3rd gf who cheats on me

>3rd gf who cheats on me

Are incels right? WTFFff is wrong with women!? At least seek the conversation and break up before you flirt and date others??

Where do you even meet good women?

And NO, not you roastie, you who reads this, you are just the same as them

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>try the same thing
>expect different results
You could make yourself a tinfoil fedora or you could do something about it.

I hardly see how women are responsible for your shit taste in girlfriends. Like, it isn't the automobile industry's fault that you keep crashing cars, you just suck at driving.

You know the answers user, you just wish not to. 99.9% of women are vile disgusting whores. You just gotta keep trying until you find that .1%

>incels right?

Ask yourself this question. Would "incels" even exist if not for women's hypergamous and promiscuous nature?

And what did you do when it happened? Are you at least learning how to end it?

gee user what did they al have in common? :^)

must suck when only the bottom leftovers of female society are the only ones who want to date you

tinfoil fedora lol

yeah OP i'm sure them being women wasn't the only similarity you could be shit at picking slags

Wether you are a shithead is not bound by race, gender or anything else so superficial. I hope to witness the day, people grasp that instead of spouting generalized bullshit.

Nonetheless, sorry to hear, you ran into awful women thrice in a row, op. Hope you are able to move on one day.

Whether you use this term is definitely bound by gender. Nice try, cunt.

If it helps you find sleep at night, believe whatever you want. Just keep your damn mouth shut until you found any grasp on reality

There are none user. AWALT

want to fuck the hot chicks
want to fuck the hot bois

>i don't get laid they are all whores but i'm good


Nothing's wrong with women, the world is just full of shitheads. Shitheads can be both women and men, and it appears that you've had awful luck.

Don't lose hope and keep trying.

That's all.

>At least seek the conversation and break up before you flirt and date others
Yeah but where's the security in that? Then they might have to go without a boyfriend for thirty minutes.
They don't let go of one branch until they have a good grip on the next.

this guy gets it.

Women are literally never single

You retarded whiteknight stop pretending you know anything. I bet you never were in a relationship or you just want to tell yourself your gf is any different. Sry but she isn't

You're dating the wrong kind of women. Stop going after the easy ones.

>3rd gf who cheats on me
>And NO, not you roastie, you who reads this, you are just the same as them

Looks like you answered your own question m8.

>Where do you even meet good women?

I meet a lot of beautiful and interesting women. You likely don't have any boundaries, will settle for nearly anything, aren't emotionally intelligent enough, etc.

Basically, I'm saying it is your fault. I know, the 10 year old in you is screaming "But DAD, it's not my fault, they did it not me!", but life isn't fair and you're the only constant in your relationships– take responsibility.

>Women are literally never single

Unless you've been living under a rock, there are huge numbers of women (of all different levels of attractiveness or status) that are single and unable to find someone. There are also huge numbers of men (both alpha and beta) that are never single too. Hell, do you really want to be with someone that's never single– for me that's a huge sign of emotional insecurity.

It's very easy and convenient to construct a narrative where it's always the fault of the system. Why are you looking for an easy answer? Why do you feel like generalising 3.5 billion people's experience? Why are you focused on finding blame rather than doing something about it?

I mean, you spend your life blaming others, or you grow up and adapt to the world. If you don't change now, you'll be 80 and full of hate, unhappy about how you've always been fucked over.

If this OP isn't baiting, he deserves his fate as an incel.

lol i am

>there are huge numbers of women (of all different levels of attractiveness or status) that are single and unable to find someone

Because they're some Chad's piece on the side, and aren't looking for another relationship

Wonen especially sluts are single all the time

What he means is that women cant without men. There is always orbiting going on and backup guys and chicanery and other whore crap, women can't be without male attention

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You are typing way too much for how stupid you are. Cut to the chase, you dangerous dangerous man.

>it's not the fault of whoever cheats
It's like you're not even trying to hide the bait.

I think I have it all figured out, mate. Women NEVER stop looking for a better option. The only way to make sure she won't cheat is to get a gf that doesn't get much exposure to new males. Essentially if her entire day she works in an all-female environment or one where she keeps seeing the same people all day then the chances of her cheating are low. However if she's a hairdresser or works at a store or whatever then you can be sure that at some point she will cheat.

R9k has finally found its way in this thread

How you're doing, robots?

