GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest

Reach for me
There is a beautiful electricity
It sings and hums in our fingertips

And maybe I'm not the same
As everyone else around me
Maybe I'm not to blame
For all of the pain I left behind me

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I'll harm them

I haven't had sex in three years due to mental health issues

Oh you. You wouldn't be you if you didn't try to smear me and blame me for your abuse. Thank you for playing by the narcissistic book of rules. Classic textbook. I'm so glad I got away.

fuck em

And feed em cornbread

I want to be beaten until I can't walk straight and mercilessly fucked afterwards

How the fuck do I rebuild trust when everything I do you make me the ultimate monster.
I'm so terrified of having you see me like this and you see me like this so much that every mistake I do, it's never redeemable.
I'm trying my hardest to be someone better to be someone no matter what you put me through that I can support you.
But you need to start meeting me half way, because it's becoming harder and harder to do right by you.
I don't know what I can do anymore.
I just want to be the support and trust system that you deserve and you need from me...
So please actually allow me to.

Fuck you D. I told you that as a sign of trust from what happened last year and you decide to tell everyone in our fucking school. I can't remember the last time I told someone something that important. And when I do the same thing to you to a lesser degree you call me the wierdo. I trusted you but you decide to just spit in my face. Why did you do it? I know why, it was because you are a narcissistic cunt who thought 'whoa this conversation is not about me, I'll just say something secret to get all the attention on me'. You have fucked me.

Im so fucking sorry for that stupid lie, i honesty didnt even love you properly but nlw that we're breakon up i cant seem to see life without you, i think i might be scared theres no good girls left but you, its so easy to fuck girls but to find a beautiful soul vjrgin thats all mine, i think that was my last shot

What the fuck do i do as a career im getting to old for this shit i just want to travel around the world somehow

I'm tired of being told I'm not enough. I feel like I've been making such strides, and every step has been exhausting, and to be told that all my failures are still my fault makes me want to crawl into a cave somewhere and die. I keep pushing and worry that by the time I'm good enough, I'll be dead anyway.

>pre depression and existential crisis
literal cuck. emotionally weak and an dog to my crush
>after depression and existential crisis
confident and doesnt give a much fuck to unnecessary thing and girls are interested in me.
I dont know what the fuck happen but I like it so far

this one is aimed at me because i really need to hear this and none of my friends will ever tell it to me straight for some fucking reason:

you dumb fucking faggot, how the FUCK did you get caught up in this shit? what the fuck, you knew this bitch wasnt actually what she seemed and you STILL fell for it you dumb retard.
she has a nice smile and is sweet to you? oh boo fucking hoo another footnote on the infinitely long list of male retards who have fallen for this shit. jesus christ, and then your fears were confirmed by someone else and still tried getting it with her because instead of taking a loss and admitting to yourself that you dodged a bullet you refused to lose.

when you see this bitch again dont give her the time of day, she will probably be dating this other faggot and that means its his problem now. shes a social parasite with no morals who will cock tease TWO men who work with her ex boyfriend in a small company. dont humilliate her, dont shit talk her, dont give her the time of day and dont fall for this shit again. dont take her bullshit apology, bad people always have excuses for being cunts and its time to start telling them to fuck off.

you are unphased by this, it didnt even touch you and this will be the last thing you´ll read/write about this situation. it wont consume your mind any longer.

sincerely, yourself

here's a story about my day yesterday.

>be me
>go to psychiatrist to see if i need medication
>it's long overdue but at least i'm getting it done
>i decide to walk home instead of taking the bus
>buy a bag of gummies at the snack bar
>takes about an hour, enough time to listen to an album i really wanted to but hadn't gotten around to
>the psychiatrist's office was away from the city, so a lot of beautiful farmland on the way back
>i walk home listening to good music while eating gummies and looking at the landscape
>proud of myself for taking steps to fix my issues
>it was a good day

>fighting depression
>seeing how my favorite musicians die of suicide

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haven't looked at my phone the last 3 days
tomorrow's work again
i miss you, but things between surea s hell are not over, even if i told you that


could've been aimed at me too user, thank you

What you are doing will follow you beyond the grave.

they're retarded bastards that blame everyone else on their shortcomings, don't listen to them

it's all about whether you think that it's good enough, if it is don't push it, if it isn't then try harder

I want to tell you that I love you.

