Men of Jow Forums, I have some questions. How do you all like to be approached? Is it hard to approach girls...

Men of Jow Forums, I have some questions. How do you all like to be approached? Is it hard to approach girls? I’m a 6/10 young girl who dresses really feminine and puts a lot of effort into her apprence and is very academically inclined, and I would really like to have a bf to love and support with all my heart. However, I do have aspergers and it’s hard for me to navigate how to talk to people (I swear I’m super sweet, I just don’t know how to go up and talk to people :/). How do guys like to be approached by girls? What are some qualities you see in girls from first impressions that make you gravitate towards her? How do you like girls to dress? Plz halp :(((

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Fuck off trap

will take the bait anyway.

>just ask him some random shit about a class
>text him if you are too shy

I think i've seen this thread like 20 times now but for any passerby, just talk to him about anything he wont deny any advances

>approaching a neckbeard who is barely around

I could hardly see this happening unless she was staking out an entrapment for him


Blur/black face out.

Need to know what we are working with before i can give advice

second this

You ask the dude for his phone number. Then you text him and invite him for burger.

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If only this post was real and women like this existed...

I’m def a real girl that exists, you guys are just so used to traps you forgot what a female is

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Whoe thread 6/10. Could use some work but you honestly had me for a moment

Just ask a guy if they want to get coffee with you some time.

My wife is big into makeup/youtube beauty channels

You HAVE to do something about those eyes.
Lookup "cat eye" eyeliner tutorials.

Im guessing A/B cup?

Need to change your wardrobe as well.
Get some cute dresses and/or skirt/blouse combo.

Since you dont have any boobs (from what i can tell) you have to make use of other assets...e.g. your legs.

Something like this

You need to take a trip to the fashion board desu

Don't listen to them user, I think you're fine the way you are. As long as you're nice and get to genuinely know a guy, you'll find a good boyfriend. You can utilize your sex appeal and get laid but you can't rely only on it to find a lasting relationship. I don't know how the guys on here are but most of the males I'm friends with would love a girl like you, and if I were into females I would be too.

>How do you all like to be approached?
Just be asked out by a girl I like. Any activity I dont care as long as we spend time together.
>Is it hard to approach girls?
Yes, incredibly. Im sure its harder for girls tho

You guessed right, I’m an A32. Thank you very much for your suggestion on the eyeliner! I’ve tried the cat eye look a few times and it looked p okay, so I’ll try it out a bit more. I have p nice, long legs so I guess more skirts would do. Thank you for your comment!
Tysm :33

the way they dress doesnt really matter to me. My fav style is more skate wear or emo. Honestly as long as a female walks up to me and is interested in having a convo then thats good enough. Trust me alot of guys are probably as or more scared to talk to you, as you to them

It blows my mind that these circumstances even exist.

You're cute. You're fine. I'd be thrilled to have a girlfriend who looks like you do. Assuming the OP pic describes you, heck, I'd be thrilled to date you in particular.

How do you not know your potential already?

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Def attractive, 7/10. Id say the same thing about the other people did, do something about thoses eyes, would make stand out. Cheers!

Wdym do something about those eyes?

I do not want women to approach me. I feel dread when talking to women, hopelessness. I would rather avoid them at all costs.