How do I politely tell a rostie who's only after my money to fuck off without destroying the social group we're both...

How do I politely tell a rostie who's only after my money to fuck off without destroying the social group we're both into?

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Who approached who?
Just be honest and say you don't think she is authentically interested in you.

Well with that attitude it’s only a matter of time that social group is destroyed anyways. So do whatever man

She approached me.
I'm not good with girls, I'm khv.
I had no friends before I met this group of people through my cousin.
It would be a bit awkward if something bad happens since my cousin lives in my place to go to uni.

You don't, you just never respond to her advances

If she approached you then it's better than if you approached her but you might get kicked from the group depending on if she has a reputation or not.

If she asks you out for a date, politely decline and say you're not looking to get into a relationship right now and would prefer to stay friends

I never did, though I do get flustered and embarassed when she comes and sits on my lap when my cousin brings the group over. That's how I met her.
I don't know if she has a reputation. My cousin swears she's a good girl and is pressuring me to date her.
Already did decline, but I'm very uncomfortable when she's all over me every time we gather.

Talk to her again and make it clear that you're not interested. Be cold and say its just cringe/annoying you

>my friend swears she's a good girl
Probably one of two things. He's trying to be a bro for her because she can't get a bf and is desperate or this happens a lot and they don't know if it's her fault or not.

Well, I would be interested if I knew she wasn't after my money. I try to hide my wealth pretty well but my cousin's normie friends saw my car.
She's not ugly, I'm sure she could get some Chad to fuck her.

>a rostie who's only after my money
it sounds like she’s legitimately interested in you. you’ll turn her off eventually if you keep rejecting her advances.

I didn't say she couldn't get sex.
I said specifically that she can't get a bf.

I'm fat, not particularly tall and I'm your basic weeb nerd.
She's not ugly, so she probably can.

>she probably can
>she just chooses to date a short, fat weeb

Suspicious, right? Though I'm not particularly short either, I'm average at 184cm.
And I try to hide my weebdom as well.

just act oblivious to her advances and flirtation. If she flat out says "go out with me" just be all "um uh, I'll get back to you on that...." and never do.

Well, there is a part of me that wishes she's actually interested in me though. I don't want to admit it, but it's there.
But all logic points to her being only interested because I got some money.
Is there any way to find out?

It’s impossible to know unless you read minds. My advice to you is pic related

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Alright. I cant see myself not falling in love if I have sex with her, so I'll just ignore her and tell my cousin to not bring his friends over for a while.

Thats avoidant and weak as fuck you retard. OP just be CLEAR and DECLINE. This "I'll get back" bullshit is phony disgusting shit that she won't understand maybe and keep waiting on the hook.

>OP just be CLEAR and DECLINE.
Considering that OP has ignored multiple people saying this, trying a different advice would be better.

Fuck me, maybe I should just be clear.
I didn't want to do it because I liked the illusion of someone liking me, even though logics dictates it's fake.
I'll just tell her straight up that I know what she's up to and to stop bothering me.

Why tho ? Anything is better than being a khv

If you truly have money the whole social group knows not just her but why are you in a lower class social group anyway? If you are in a social group and everybody has money no one gives a shit and if some money grabbing whore comes around they all would tell her to fuck off back to the trailer park.

Being a lonely khv at mid 20s means I'm a much easier target for a gold digger.
I'm a trust fund kiddie. Father died, left me a bunch of property that I collect lease from.
Not 'upper class' rich, but wealthy enough.
Cousin entered uni in my city, said my aunt he can stay with me so he doesn't have to look for a dorm.
Cousing brings his friends from uni over, and I socialise for the first time in years.

My point still stands. I realize by default you are hanging with these people your cousin brings over but they aren't your friends really. They all know you got some cash, your cousin told them likely and all of them will put their hand in your pocket at some point.

Being serious for a moment. Get the fuck away from them

You might be right. All these normies probably tolerate my fat weeb self in their normie group because they know I got some money.
I'll just tell my cousin to never bring them over again and gather elsewhere and cut my ties with them.

use her for sex but don't spend any money on her or commit to her

Just tell her she a) reminds you of your sister or b) is like a sister you’ve never had.

How do you know she's after your money?
What has she done to make you think that?

What else would she be after? I'm a fat weeb.

Your low self esteem is speaking. Give her a chance and if it doesn't work out dump her. Your mind set isn't exactly healthy.

I know, but I'm trying to be a bit realistic here.
She's a good looking gal, easily a 7/10.
I'm a socially awkward fat weeb, average height, average looks (if not fat) and not outgoing.
I never had a relationship, or any sort of anything with a girl really, ever.
So if I 'give her a chance' I would fall in love for sure and not be able to think realistically.

Just don't give her money. Why waste what might be a great opportunity? It most likely will not work out but then you have gathered valuable experience and can apply that in the future. Dont let your brain fuck you over.
And always watch what she does and not what she says.