Funny thing, it didn't need to be this way. Now we at war and I'm down to fight with everything I got.

There's nothing beyond the grave.

I feel fucking pathetic, did I became a weeb?
I envy other cultures because i was born in this damned shitty country, i don't think its particularly japan, but I see other cultures in other countries and its all so cool, be it european, asian, etc, and I envy them, cuz what the hell do I have? Carnaval, gross.
I love music and that means i also listen to stuff from other countries, but i can't help but feel like someone would think i'm fetishizing those cultures and people, and I hate it when people say you're a nazi or some shit because some of these metal records are pagan.

I'll change myself. Just please tell me how you feel about me. I'll delete all their numbers off my phone. I'll get my head out of the gutter if you'd just reach out your hand.

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Fuck it, I can't take this anymore. I suck at social cues and nobody tells me anything when I do or say something wrong until they have to spell it out to me when they hate me the most. I keep driving people away because I don't know how to correct myself and nobody will point me in the right direction because everyone thinks I can do that myself. And every time this happens I limit my social boundaries more and more because I know for a fact that I'm bound to say something that rubs someone the wrong way.

Yes I have autism.

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Stay out of my dreams lass. Stray far from my subconscious and do not come back for you are too good

>the cute girl at work says she can't bake for me anymore
This sucks, she has been giving me baked goods since I started working here. I wonder why now? It's not like it was weird. My gf was maybe the only person upset by it, but it's not like I can get her to bake for me. Free desserts is good by my standards.

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I've embarked on an education that I thought was an okay idea before I started, but now that I'm actually doing it, it seems like I'm going to invest a lot of time and eventually money into something I don't even really feel any real passion or affinity for. It's also already begun to impact my sleep, which has also effected my work and personal life.
Quitting the courses seems obvious, but then I don't know if I'd regret it later. But then even if I did quit and I didn't regret doing it, I'd only be going back to a shitty, dead-end job at a workplace that's mostly full of idiots.
I feel like there never seems to be any situation in which I win, or even stand a chance of doing so and my life is just going to circle the drain for the next 40+ years until I finally die... unless I take matters into my own hands and just end it sooner.

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Only if you stay out of mine. I have too much going on to be thinking about an elusive dream.

I know that feel. Fuck I think just about everybody on here knows that feel.

This probably doesn't help you much, but for whatever it's worth, it's tricky for the people around you, too.
On the one hand, most of them probably do actually want to see you improve and to stop having these social misfires. But on the other hand, they've mostly been brought up with the notion that it's rude to just go pointing out what are probably mostly only small problems at first to you. So they're kind of relegated to not saying anything to you about these things, until it becomes too much for them and they just lose their patience.
TLDR: In an age when hardly anybody speaks their mind to people that they aren't close with, these people are worried about how you'll react if they do; so they say nothing until it's too late.

Can you give an example of the kind of thing that upsets people?

I always hate those types of people
at least if you speak your mind you'll have justification to ditch them if they take offense, people that hide things and hate you for things you can't possibly know are just complete cowards.

I wish there was a cute virgin trap in front of me right now. I'd love to suck that feminine penis and fuck that little asshole sore. I wonder what kind of moaning a bitchboi in heat would make as I slam my cock between those lips for a good sucking and then just go into that tasty boipussi.
Mind you no homo. Just want to try it once, would probably cheat on my gf for it too. If given the chance.

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Your gf was upset? That's strange. Maybe she talked to her.


I feel like he knows I got off thinking about him. :(

What the hell happened to the world? Why is everyone trans and gay now?

It is a bit, but again, this is a product of conditioning. Most of us have spoken our minds in the past and then had to put up with a needless amount of shit because somebody couldn't handle being told whatever was said. Yes, you're right when you say that at least it gives the speaker justification to ditch them after they take so much offense, but it doesn't stop all the shit they have to put up with from that person in the meantime (it may not always be immediate for whatever the reasons may be). You might hear the criticism and take it constructively, you might be low-key shitty and passive-aggressive for months on end, or you might just explode with a rant or full-blown rage. Until someone says something, they just don't know, but in most people's minds, putting up with the rammifications usually aren't worth the effort; so they don't bother.
I know it sucks and I know this isn't really helping you, but it's just how it is.

