Why do females seem to be atracted to masculine guys that disregard women opinions and feelings and hold sexists views...

Why do females seem to be atracted to masculine guys that disregard women opinions and feelings and hold sexists views like women should stay in the kitchen?

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Perhaps you have a confirmation bias and see what you want to see.

Cause they're good looking

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Whenever I treat women like shit, they respect me more.

I like masculine guys, and not all masculine guys are like that. A lot may joke about it but most don’t typically do or believe that shit.

It's called being attractive. Become that and see how different shit goes

I'm a submissive bitch

So you're a shitty person who attracts other shitty people and that applies to everyone, how? Confirmation bias.

Sad for you though.

I'm not a shit person, but I've found women tend to respect me more when I stop giving a fuck about their feelings and shit.

covert sexism is still sexism and "females" notice from a mile away. good luck


women like sexist males.

Because women subconsciously know they should be barefoot with child in the kitchen and seek a man that will put them in their place.

You say you treat them like shit.
Saying misogynistic things to them.
That is definition of a shitty person and all you can attract are people are screwed up as you are.

You can't apply this to everyone.
This is your answer. You attract what you are worth which isn't much.

>muh soggy knees
No one cares

Maybe I exagerated, I never say to a girl she should be in the kitchen.

Most of the time I just emotionally ignore them and this seem to attract them more.

Grow a spine. You be loving and nice to a woman all you want as long as it's warrented and you don't overdo it. Women want a good man who owns his shit and can fuck them to kingdom come. Only broken women stay with 'players'.

Women do like their feelings taken serious, however they also just want to be talked to like a human. A lot of men tend to be the cry pillow for girls and it's not really attractive, you can make stupid jokes, you can act how you normally would, but a woman can smell insecurity and while it's not a bad thing, she's most likely not going to see you as a lover because she wants someone stronger than her. May not apply to everyone, but the majority speaks for itself.

You are over-generalizing.

Some immature girls are, just as some immature guys can't see past big breasts. The smarter/more mature/wiser the woman, the more she chooses character over appearance

tl:dr slut rode the cock carousel but now seeks beta bucks to be the provider

You need this

When you treat girls like shit, they assume you must be important to treat them that way.

Yes it’s retarded but they can’t help their instincts. Especially the ones who say “No way, I’d neeeeeever get with a guy like th-that!”. Then after you fuck them they rationalize it by pretending you were somehow nice at first.


women are preprogrammed to like dominant guys, and will put up with some other BS to get that dominance

just like men like feminine women and will put up with some bitchyness to get that

This. Who can say with a straight face that "women" are anything more than big children?

I can tell this is a girl or effeminate man. One of the classic hamsters they have.

>Y-Your jedi mind tricks don’t work!
>A-Actually you give off a psychic aura which attracts STUPID girls who like STUPID boys like you because they’re STUPID!
>Haven’t you watched “The Secret”?
>Law of Attraction is real!
>My horoscope said so

Too bad. The empirical research says women prefer sexist men. My firsthand experience has shown me acting sexist works best.

Why should I believe you?

Kek. Look at this tradcuck coping. “Nice” girls enjoy getting treated like garbage the most.

Because I'm (morally (?)) right?

You are correct. Younger attractive women gravitate towards more alpha men for high quality DNA. Then when they become ugly and less fertile (mature) they cannot get the same quality of men, her parents are asking why she’s not married, and those bills need to be paid. So she gravitates to more feminine men.

Feminine women by definition aren’t bitchy. Confrontational and disagreeable behavior is masculine.

Too bad for you I don’t have to act or play a role to get pussy. You don’t have to be sexist, cause then you attract all the damaged ones with daddy issues; good for a lay, but not relationship material. You can still tease and make fun of a lady to get her panties wet without being an asshole.

Morally I agree, but it just works.

did you even read the article or just the headline?
are these really sexist traits to you? sounds more like your average reddit orbitter to me

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What the fuck did you just say? I mean, I get it. This is 4channel. You think you're oh so funny and witty but you've gone too far with this, bub. You think mature women can't have good men? Is that honestly what you think? Do you really think that older women go for less attractive men because they can't possibly get them? Hmm? Well, let me tell you a secret; no. They go for "less attractive" men because those are the kinds of guys who had to develop actual personality. The exact kind of personality older women come to appreciate, and appreciate BECAUSE of experience!
You are the *worst* kind of troll. FUCK YOU

>when results matter more than morals
Yikes. Men need to die

They don't.

>Too bad for you I don’t have to act or play a role to get pussy
Bah. Everybody plays a role, nigger. You chose the non threatening “boyfriend” soft provider role.
>You don’t have to be sexist, cause then you attract all the damaged ones with daddy issues
All women like getting treated poorly.
>You can still tease and make fun of a lady to get her panties wet without being an asshole.
Made my spit out my whey laughing.

Imagine being so cucked you start hamstering for post-wall hags

When your only biological purpose is to breed then the results matter quite a bit, I'd say. You're not doing anything harmful either by doing that either except potentially altering the perception of yourself for people you'll probably not see again.

You're taking it too seriously.

We don't, really.
I like conservative and traditionally masculine men, but not even my boyfriend who is basically so right wing that he's a meme in my group of friends ever mistreated me.
He's very respectful of me, values my opinions, is extremely loving. I like more traditional gender roles and so does he, so we're compatible in that way.

Fuck you, my man.

I'll gladly accept the invitation. When and where?

>Why do females seem to be atracted to masculine guys
because masculine features indicate good health

Are you near Pittsburgh?

East coast. Got discord? About to go back to work and new people to talk to are kino.

I'm a dude, faggot. Are you really this thirsty?

I knew it my man. Just like banter. Still wanna play vidya or some shit I'm still down one of these days.

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Nah. I don't have my pc hooked up, and I don't really play any multi-player games. Thanks for the offer

I'm a girl. Why do you think I'm a man now? Kek.

Look at this incel larping as the fabled Chad. Bet he'd do a woman's dirty laundry in a heartbeat if she sent him a couple smiley faces and 'seemed interested'.