Do leagues really exist?

Is there such a thing as leagues? I mean I've always felt there were but anyone I ask in real life tells me there's no such thing and its all in how you act.
I ask this because I always thought my ex was out of my league. When we were together I couldn't believe it. We lasted 4 years and even in the end I thought she was so pretty and I was so lucky.
And ever since we broke up 3 years ago I have had absolutely no attention from women. The only girls who flirt with me, online or in real life are women I'm not attracted to. Where as what I would deem as more conventionally attractive friends of mine never seem to go long before finding a decent looking girl.

Its not that I can't get a girl, I've had a ton of chances, just none of them are that good looking. I'm terrified that not only was my ex actually out of my league, but that she also raised my standards to a kinda girl I can't actually get. So I wind up forever alone always attracted to girls unattracted to me.

Can anyone here relate?

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Leagues are a Hollywood meme. Just look at all the ugly dudes with top tier honeys. I'm a lanklet with the teeth of a 50 year old smoker yet my last ex was a 9/10.

There's leagues but men's rating isn't solely looks based . Confidence/status etc. is a huge part.

yes and I'm on the bottom rung

How people perceive your confidence is just based off your looks anyways.

t. still in high school

That woman is beautiful but Jay is super hot too. This is just a movie, a cute movie, but not reality.

Leagues exist in your mind only. Find someone who treats you well.

Money (or potential to earn it) and social proof is more important to women.

Yeah but not in the sense you think.
There are hotties that will be with someone vastly less attractive than them.
There are complete uggos who will only go after those vastly hotter than them.
Like bro theres so many different personalities and situations.

No, confidence is how you carry yourself. Looks are an objective qualifier.

Only in high school and even then not really.

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In order of importance

/niceguy syndrome is very real...
There are 10's that only date poor active drug addicts
There are 10's that date fat doey guys.
There are rich dudes that have so little game they still can't find girls.
Anons self victimize so much they are never even going to just TRY and ask someone out, so you got turned down? Boohoo, everyone gets turned down sometimes they just shoot in the dark over and over until theres a yes.

extreme outliers


Bro I used to be an objective 4 and confidence wise a 2. I still managed to bang 8 girls so far.
I'm on Jow Forums ffs, please believe you can change!

Yep, want to know why?
>mental disorders (Typically Narcissism)
>drug/alcohol addiction
>sex addiction

Okay I shouldnt do this but I'm going to prove it
Here is me at 14, I lost virginity at 16 and didnt get laid again until 22.. just a fap addict incel like rest of you.

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>lost virginity at 16
lol, how tall are you?

This is who I lost my virginity to. She is an ugly hook nose jew.
She litteraly looks like a bad tranny.

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I'm actually quite good looking, enough to have been popular with girls since preschool. I've had sex once (she forced herself on me) and never been on a second date. Looks are not everything.

This is me today, taken 3 months ago.
22-27 i had stopped being a fucking pussy and have now banged 9 women.

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How's that cancer of the mind treating you? No wonder nobody wants to have sex with you, you suck fags, and not even real ones.

And THIS ( face edited because I actually give a fuck about her)
Is the body of the objective 9 I been dating for a year 2 months ago.
Tell me again you can't change!
(Also I'm 5'10)

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women are just a weaker version of men and less intelligent so men bring more to the table. any guy with value can get an attractive girl.

Leagues kind of exist if you think of it in terms of matching instead of ranking. People date people of the same group. Could.mean socioeconomic status, looks, interests, cliques, general style etc..

There is definitely matching going on in the dating world. You aren't likely to get a world stars wigger dating a Harvard grad for example..

But don't think of it as a rating or ranking system. That's totally subjective.

Tl;Dr, a girl as attractive as you who shares your style and interests and speaks the same slang dialect and subscribes to the same humour will like you. Call that a league if you want.

ALL I needed to know

Just a former cucked/niceguy/ whydshepickhimoverme waah tryna help but fine be a faggot.

>What a "nice" guy posting gfs private nudes on the internet so other guys can get off to her too because that's his kink.
>Oh wait... it's not even real nvm

Leagues exist but they are not limited to attractiveness.
For example, an average looking lawyer and a hot barista could be in the same league, but the same couldn't be said for an average looking barista and a hot lawyer

Maybe they do exist, but like the other anons are saying, they aren’t based all on physical attractiveness. I’ve met plenty of cute guys that are incredibly, childishly arrogant or super fucking insecure and it just ruins the attraction I have for them. This is opposed to someone who might be average looking, but confident, skilled, and mature.

>super fucking insecure
Can you give examples of this?

I fucked 4 girls last year, and I'm still a depressed poc, confidence doesn't matter only looks matter.

Leagues are based on levels of wealth

everything else is arbitrary

What counts as childish?

