Still play pokemon go because loser

>still play pokemon go because loser
>in a group chat for raids and stuff
>me and 7 dudes
>my boyfriend is uncomfortable with it
>bf's friend Mike has a weeb girlfriend, Bea
>ask Bea to come along since she loves pokemon
>she gets into it
>gets close with one of the guys
>cheats on Mike
>now my boyfriend wants me to drop the group

Is it unreasonable or is it just me?

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>SEVEN dudes
>Just you and one other girl
>The moment another girl joined the group someone tried to fuck her

You have to admit, it doesn't look good, does it?

I wouldn't even care if he came with me when we meet up on community day or for raids.
It's not like I'm friends with them, I don't know other people who play. I've never cheated and have no intention to.

seems pretty unreasonable since you’re not the one who cheated

Guys only hang around girls for 2 reasons
They’re fucking them
They want to fuck them

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Throw bea under the bus. Say she was a slut and it's her fault she cheated, not the guys in your group.

I hang out with them because I want to raid gyms with them in pokemon go.
They're not friends, it's a game you're supposed to play with other people or you can't progress much. I don't have male friends.

That's a pretty valid strategy. Thanks user.

I mean if you've been in the group a while and nobody has made a pass at you, while she hooks up right away, it doesn't sound like the group is the problem.

I never hang out with them, I'm introverted as shit. She's very extroverted.
They invited me to go out after raids or after community days but I always say "nah thanks" while she went out with them a few times and.. yeah.

Yeah. I understand your bf's feelings, but they're really something he needs to get over. Really drive home how it's all Bea's fault, and how you're not even friends with any of them. Past that the ball is in your bf's court, hopefully he can pull his head out of his ass. Good luck, user.

Jealousy is a disease that will continue to creep in and mess everything up if you don't stop it.

If you don't have any male friends that increases the chances.

If your boyfriend doesn't accept that you are only doing this for fun and believes they will eventually get to you, believe me he will be trouble.

Don't get me wrong. You need to reinforce his self esteem and your mutual trust. If he can't, him or both of you aren't even mature enough to be in a long term relationship.

Enjoy the fun. Don't limit yourself for hypothetical issues.

My friend and his girlfriend play Pokemon go and shes one of the few girls in their groups.

Seconding this

Don't see how it's your fault, user.

Part of Pogo groups as well, and I'm just like you. Hell, I don't even know the people's names. I just show up then leave. At worst you can bring him to see jic.

I can see this coming down to an ultimatum though. What's more important, Pogo or him kinda thing

>I've never cheated and have no intention to

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And this is why the whole idea of putting a shit ton of effort into being attractive just doesn't seem worth it. Thanks for reminding me, op.

Because then your girlfriend will play pokemon go? I don't get it.

I don't have any problem with him coming, I don't give a shit. He doesn't play, never did (not even in 2016, he didn't play pokemon even on the game boy desu).

If he poses some dumb ultimatum on the "it's either me or pokemon go" I'll dump him because he's an idiot.

You're right, you don't.

Do you think I have to go through particular lengths to cheat, if I want to? I'm a fairly attractive girl, I am in a college town, I get hit on multiple times a day.
Cheating or not is a matter of morals, not of opportunities. I don't cheat because I don't want to, not because I can't. People who want to cheat find a way, you can pay for sex if you're desperate enough. I never had any desire to cheat, I've always been loyal, I love my boyfriend a lot.

Sure think, babe

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>hit on multiple times a day

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I'm same way desu. Attractive guy. In a committed relationship. Go to good college. Have perfect GPA. Ton of girls who want to study with me end up hitting on me. NEVER going to cheat on my girlfriend. It's the principle of it. It's below me to cheat on anything. ESPECIALLY my queen.

I'm a 20 year old girl in STEM, in a big school that is 70% men, who looks fairly pretty, and with mostly male-oriented interests.
It's really not that hard to get interest, I've seen literal hambeasts get asked out on regular basis.


OP what you're doing isnt wrong but it would make almost any dude uncomfortable

This is why don't try to make male friends anymore. Fucking mongoloids.

I don't try to make male friends. Most men are fucking brainless pigs and I don't care about wasting my time on then.
I fucking play pokemon go. There aren't groups of women in my area who play pokemon go routinely. I just want to fucking play pokemon go.

Every girl has no interest in cheating until she does. Mike's gf probably had zero interest in it until she joined that little group and got charmed by whoever the fuck. Keeping out of that situation in the first place is usually a good idea and is respectful toward your partner, especially considering the events that just happened with Bea.

Quit being selfish.

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And something I forgot to add:

You should drop the group on principle because it resulted in the dissolution of your friends' relationship. I mean, unless principle is a foreign concept to you or something, and you really don't mind any awkwardness that situation will bring if you continue hanging out with them.

