Maybe Not Friendzoned ?

Really need some good ideas.

Been friendzoned for 2 years
Finally told her how I felt. She said she suspected all along.
She told me I wasn't her type.
"Too childish" I flipped(didnt help my case). Blocked her on all social media.
She texted me during Christmas.
Asked how I was. Gave her a cold shoulder. She's been trying to reconnect ever since. Asking how I am etc. Told me she wants to fly out from NY to CA to see me.

I'm still upset about the whole situation. But her spending money to come out here changes a lot. I've still been cold to her. Some good advice on how to use this in my favor. 1. A relationship. 2. One night stand. 3 Revenge for the 2 years.

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>But her spending money to come out here changes a lot. I've still been cold to her.
You poor fool. The 2 year friendship may have been just a means to an end for you, but it was real to her. That’s why she’s willing to spend money to fix it. You’re daft if you think she wants more from you. Keep her ghosted for your own sake.

Quit being a faggot and unblock her. Talk it out, see what she wants and decide whether you want her in your life or not anymore. You are such a fucking faggot though, the only way I can see her going to this length to talk to you is because she is actually interested in you (miraculously). You should honestly kill yourself though.

>get told you are too childish
>prove her right multiple times
>possibly want revenge for her being right


Did you not read about the part where she knew that I liked her? Knew and dragged it along regardless?

How does that negate anything I said? Apparently she still considered you a true friend


It negates everything. I spent thousands of dollars, time and fucking effort into this person only to be left with pictures of her and and some fuckwit holding hands on the Brooklyn bridge. For two years she knew this and kept it dragging. Very nice of a "friend"

I mistyped that. I meant "too young" quite literally she is 2 years older then me. Told me she's into older men.

>I spent thousands of dollars, time and fucking effort into this person
Whose fault is that? And so she knew you had a crush on her. So what? She still stayed your friend in spite of it. You were only her friend because you thought it could land you in her pants.

Not sure what you mean "get into her pants " genuinely liked this girl

Stay away from girls who put you in the friendzone

If you try any of that shit when she's trying to be a good friend, you deserve the nut kick.

Drop her. Just save yourself the effort. If you're interested romantically and it isn't reciprocal, don't convince yourself that you're capable of seeing them in a platonic way.

Cut the ties. Unblock her and mute her chat notifications. Just don't fucking talk to her.

You'll make more friends. You'll make even better female friends. Don't go for this shit for a friend, who sounds like immensely boring.

She doesn't like you

>genuinely liked this girl
So why not be her friend?

OP is a nice guy and a fucking twat. Move on and stop believing you can buy your way into girl's pants unless she's a hooker

You're a shit human being. Leave the girl alone you petty retard.

Unblock her, but tell her there's absolutely no way for y'all to be friends and that it is best for both of you to never speak again.

Don't seek "revenge" you childish motherfucker.

She’s actually the one that’s going after him (for friendship or love, whichever).

My advice, just ask her outright what she going for. Let her know that you’re interested in a relationship with her because your feelings for her already stretched to that level and can’t go back. If she’s just in it to be friends, tell her you’re sorry. Sometimes it just can’t be that way.

You don't deserve her, user
Just save everyone the trouble and kys, faggot

One day OP you will look back at this situation and realize how retarded you were

While you are retarded and did act childish as fuck, this situation reeks of 'I'm not pretty enough for Chad anymore, so let's see if user will provide for me now' kind of deal.
Stay the fuck away, unless you're ok with being a beta provider for some used up roastie that's too old to pull in the Chads anymore.
I even bet she has a kid now.