Leagues do exist since some people are objectively more attractive than others. However, you shouldn't let this prevent you from approaching any woman, because not approaching her because she's "out of your league" serves as a self-truncation method. This is advantageous for women because they want men who believe in themselves and are not self-loathing, and "leagues" prune out all the weaklings who don't think they're worthy.
Let her decide for herself that she won't fuck you, don't make that decision for her.

They don't for people who don't have NPD or similar disorders.
I only start talking to girls that I find attractive and then with the first few words of convo I figure whether it's worth going further.

There are, but they're primarily social standing leagues.

There is absolutely leagues. And if you even chose not to concern you with such things, other people will still rate you or place you in a “league”


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a woman far out of my league matched me on a dating website, I usually get rated a 5 or 6 on face rate threads. I am assuming that this is a prank, by the way she is more attractive than the woman in this photo.

This must be a prank.

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If you saw the movie and you didn’t get the fact that leagues don’t exist, you didn’t understand the whole point of the movie dumbass

What did you do to change brah?
I ask because I was similar to you in many ways. And I've tried my best to change over the past few years, also 27. I'm in great shape now and have lots of friends and hobbies. I have a high paying job and stuff. But I feel like I have no idea where to find women at all and online doesn't work for me.
Give me your secrets.

OP here, I've never seen the movie, it was a quick google search for something relative to my subject.
Honestly I feel like this is a big problem for me. I moved to a new city and did a complete career change. The thing is I grew up as a fat nerd playing d&d and reading sci-fi. Only now I work as a tradesman and spend most of my time working out and doing mma. Only thing is I don't like most the people who do this shit. I enjoy it, but not for the same reasons as most. And I only do my job because it pays really well. I don't ever meet anyone that would be my "group" and even then, now that I'm in shape and take care of myself I look at the "group" I grew up in and feel like they are gross. I just kinda feel like a weird outsider. The people I get along with(ie have fun) are usually fucked up kitchen staff people with drug problems so I don't really want them as part of my life, and the people who have their shit together are more often than not really boring to spend time with. Anyone else feel like this?

>Just look at all the ugly dudes with top tier honeys
Literally where, you fucking retard? I've only seen bland girls with the hot Chads that I would fuck as a guy and I'm not even gay.

I should clarify, I have a lot of friends, just none of them live in the same city as me. I'm capable of making new friends, its just most the people I tend to meet seem to fall into the category of "fun but fucked up" or "boring but responsible". Its annoying. I feel like my best chance to meet someone would be through a mutual friend or something but all my friends are fucking married now and don't know single people and like I said meeting new people(who don't suck) at 27 seems impossible.

This, in my day to day life I see waaaay more average to above average dudes with girls I wouldn't even consider fucking then I do vice versa. However this could also just be my bias as I'm not nearly as critical on a guys looks as I am not thinking about fucking him usually.

I was just exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. I've seen fit guys taller than me with some gross fatties also.

And that's why I'm off of many girls league.

>secondary school
>be me, about 14 or 15 years old
>generally quite reserved, not Elliot Rodger tier but nowhere near Chad level
>qt 3.141 in class gets some diary thing she's been writing in snatched off her one time by one of the dudebro types
>"what's this? Oh lol you've been like ranking guys by hotness in some kind of league table"
>I manage to catch a sneak peak at it since we're sat near each other
>there's like 4 leagues she's split everyone in from top tier to bottom
>I'm top of the 2nd division
>actually felt bretty good, probably better than if I was at the bottom of the alphachad list she'd drawn up

from personal experience I would say they're a real thing at school/teenager level since it's a straightforward way to adjust to puberty and developing sexually (splitting the opposite sex into a nice easy "bang/would not bang" grouping). Think it gets a little bit more complex in later life... although then again, maybe it's the same type of list it's just that the criteria changes or splits into slightly more varied groupings e.g. "would bang but not date" "would bang and also date" "would try to have a long-term relationship with" "friendship only"...

Absolute leagues not so much, but people tend to look for similar or complementary partners. A woman who spends a lot of time and effort in watching her weight, matching styles and outfits, beauty products, jewelry, spent hours and hours watching makeup tutorials, etc., will want a guy who is fit, well-groomed, dressed and high status over some greasy-haired guy in a metal band shirt that is so old that the black color became light gray.

If she's hardworking and studious, you better be the same. Etc.

It's gonna vary from person to person
But since this is Jow Forums you needed 50 replies to arrive at that conclusion. Pure, unfiltered idiocy

Definitely. It was extremely blackpilling going to Disney world and seeing average girls with guys who could be male models

Bro she don't look bad. She ain't drop dead gorgeous, but she most def ain't ugly

You can tell a woman wrote this post.