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It's simply untrue. I don't want to cheat.
You don't accidentally fall on a cock, you have to want to, put yourself in a position to cheat and not have the morals to stop you from cheating. i don't have any of those problems - I don't have the desire, I'm never in the position to cheat and I'm strongly against cheating, I find it repulsive.
Being in the same general location of other men won't result into me suck their dick.

Bea being a whore is the reason why they broke up. Bea and the guy she cheated on Mike aren't in the group chat anymore because the guy who manages it said he doesn't want drama. I'm not friends with Mike, my boyfriend is. I've never been friends with Bea.

>"Liberated" women.
>Having principles.

Op, you're an adult, stop with the Pokemon/Anime/Gaming bullshit.

>I don't want to cheat.
Until you do. You realize millions of people have said the exact same thing you're saying, and they really mean it, right before they meet someone new and cheat.
>I'm not friends with Mike, my boyfriend is. I've never been friends with Bea.
Still, it's your boyfriend's relationship so at least have some respect for that. It's a really minor sacrifice to find a different group to play the game with.

These are delusion levels that would break million dollar equipment. You are so far removed from reality and your own constitution that you actually believe this shit you typed

No fuck you. I like catfishing on tinder too

Nah. It's pretty good excuse to get out of the house every day and walk a lot.

> it's your boyfriend's relationship so at least have some respect for that.
It's not my boyfriend's relationship. It is my boyfriend's friend's relationship.
I don't know why "having respect" for Mike would involve stop talking to a bunch of people that his whore ex girlfriend didn't cheat on him with.

>It's a really minor sacrifice to find a different group to play the game with.
It's not. They live in my road, I'd have to go to some other place to meet them which means that if there's a good raid I can't get there fast enough.
And all pokemon groups are normally 95% men anyway, so it's not like I'm finding a female only pokemon go group. The end result is me meeting 5-10 more men and spending more time to go out and meet them.

All people I know who cheated were the kind of people who found excuses for cheating in the first place ("their relationship wasn't going well", "he cheated first", "he was an asshole", etc), constantly put themselves in situations where they could cheat, hanged out with guys they found cute, etc.
I don't do any of that.

>I hang out with seven dudes who clearly don't have a lot of ethical fabric
>My boyfriend doesn't like that but I think he's a faaaaag

So the whole thing behind bait is that it'll get you to reply basically

>literally hangs out with 7 guys
>I don't do any of that
Look, you can whitewash the situation however you want to make yourself feel better but come on now. Just be realistic with yourself. Not for my sake, for your own. This really is sad; that people can be so self-conflicted.
I hope you get better

>Girl cheat on her boyfriend
>It's the guy's fault
Clearly her fault. I've "hanged out" (went there, played PoGo, went home) with them for almost 2 years, nothing ever happened.

>nothing ever happened
Oh yeah, I forgot that you didn't hang out with 7 guys

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What do you think is going to happen when we walk around the city center looking for pokemon? That we're going to have a gang bang in the town park? I also invited my boyfriend to come along multiple times.
It's not really a situation where you can do anything that is any degree of romantic or sexual. I don't hang out with them outside of community day or raids.

I'm just saying none of this actually happened and you're just pining for (You)s on Jow Forums.
I substantiate that with the evidence that you're not actually here for opinions but validation, as evidenced in literally all of your posts in this very thread.
Of course, it's not that you intended to bait anyway, but at the outset of the thread it became bait when you just wanted to be right instead of trying to get perspective (which you clearly neither want nor respect of your boyfriend, unfortunately for him).

All in all, it's bait. You're just here to get replies and make people mad by falseflagging.

It's not cheating to walk in a park with other men.
I also go to class with other men, and volunteer at a church with other men. They're not orgies. It's just being in the same general location as men.

>It's not my boyfriend's relationship. It is my boyfriend's friend's relationship.
A friendship is a relationship and that's what I was referring to.
>I don't know why "having respect" for Mike would involve stop talking to a bunch of people that his whore ex girlfriend didn't cheat on him with.
The group and the activity was what led to it. Try to have some self awareness here, see things from his perspective. It seems like you're dead set on ignoring what your partner is telling you, and what other anons here have tried to indicate with their male perspective. You don't want advice, you want to be validated. While your boyfriend is experiencing some jealousy, it is warranted considering the context, and you being unwilling to meet him halfway is not doing your relationship any favors.

>It's not. They live in my road, I'd have to go to some other place to meet them which means that if there's a good raid I can't get there fast enough.
Maybe location plays a bigger role here than I thought, I don't play the game. Are you in a city and rely on public transport? Or a rural/suburban area and have a car? In either case a new group is something to consider since it is just a video game and will do something to diffuse the tension.

Lmao at the irony of women calling men brainless

I mean, how easy and convenient is it to simply not mention that you went back to any one of seven guy's house? What is even the point of this thread? You are being disingenuous in order to make yourself feel better, that's all this is. Either that, or well crafted bait.

