Girl at work, an introvert and a little awkward like me. We talk, chemistry, exchange phone numbers somehow...

Girl at work, an introvert and a little awkward like me. We talk, chemistry, exchange phone numbers somehow, she ended up telling me that she was home-schooled one day, i didn't think too much lots of people are home schooled, less common than public school but not much of a sticking point.

Things move on and we're talking via text a lot i'm getting an idea of what she's like but can feel she's pulled back a bit, then it abruptly stops - with these things that can happen, maybe she wasn't that interested or maybe it wasn't the right time.

2 years go by, she ends up leaving our work and coming back.

Randomly we talk a little more at work, she asks for my psn - she's being a little flirty at work and i'm getting vibes she's interested.

I decide to ask her for drinks, and she adds me on steam and we talk there a little more. One evening we're talking a lot, she confides that her home schooling wasn't exactly normal; no music, no tv, no nothing, until 16 when her parents said you gotta go into the world now. Wasn't allowed out on her own up until then, i didn't really ask much more.

Then we end up talking late and suddenly the conversation has massively derailed and she's asking me if I've ever wanted to kill someone, i said sure, I've been angry enough to want to for a split second. She said no, i mean a random person just because you want them dead. right then, in that moment. It's really late and we're both tired, i ask her would she actually do it, she said no because she knows the consequences. I can't keep my eyes open at this point, 4 hours of sleep before work, and she's up early too.

The next day its obvious that this is a thing, she closes up and doesn't want to talk about it, i make her promise if she thinks she'll actualize she must get help.

She's messaged me a few times and we're spoken a few broken sentences, no real substance and just generally awkward now.

I'm not sure how to handle this situation best, any advice?

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tl;dr Girl at work confides that she thinks about killing random people, seemingly troubled home life and has now shut up shop realizing she's over shared and trusted me with too much. Can't go back, can't go forward.

What do i do?

Have you tried not talking/typing like an autistic robot?

I was trying to get out all of the info within the word limit, if you have advice provide it or fuck off.


Suggest that she see a therapist and psychiatrist. Do not get any closer to her no matter what. Don't start having sex, don't start dating, none of that.

That's a given, trouble is while i don't work directly with her she does with work with my friends and normally we have our breaks together as a group. Suggesting or discussing this more is like off the table with her now, she's closed up on it - like i mentioned i told her to get help if she thinks it will actualize, i wanted to say more but i don't think she's ready to hear it.

She's not gonna murder anyone so stop being such little drama queens all of you.

You can elaborate why you think that and what you think i'd best do.

I would say.

"About that thing about killing someone.. i kept thinking about it and I know what you mean, I didn't know how to feel about it when I thought about it. It's different when you are angry, it feels so justified and in a way it makes you feel better. Afterwards.. I kind of feel bad with myself, but really this is not so uncommon, I spoke with a friend brother about it and it's really normal to feel that.

I might think about it for longer than I should sometimes, but only because I'm a bit angry. Letting go seems unfair to me but I just couldn't feel ok holding on to those ideas.

You probably felt weird after talking to me about that, but I wanted you to know it's ok."

It's normal. We need to contemplate different things about ourselves.

Random killing people isn't something 22 year old women with a good job do.

That's a lot of assumptions.

It's not normal and she knows that, she even said that herself. It's complicated because ultimately now i will always know this thing and while i know she definitely has to be kept a little distant, i'm the only person she has ever told, her family don't know. She's taken a shit on me basically and it leaves me with some sort of sense of responsibility considering the potential seriousness of this. Or maybe the other guy is right and i'm just being a little bitch and should just forget about it.

When i did have that sort of conversation with her the next day, i explained that obviously this changes things and that she can trust me but ultimately i need to know if she's in control. She just kept saying i really don't want to talk about it, and avoiding the question completely, That's when i said fine we don't have to discuss it ever again, but you can talk if you want to and made her promise she'd get help if she couldn't control it and sort of left it there. She's sent me a few messages since but just stupid shit, you know - i've replied a little but it's been very much a distancing, i know it's not great though because my friend from work told me she was in a really bad mood yesterday and normally she's not like that at work. We're both working tomorrow.

Is she a good employee?

Hm, my friend that manages the department seems to appreciate having her in and he's quite fussy when it comes to other guys working, we can reasonably assume yes. Working long shifts.

It is normal.

We hold a bunch of feelings in our head that mix together and end up in conditions we couldn't predict.

If she admits it, it's because she is either too stressed or she is really surprised by the misplaced aggression.

Let her know it's normal to place those feelings into strangers. Behavior is what matters.

I feel a sense of experience in your advice and that i should listen. To be honest, this is what i want to believe because otherwise she's a pretty sweet girl, never really saw this sort of thing coming. Understandably she is very angry, i imagine at her parents and this incredibly poor choice they made, debatable morally, definitely. Who knows what she suffered man.. she said she blocked out a lot of her childhood - to me it seems like a girl that needs help and she confided in me but it wasn't a reach out for help. I have to weight all of that up as well because i just imagine that is so much anger, so much frustration - years of looking at a world you cannot join. That sort of control has to do something to a person?



so what's your question exactly, whether you should bang her, or report her, or both?

She said she wouldn't kill someone. What's wrong with this?

The poor girl got freaked out by how weird op has been acting lately.