and fail 100 times, now you're known as the guy who tries to flirt with everyone.
I find it better to be mindful of others and judge their actions and see if there's any chemistry in between and only THEN do you go for it.
Then again, I don't listen to my own advice.

At least you play music, user. I stopped a long time ago and regret it.

You think, that’s an insult? Worst taking the persona of an animated character lol

That isn't me, sorry. You are actually a 2 year old.

Under a minute just to clarify.
I'm trying.
Honestly I picked it up for the sole reason to get a girlfriend but I ended up enjoying it a lot and I'm glad I did.

hey user. i'm in a reasonably popular band in aus that spends about a third of the year on tour. if you really love music put more work into your guitar/start a band and as long as you're not shit girls will be attracted to you. i don't fuck heaps but 95% of the girls i do are fans of my band

I dont care i am not your friend stop showing me your personal stuff is creepy
>Worst taking the persona of an animated character lol

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You're living the dream user, I don't know anyone who plays other instruments but maybe I'll meet some, who knows.
Actually for some reason I got inspired and have put a lot more work into it in the last month, I'm on the right path.

It's not about flirting with 100 people though. You meet 100 people, and out of them you decide on four or five you like, and the rest can be friends. That's evidently disproportionate, but let's focus on the message; constant flirting will out you as you've said and constant passivity won't get you results either, as you've again alluded to. The obvious answer is balancing the two, and avoiding seeming totally closed off while not coming off as the guy who flirts with any girl who meets him, and thinks they all want him.

You're right, you want to find the interest and pursue it, but you also want to measure that and make sure you don't just gravitate to anyone with tits, or otherwise constantly wall yourself off because they aren't wearing a Nirvana t-shirt or something.

It honestly sounds again like you know what you're doing, just haven't really been told 'yeah, that's basically it.'
Cuz by your posts, yeah, that's basically it. You're just dealing with graduating from that high school mentality of 'there's a certain time, you have to be in this age gap, you're X if you haven't Y by Z...'
It's all very juvenile stuff. Comparative behavior dies out pretty well after high school and it's best if you just wash your hands of it then and there and resolve not to fall into those habits of comparison.

You're not in Black Flag or Green Day though.

Since you can't attract punk girls with your popular global punk band, you should focus on fashion.

Really? I thought it was cute, you saying my name to someone else, am I always on your mind faggot?

Calling yourself L Lawlet? Wanting to get his haircut!? That’s pathetic even for a weeaboo

triggered, you are so toxic, i am really nice and i would have not attacked you if you didn't do it first

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be yourself

I'm playing guitar, I'm on my way.
Also trust me, the true punk girls here don't have on soft punk bands because rock as a whole is really really rare here so punk is punk. It's not an English speaking country.
And how do you seem more open and approachable?
I don't think I'm walling myself off like that. It's amazing when you 2 like similar stuff for obvious reasons but it isn't that bad to be different, then you have what to do, then you have stuff to show the other one.

On a side note Nirvana shirts are deceptive, a few days ago I was in a room with a girl with a Nirvana shirt and I've thought a lot about her and finally pushed myself to tell her something. Told her she has a nice shirt and she says that she likes the brand. She did not know that Nirvana was a band. Yes, in my country half the people my age don't know who Nirvana is, some don't even know AC/DC which is alarming.
New found knowledge

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Modsss this kid is 17, here is proof

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Triggered? Nah bro, I respond all of your name callings, and shit talking
> I am really nice
Are you? Why so many people think you’re an asshole, and no, you started this, but let me tell you something, forget about me, and I will do the same, not everyone who makes fun of you is me, can you at least recognize that? Because I was just reading and wasn’t even going to comment this thread until I noticed you were calling my name. And mocking someone else, which is the worst, someone who doesn’t even know me... forget about me and I will do the same, deal?

You're obsessed to the point that you're doing mental gymnastics now to find me.
Sorry to say but your last hour has been wasted because that isn't me, I never had a girlfriend.

Everyone can reverse search an image on google lad, that doesn't mean everyone who did took that picture from google itself can be found that way.

You're probably pretty ugly, so looks/style don't make the cut, you'll have to actually approach them.

I have done extensive research and did a lot of experiments and I'm glad to be able to say that no, I'm not ugly.

Perhaps, but in this day of Tinder and Instagram if you're not at least an 8 you're pretty ugly in the eyes of women, so don't expect them to approach you.

You can just imagine this guy sitting at home with his nightcore and L's theme music googling on his phone for an hour trying to find something out of nothing thinking he's smart.

I actually feel sorry for you, it's not your fault you were born this way.

Yikes, you are going to get perma banned reddit scum

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More proof

Attached: Screenshot_20190305-015920_Instagram.jpg (1080x1920, 634K)

You've gone absolutely mad Ted, that isn't me.

What proof? Me liking one of the most popular bands ever?

lets do this line by line
okay, are you in high school?
>>listen to punk rock / pop punk ( Ramones, Misfits, Descendents, Green Day... stuff like that)
not that unique
>mid length hair, just messy top, doesn't drop, don't want to use any products so I'm happy with it.
okay, so this sounds like code for "I don't try to improve my appearance in any appreciable way"
>short, 5'6
you're not only a manlet, but a lanklet as well? rough
so you're boring too huh?
>socially awkward
okay, so far we've established you're short, don't work out, don't really 'care' too much about how you look, and aren't interesting or even tolerable to talk to
>not bad looking
>really smart
I bet you think so.

Why is Giga Chad posting in my thread

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Good to know you're still monitoring this thread just to get self validation when you find someone else who dislikes me. Do you think you and the guy are best pals now? Remember when you were crying because you thought we were all on discord mocking you?

You have a toddler's mentality.

>even Green Day are all better and more "punk" than the Sex Pistols.

I see your problem.

Green Day isn't even my favorite ( Descendents and Black Flag are ) but I do stand behind that. Sex Pistols are good and all, the invented the genre practically but they were one hit wonders. Their old good album is Never mind The Bollocks.

>the invented the genre practically

>The invented the genre.
Aren’t all at one point?

Sex Pistols and Ramones basically invented punk rock, most stuff before it is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


2 different countries bands formed 1 year apart.
They are both pretty important. I'd add Husker do to those 2.
Then again I'd take Ramones over Pistols any day of the week, I find Pistols quite boring.

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I'm off to sleep, was fun making fun of Ted and all and talking about Punk music but I'd like some more on-topic replies. I'll check the thread tomorrow morning.

Good night.

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Punk music is dead. Its back to the basics aesthetic of rock has exhausted it of ideas. I’m not saying I do not like it, but it is creatively finished.

You were STILL monitoring it.

I have more

Of course you do, you're lacking a life.

Not OP but I'm kinda similar, what's the cutoff age for this style?

Until you finish college

Did Ted get banned? I don't see any of the posts OP is replying to.
Or did Ted just realize how big of an idiot he is and deleted them? In that case, doesn't he realize that it can all be seen in the archives?

>pink Floyd shirt

>likes Green Day
>He isn't wearing a Green Day shirt from 1994

Honestly how are you going to make it in 2019

>socially awkward
yeah you should probably go gay at this point

>Green Day