>Well-crafted bait
Anything that claims to be a woman on the internet is awful bait and ""she"" has spent the entire thread repeating the same points using circular logic.

I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to respond to this. Such levels of false equivalencies should be possible in the human mind

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You're telling me that I'm cheating on my boyfriend or I'm in a situation that is at risk of cheating because I'm hanging out
>in a group setting
>in day light
>in public
>while playing fucking pokemon go
Just because there are men involved. I'm not dropping on my knees and sucking their dick while we are at the park looking for bulbasaur on community day.
Of course I'm not going to tell you "Oh dear, how didn't I notice that I was a filthy cheater all along?". It is fucking retarded.

That's why I called it that

>All people I know who cheated were the kind of people who found excuses for cheating in the first place
And those same people spout the same bullshit you do, word for word. People usually aren't born pieces of shit, but they'll make stupid decisions in the heat of the moment and rationalize it afterwards. That could be you.

No, lol, I'm saying it's bait and you just want replies.
I'm saying none of it happened. There is no group. There is no Bea or Mike. You're just stirring shit cuz that's what you do.

That point, of course, is true regardless of the truth of this thread.

>could be

The opposite sex makes up half the fucking population - how do you suppose your so is supposed to function if they're to avoid the opposite sex no matter what?

>the absolute state of modern women
You'd be massively butthurt if your bf was in a study group with a bunch of hot girls several days out of the week, which resulted in one of your friend's boyfriends cheating on her.

What strawman bullshit is this? I never said you can never interact with the opposite sex you retard. Just avoid one group that resulted in infidelity ruining a relationship of your boyfriend's friend.

I never hanged out with them to any extent that wasn't community day or raids.
If they ever asked to do something together after we played, I said no and went home. I don't want to be friends with men.

It feels kind of idiotic to ask me to stop talking to these people who aren't involved in the cheating out of "principle".
I don't know Mike well, I don't know Bea well, the guy she cheated on Mike with isn't in the group chat anymore and neither is Bea. So I have to stop talking to some people because their friend fucked the girlfriend of a guy who my boyfriend is friends with.
It feels kind of convoluted.

Halfway is me giving up on a game I like to play because he is jealous, or literally biking 15 minutes back and forth 3 times a week when I can just walk 3 minutes.

I'm never in a "heat of the moment" situation. Unless you literally think I can drop on my knees and suck dicks while catching pokemons at the park, which is literally the only moment outside of school I ever interact with men who are relatives or my boyfriend.

>Implying guys who play pokemon go in 2019 are hot
And my boyfriend is around hot girls at his job all day, I don't really care much.

>I don't want to be friends with men
>has boyfriend
>I'm never in a "heat of the moment" situation
Please, stop. This is too much

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I'm not friends with men.
I don't hang out with men alone. I don't get drunk. I don't go to clubs or parties. I don't go over at friends' houses if there are boys over.
The only man I talk to daily is my boyfriend.

I've never been in a moment when there was a risk of cheating. Not even a slight one.

>I don't hang out with men alone
>hangs out with seven men
Ok, this was a decent troll for a while, but you lost your edge. I'm still going only because class doesn't start for 20 more minutes

Alone, one on one.
Again, I don't see how I could possibly cheat while hanging out with men in a group setting, in public, during the day, while sober.

I don't possibly see how you could omit any instance where "you" (a hypothetical female) cheated. It's simply not possible. It's totally reasonable to just assume "your" boyfriend is a raging misogynist because "you" hang out with seven different guys for fun

Women don't cheat because they initially wanted to cheat, they cheat because they hang out with other men and get emotionally manipulated by them into fucking. Women aren't attracted to men unless they're emotionally manipulated by them, and interacting with other men opens the door to your vagina essentially.

>it's never the woman's responsibility
It take a certain level of dishonesty to write what you just did

>I'm never in a "heat of the moment" situation.
Fucking retard. Good bait though, you got me. Fuck off now.

I told you guys much earlier than this, you just all think you've got this.
Look, they're not even replying to everyone anymore. They just pick the most volatile ones.

Come on. You fucking faglords need to fucking lurk moar.

I don't think he's a misogynist.
I never cheated.

I never hang out with them further than the time it takes to do whatever we're doing while playing.
Again, I tried to make friends with men while I was a teenager, completely gave up on that when I was 14. Men aren't interested in being friends with women, I'm not interested in wasting my time.

I was out catching a pokemon, literally.
I'm not replying to someone saying "you're bait" over and over, don't see the point.

Yeah, I know. It's fun sometimes though. My life is pretty boring so I get wrapped up more than is probably considered healthy

So, if you did nothing wrong, and your boyfriend did nothing wrong, then please remind me again why you felt the need to make this shit thread