How do I find a "Jow Forums gf" or just any kind of nerdy girl...

How do I find a "Jow Forums gf" or just any kind of nerdy girl? I feel like I won't have much in common with other girls.

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You don’t
Just have an Instagram where you post pictures of food, workout inspiration, favorite celeb bs, a book you don’t know the first thing about, dumbfuck quotes, shitty unoriginal travel pictures and your dog
Have the same interests as basic bitch where you like to travel and try new things- but they are all stolen ideas
You will realize it doesn’t matter in the end and you will never connect with the other person
You can shove your dog/pet straight up your ass btw

I've been in a relationship with that type of girl. Its one of the worst decisions I've ever made. It seems like a no-brainer at the time. Hot chick, dark humor, was as legit of a lurker as me, and she was wild, unpredictable, and down to fuck immediately...
Well, yeah, femanons have the unfortunate tendency to be self centered whores. Any trust you give them they'll try to squeeze as many affairs and betrayals as possible.
If you ever get the chance, do what I had planned to do but didn't have the spine for- hit it and fucking quit it. Two weeks tops. The sex goes downhill anyways, unless there's drugs involved.

>You will realize it doesn’t matter in the end and you will never connect with the other person
This hurts but It's true

This is the general experience, i've seen

I had a completely different one. I met a girl from Jow Forums and we've been happily together for years now. She gets depressed a lot but she's honest, hardworking, and adorable. I don't know if i just got lucky or if you got unlucky.

You wont. Stop projecting. Women are normal people albeit more normal than men.

Your significant other sounds considerably less egotistical than mine at the time.
Of the countless immature and thoughtless things she would spout off, there's one I recall specifically scoffing at and mocking her over- something about how she wanted to be the next Hitler.. implying she thought so highly of herself so as to be capable of currying a country's favor well enough to establish a cult of personality and dominate the world.
As dumb and childish as it sounds, Im sure this wasn't some warped version of a girl wanting to be a princess. She has been rabidly self-obsessed since before I met her. It's a genuine compulsion of hers to constantly take selfies and then edit those shots obsessively. Her entire id rests on the glamour and appeal of her image; how far it can stretch, the amount of attention it grabs.
The young girl is honestly troubled.. she's ill.

She sounds awful, i'm sorry
I hope you find someone better soon

Mine isn't egotistical at all, she has low self esteem even. That comes to my favour, since she isn't the camwhore type. She is really determined to make me happy every day and is very affectionate with me.

I met my bf on Jow Forums and we've been together for years too.

That's lovely things came together well for y'all.
Ive had bad judgement in women both times since leaving the chick I spoke of. Have been avoiding relationships completely while focusing on repairing my underlying issues.

where do you actually find a partner on Jow Forums?

you dont really, unless it is a coincidence.

I never thought of Jow Forums as a place to meet a guy. My feel for this place after years is that 99% of the anons here are severely unhealthy.
Who here got their shit together? I’m really curious.

You seriously believe this?
or do you form a picture from the generalized opinion?

I met my wife on a Death Grips concert and she browses Jow Forums too.

Do you seriously believe otherwise? Want to show me a chart of your very unbiased research into the matter?

it depends on the person and the board you browse, no?
And probably what you consider unhealthy.

Have you?

im 18 in college (actually know what I want to do) and working part time... does that qualify as shit together?

are you that much better if you've been here for 'years'?
or are you just pretentious

Relatively healthy of body and mind. Work with writing, and got passive income on the side. Set up pretty nicely in life, with no baggage. Don’t even have a disturbing past or family trauma. So being here is a very fascinating contrast.

I’m not judging people for their struggles or flaws, I do believe everyone got some. It just seems like a bad idea, or at least naive to find someone from this site and think it’s gonna work out.

hello do you want to have sex with me

>trusting a girl on Jow Forums
>trusting anyone on Jow Forums ever
Besides the potential for catfishing, idk what you motherfuckers would do if I shared any personal info. Remember that irl Jow Forums meetup where it was revealed one of the anons served everyone brownies that he made with his own jizz? Or that /sp/ user who compiled a several hundred page document cataloguing every post of a single tripfag in the hopes they would fall in love? Or hell, tripfags in general?
Meeting someone on Jow Forums for any reason is dangerously stupid.


ok femcel

Dosent really work as an insult for women, lol.

met one in a discord for another board, dated for 6 months or so but it was distance, ended up not wanting to do the LDR thing any more and dated someone in my own city. but she was ironically the most level-headed and mature girlfriend i've ever had lol, in retrospect i wish i had stayed with her

I'm probably more healthy and more successful than you brag to be.

This is an odd self compliment.

Met my boyfriend on Jow Forums too. Been together for a year and half, we're super crazy about each other.
If you manage to avoid the BPD crazy whores, you're gold.

Never heard of the /sp/ user before. Got a screencap?

That could happen to any brownie though.

Go to Crystal Cafe user.

>actual female r9k

I met a few guys from here over the years for various meetups. They all were normal if a bit awkward guys. I'd really like a girl that is okay with degenerate shit and can stand stand Jow Forums humor.

>how do I find girls who I feel I have things in common with?
Aren't you doing similar things? why not do them together or just talk to them?