Why'd you have to go and write lass?

A huge segment of society has a serious problem with porn addiction. Like the most insidious addictions, most people are completely oblivious to the effects it has on them, or the fact that they even have an addiction in the first place.
t. A guy whose degenerate urges pretty much entirely went away almost immediately after watching porn.

*after he stopped watching porn.
Sorry, only woke up a little while ago and my brain isn't quite functioning yet.

you mean quitting porn?

Yes they do. You think the porn is influencing them to be gay and trans?
>A guy whose degenerate urges pretty much entirely went away almost immediately after watching porn.
I don't get it, you seem to contradict yourself, you find porn a positive thing?

Oh thanks, that cleared it up.


I gotta keep on truckin'

Goddamnit I should’ve said something about the knife.
My coworker stuck my razor/boxcutter knife in my face right off my toolbox. (You guessed it, out of view of the cameras!) but our supervisor was right there, yeah the toolbox was in the way but it’s a toolbox. I should’ve said something like “Hey George! Tell this guy to get the knife out of my face” but nope I said nothing and now the guy just keeps fucking with me with stupid shit, thankfully no knives today but I kept shit about this knife, the 4” channel iron to the chest, Ect. Why the fuck do I let this happen? I always let this happen.

Go ahead

I can't fall for him again but I want to and he knows it.

What's wrong with me? Why do I feel these connections so deeply.

I hope I didn't misrepresent the guy with the social issues (I just responded because I dislike the passive-aggressive fucks) but I always have problems with the guys who complain over and over again on how the social misfits start developing mental problems and grow in number and cause problems when most of them could've been avoided if people just talked to them and guided them. If you're a girl that has a crush on a guy just ask him out, if a person does something you don't like just suggest to them that they stop, if a person is struggling with something you know well just tell them about it. But instead people just allow others to rot and allow the assholes of the world to give them suggestions on how to be happy, and they will listen because unlike the "better be safe than sorry" crowd the assholes actually talk to them.

Yes; it was easier to just add to my post than delete and make a new one. But I was trying to say that I changed for the better after I stopped watching and fapping to porn; I just fucked up typing it.
>You think the porn is influencing them to be gay and trans?
I think that copious amounts of porn (and the masturbation to the porn that inevitably follows) is a huge factor in steering people down a path towards degeneracy. It may not necessarily give you a prediliction for trannies, or your own gender; it could steer you anywhere, depending on what you've been exposed to. You're on probably one of the best websites on the entire internet for observing this as it happens.
Aside from my own experiences, I was amazed at how many other people I've seen on here over the years who've openly admitted that they've also found themselves neck-deep in porn and other degenerate acts that years ago they weren't even remotely interested in. Even despite knowing full well beforehand that these activities existed.
None of what I'm saying is the result of an in-depth study or scientific research; it's nothing more than my own experience. But that's what my experience tells me.

Just give me one cute boi to give up that boicherri. Just once and then I can off myself if you'd like. Maybe I can fuck you if you're cute?

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>You're on probably one of the best websites on the entire internet for observing this as it happens.
Take a look at this guy:
>I wish there was a cute virgin trap in front of me right now. I'd love to suck that feminine penis and fuck that little asshole sore.
I bet you dollars to donuts that this guy has seen and fapped to a tremendous amount of porn and continues to do so.

Every day my dude. Even when I don't feel like it.

what could i even said to you when you no longer want me in your life

I agree with you wholeheartedly actually. My bf got me into a certain category of porn and it changed me for the worse. I finally escaped that way of viewing things and feel happier. I never watch porn at all now as I know for sure it made me a crappy person.


I can't wait to go to turkey and try real turkish tobacco

One time I was out on a sort of trip with another friend where we would be shooting guns a lot. It wasn't until I fired a few mags worth of ammo that he told me I'm supposed to owe him money for what I shot.

Being a novice shooter I had no idea that such a courtesy existed and now I was pissed AND in debt.

