Do i look fat...

Do i look fat? I gained 40 pounds in the past year and i feel disgusting and i have no idea if im actually fat or I just feel fat compared to how skinny I used to be.

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No you look fine.

Looks like it went mostly to your tits which is good

I can't tell, the boobs are in the way

You look fine. Have you been recovering from an eating disorder?

Belly looks a lil big but you've got some milkers on you so it's fine

Anyone who would consider you fat is an idiot.

Are you sucking in your belly? Because that's how it looks. And this angle in general is bad to tell if you're fat or not.

cant really tell in this photo post one from a different angle

Everyone else is a turbo fag

That zipper seems to be bursting too, lmao.

I bet you are fat and ugly.

Take a picture of yourself standing in front of a mirror, you can't tell shit from what you have posted.

you're fat compared to how thin you used to be.
you're not fat compared to real fat people.
you should start training and lose weight.
your tits look good.

Post on tumblr if you don't want people to call you fat

OP here, I didn’t say that
Im pretty embarrassed I posted a picture of me here in the first place as I did it when I was not clearheaded or sober and I don’t really want to post more pictures but yeah I’m sucking in. Im chunky I think and yes im recovering from an eating disorder. My ex boyfriend threatened to dump me if I ever went above 120 pounds so I would eat 3 times a week and did a ton of coke. I got down to about 110

take a picture at a better angle woman, I'm not sure

How much do you weigh now? And how tall are you?

You seem to be on the thicc side, but most of it is distributed beautifully in the boobs. Would impregnate/10

>did a ton of coke.
He had a good reason to leave then, fucking drug addicted whore. How about trying the gym sometime you dumb bitch

He didn’t leave me i left him and he was the one who introduced me to coke lol. Im 5’9 and 154 pounds

too bad so sad, drop the fork and go fucking lift. And stay away from hardcore drugs, if you're gonna have a vice at least let it be alcohol

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Your weight and height are fine, maybe you could lose like 10-15 lbs if you really wanted to. Your ex had a skeleton fetish, 120 is pretty slim even on like a 5'4 girl.

You are being kind of aggressive for no reason I’m not trying to gain pity I’m trying to give information about my situation

>if you're gonna have a vice at least let it be alcohol
lmao this is the worst fucking advice i have ever read

also times ten and probably lose the shirt while you're at it imho

All the gained weight went straight to your tits girl so bless the heavens. When I gain it goes to my ass lol. You look fine, you might feel gross because you aren't used to the feeling of carrying more weight or clothes fitting differently. If you stay fit and toned it doesn't matter.

What do you think I'm going to fucking coddle you? I'm give advice like I drink whisky, Straight.

t. Mohamed

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Good for you for leaving, OP. 120 is way to thin for a person of your height. He sounds at best like an asshole and likely abusive. Get yourself some mental health support and do what you can to get off the hard drugs. Your weight is fine, now you need to heal from the psychological ordeal you've been through.

You sound like a 14 year old that just had his first shot. calm down

And you sound like a faggot

sorry to bear bad news
If you gained 40 pounds in the past year than yes you are fat, Im assuming that your weight before this was normal body fat percentage.everyone else is saying it is fine just because your boobs make you hot.

if we could see your stomach better it would be easier to tell, but i think you already know the answer anyways, some people just have a naturally low BMI they can be fat and have a normal BMI.

alcoholism will kill you faster than most hard drug addictions

Then learn how to drink properly. My parents taught me how to drink and thats why by the time I turned 21 a can of beer became normal to me

Nice tits

using alcohol as a vice as you suggested is not generally seen as drinking properly.

Yeah to be honest I feel so scared of the possibility of my current boyfriend abandoning me for being fat I honestly kind of just want to neck myself. Pic related was me last year. I don’t want to get back into a state where I’m obsessing over my weight 24/7 id honestly rather die

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He'd leave you for being a retard first

You should neck yourself since you’re not contributing anything to a board dedicated to business and finance

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Wow OP you were definitely underweight. You look a lot healthier now.

>sorry to bear bad news

People can be underweight, too. Gaining weight from an underweight point is a good thing.

OP, remember that body fat is important and necessarily and as a woman you are required to have a higher percentage than a man. This isn't me advocating for anything or pushing some agenda, this is medical and biological fact. The ideal for men is anywhere between 10-15%, and for women it's 18-20%.

Also, I would like to add to the fact that from a medical standpoint it is always going to be healthier for you to be a little overweight than a little underweight. You can actually get quite overweight before it starts to become as bad for you as being even a little underweight does. Your body needs fuel or else it starts eating itself. Your body needs nutrients or else it starts failing. Being a little overweight just means you have some excess "battery packs". That's it.

What you need to work on is reducing your anxiety with food. That's going to be less under the purview of a nutritionist or exercise coach, and more in the field of a therapist. You want to build a healthy relationship with food. Not one where you starve yourself, and not one where you use food to cope with stress or anxiety. There's a middle ground, and you can more easily attain it by seeking mental health support.

Of crap never mind I thought I was on biz, ignore what I said

>I don’t want to get back into a state where I’m obsessing over my weight 24/7 id honestly rather die
There's no issue in maintaining your figure, us guys like a woman that takes care of herself

>girls who look like this end up starving themselves so their Chad bfs won't leave them
>I can't get an obese chick to even respond to my texts, despite putting my best efforts
Life is too tragic to not find this funny for me

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welcome to women

>5’9 and 154 pounds
This is a fine weight.

>body fat is important and necessarily and as a woman you are required to have a higher percentage than a man
that's because they have less muscle and more t&a. they aren't supposed to have a bigger belly than a healthy man. she is equally qt in both pictures but should be careful not to gain more as she gained 40lbs in a short time, but only for her health, and not because she isn't attractive. i agree that she obviously is overthinking her weight and worrying too much about what other people/men think of her. in her current state the vast majority of guys will clearly find her hot. BUT she should still try to not gain much more weight by eating less without going full auschwitz mode.

This has nothing to do with women, it has to do with the fact that you're both pathetic losers who not even low value women want to date.

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I guess you are right. We all have our struggle.
I will have to live life as a pathetic loser of low value, and OP will live life in fear of disappointing Chads.
And we will both be miserable in the end. And probably never change as well.

Let me suck the stress out of your titties

stfu beef flaps

you look fine. but maybe you should focus on getting healthy and feeling healthy rather than conforming to an asshole's expectations. good luck!

I would feel lucky being with you

a thread died because you had to flash your tits. fucking twat.

What are you, gay?