I could talk more about all the socially inept shit that I wasn't told to stop doing during that trip. By the time we were heading back home my friend just UNLOADED every single goddamn thing that upset him during the trip in one go, and I was trapped there next to him, holding back tears so hard that I thought I would explode from the strain of doing so.

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How many online flings have you people had? I might have a problem.

my count:

OkCupid: 4
Tinder: 1

Your friend sounds like an idiot. You don't charge people to fire your gun, what a cheapo.

I wasn't quite that bad, but I had similar problems.
I recommend you set a long-term goal for quitting porn, but bring it to fruition in baby steps.
So instead of saying to yourself, "I'm not going to fap to porn ever again," or, "I'm not going to fap to porn for X number of months," just say, "I'm not going to fap to porn today," or, "I'm not going to fap to porn right now." If you do get the urge to do it, just use the, "Not right now," mentality. Then each time you get the urge, just put it off again and again until the urge starts to go away.
Honestly m8, within about a week of not fapping to porn my urges for it went away almost entirely. I still fap, but now I do it the old fashioned way; although I'm now working on cutting that back, too.
I'm really glad you got out of it. Like I said: It's such an insidious problem for most people that they aren't even aware that it's doing damage.
When I think about all the time I wasted through just searching and watching porn, coupled with all the psychological shit it did to me, it really was just a destructive waste.
If I could offer just one bit of concrete advice to the youth of Western Civilization, it would be to not fap to porn because of the damage it will do without you even noticing.
I can't speak to the female perspective like you can. But so far as men are concerned, I believe that if they weren't going for instant gratification in large quantities of porn, their psyches and general mentalities towards a lot of things would be much better. I think women rot their brains with media, too; but I don't consume their media, so I don't know enough about exactly what it is. But for men I think a huge one is pornography.

Those people you met or just texted to?


Yeah. Also there's a discord server where apparently I rub quite a few people off the wrong way and nobody really tells me what's making them uncomfortable.

I feel like my heart is ready to move on from my ex. That one was really painful.

let me get this off my chest:

I have never cheated or so much as had an emotional affair. I never used sex as a weapon

If a guy is mean to me, I just assume he hates me right?

He might just be looking out for the best interests of you and you don't see that there is a hole in the ground and you might fall on your face and break your nose so to stop you he says WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING IDIOT

Honestly that sounds like it's more your friend's social ineptitude than your own. I thought you meant you were saying or doing something annoying, but that sounds more like it was just straight up his own failure for not telling you ahead of time.

Being complicated isn't a monopoly held by women; men do it, too.
He could hate you, that is a possibility, he could also just be annoyed at you. He might even like you, but either can't express it in a better way, or is acting out of frustration at what he considers to be an inevitable prospect of never being able to have you. Or he could just be a dickhead.
It's a complicated situation that we'd need to be there with you to properly observe. Maybe you'd be better off speaking about this with a close, mutual friend if it's possible.

I've been talking to this girl I met on a dating site for a few days now. We started chatting on Snapchat after we met on a dating site and we've been going back and forth with all the basic get to know you kind of questions.

I've exhausted those questions by now. By now, I know her job, her hobbies, her interests, her humor, etc.

So I popped the question and asked her if she wanted to hang out right after she asked me what I was looking for exactly (to which I said a relationship and to which she replied "same cool". To which she replied with "No it’s fine it’s a little toooo soon to do that sorry ". I said okay but now I don't even know what to talk about.

What do I talk about to become more comfortable with her? Is what she said a bad sign. I'm not exactly experienced in dating or women.

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I just want to say to my wife that her leaving was a good thing. I loved her while we were together, but now I realize just how fucked up things were. You never really loved me, but just used me as your emotional crutch. Once I shared my own burdens you simply bailed on me. That's all fine though. You're richer, so when I finally get the balls to file for divorce I'm taking a price for all the love you drained out of me. Also, you leaving made me see who really mattered in my life, and was always there for me. I always secretly thought she was better than you anyway. Maybe seeing where things go with her will help me stop loving you...

Honestly dating sites are bad for forming relationships; you'd be better off meeting women IRL and learning as you go.

I'm really sorry but you keep putting me into these really stressful situations and I feel that this puts a huge toll on our relationship. The feeling of not wanting to be involved with you is getting stronger and stronger.
I love you though, and you're one of the kindest people I know, but I don't want to take responsibility for you and those around you. It's just over my capacity. Keeping up in this relationship is fucking exhausting I feel that my emotions for you are getting weaker too. I'm sorry. I'm not sure we're meant to be after all.

My motivations are fucked up.
I clean my house not because cleanliness is next to godliness
But because uncleanliness is niggardry.

Can't recall if I ever felt that way about any girl in the past but you made something which feels like it is something that only I can understand even though I don't know you at all and I seen you for the first time ever. I sincerely hope it wasn't the last time though. It's almost obvious you are not here but I want you to know that tomorrow at the same time I will be where I first saw you, because regret is killing me already, thanks ego...

You and your sister are good for nothing whores.

Just got a job offer after about 2 weeks of unemployment

Just another day

I'll abuse them I deserve revenge

I guess I only loved what you represent, not you.

I can't make sense of this womans actions.

She borderline stalked me for months at work. Making every effort to see me all the time. we were practically workplace besties.

She knows I'm shy, I struggle with other people. she still made the effort.

And yet, when I made the effort back, she backed off. One minute she's telling me to be more social, the next thing she's jumping ship the moment I sit with her on break.

I back off, and next thing I know she's back at my heels.

This went on all pretty much last year.
She even asked my number, I wrote it down and gave it her the next day and she said she didn't need it anymore.

After that, she seemingly lost all interest in me. Ignoring me, couldn't even sit and face me, barely made eye contact lost all interest in talking. I still asked how her day was and I'd get one word answers and she'd not ask it back.

Then I gave up on it. Took the hint. Started going for breaks later so I wouldn't see her. Not impolite - we still say "hi" in passing but that's all we say. There's no talking now.

She's going for her breaks later now too and I can feel her eyes on me. This feels like bait and I'm not taking it.

I'm done and to be honest, the way works going I'm better off not getting attached, she'll probably be fired sooner or later.

My gf is pretty much pic related. The way she acts and views herself. I loved her to bits but something happened and I started falling for a classmate of mine. Now when we fuck I'm thinking of my classmate and not my loving gf. She thinks everything is fine, but inside I want nothing more but the other girl.
My gf is hotter, smarter and we habe been together for over 2 years. Why do I feel this way? I want to love her back but I don't know anymore. A few classmates and I will be going out for dinner after class, the new girl is part of that group. It's gping to be weird.

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If there is a life after death then I should stop being anxious because of how insignificant these events are

If there isn’t a life after death I should stop being anxious because nothing I do matters, I’m not being judged, I’m a free man

Why am I like this

Why do I care so much

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Oof biggest fear triggered bailing every action for fear of rejection

I'm ready to say all my goodbyes now.



You can never be sure unless you ask him. For me, sometimes I just can't express how I feel so I have to ignore some people. I don't hate them.

I'll always deserve revenge

No you don’t. And you will never get it bc you’ve been posting that same threat here for weeks instead of doing shit about it. So kindly stfu and piss off

So after a sustained bit of depression and getting help I came up witha plan to go forward. Turns out asthma completely fucks me over for the military which is kinda important for my long term experience as travel, getting training to further my career, and networking before finishing, going back to school to complete my BA while working part time as a paramedic, then doing med school. A bunch of stuff in between but doesn't matter now. I've been fucked by something that doesn't even affect my life. For me to say I don't have asthma I'd have to wait a few years. I fucking loathe school and had intended to go back only after getting a specific type of experience. I have no means forward and my productivity is surprise surprise, shot to hell. This fucks over my plans for the next 20+ fucking years. I am trying to evaluate if there is another means to pursue my interests but ultimately I will still need credentials. Something I will have a hard time getting without the education filled with extraneous bullshit that I hate. I can't even find people that sustain me feeling shit because I won't be in that career. I'm going to look at the national guard and see if it offers what I have in mind for me to live a sustainable lifestyle and if it doesn't I'm going to either drown myself or shoot myself.

Because it denotes that it's about a woman? What kind of question is that?

give me my fucking shit you stupid mother fuckers.

This won't end well for fucking anyone.