>women can share no responsibility

Bro, there's a reason why I have stooped even trying. I guess some people are slow learners maybe. Either way, there are enough stories everywhere, even in my own life, that tell me risking a female isn't worth it.
At this point, regardless of how much I want sex, the effort that would go into attaining it or the attention of females more generally simply is better spent elsewhere.
I'm sorry many. Hopefully you recover, but never forget what's been done to you

It wasnt cheating OP

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>Women NEVER stop looking for a better option
Lie. What always happens is when a guy gets in a relationship he stops growing or trying and frequently regresses. All women want is a guy on her same level or a little higher. If a bf is growing and I'm growing as a person we'll be fine. If a bf gives up and I keep progressing of course I'm going to stop dragging him along at some point and accept the attention of a guy at least equal to where I am, though it may hurt my heart to give up on a bf.

Let me guess, you go for the """"""hot""""" girls with daddy issues because they make your peepee hard, then you're shocked when they jump on the first new cock they encounter.

Learn to choose women better, you can spot cheating thots from a mile away if you're not a completely oblivious retard.

Well, 99.9% of what you wrote was total and utter bullshit.

>this whole fucking thread
>women are such sluts
>men totally are not

This world is doomed. You fucks are unable to think for yourselves.

Neither was I ever since I was 16. 28 now and never longer than three months without at least a FWB.

Don't listen to all these cucks. You're actually right, and the incels just don't want to hear that they gotta man up.

Not really. Fuck off.

No you fuck off. Stop it with your retardation already and go back to school. Maybe you learn something for a change you motherfucking cuck.

Yeah one of the guys that regresses thinking I'll drag him along forever.

>female logic

>implying I'm female

absolute fucking imbecile

No man is that dumb

You want a pic of my dick you fucking faggot?

The real dumbass is the guy who thinks that there is a notable difference in male and female loyalty in relationships.

>thinking dick makes you a man

>I got burned

Alright then

Then maybe don't do it?

I'm female and pointed out the obvious.

The only obvious thing is that you're dumb like hell.

I like how this person already cuts of any arguments to how things aren’t exactly like he demands it is. What advice do you give to that? Go fuck yourself?

>le witty cumback

Dude you already put your retardation on display, it's getting pathetic

>I got no arguments so I argue the person

Alright then. It's always good that you idiots show your inaptitude so openly.

Who the fuck writes "cumback" lmao, maybe a retarded woman.

Who are you quoting?

>Go fuck yourself?
Exactly. It's the only thing to say to MGTOW/The redpill fags, because these people are so dense in their opinion that they don not understand anything dissenting.

>Who are you quoting?
That wasn't so hard to figure out now, was it? I stick to what I said before, go back to school, you need some time to learn man.

None of the posts you linked contain what you quoted.

>dumb like hell
>not argueing against the person
Alright then, another display of perfect reasoning. Go ahead, convince me.

Do you know what does "quote" mean?

I’m not getting it. Everything MGTOW/Redpill teaches is observable. I cuck guys all the time and I’ve been cucked. I’d rather be the guy doing the cucking.

>keeps fucking new girls
>surprised that the girls he fucks does the same

Highly doubt it. As much as people here want Jow Forums to be purely reflective of society, it just isn’t. Going outside or observe any social group including family you realize. Most people don’t deal with the issues of cucks, incels, thots, autism. That’s still a very nichè group, it’s just that this is a place where the minority gathers + people who want to shitpost.

Now that's true mental gymnastic

Re-read you shit post and realize you are the literal definition of leech and the reason a man shouldn't want to put up with never ending idiotic demands. A literal voracious leech consuming her mate's resources until he's exhausted and then moving to the next host.
But you are probably a fat neckbeard pretending to feel better or a lonely woman, I should pity you.

It's a very obvious troll, or a true feminist.

Either way, it isnt something any normal intelligence person would think.

Not that poster, but this goes for any relationship, regardless of which gender you are:

If your partner gives up on self improvement because you are a couple, you should do everything to encourage the person you fell in love with to improve. If that person refuses to do so, for any reason, you shouldn't stay. If you do, you are setting yourself up for a miserable life in 10-20 years, where you likely ended up married, or you'll break up anyway.

A relationship only works if both put in effort. If one decides there is no need to put in effort because the "end goal" was just getting a relationship, and never maintaining it, then the relationship is doomed to fail.

That's just how it is. If your partner grows fat and lazy, and stops his/hers personal growth completely, you run. That's the only reasonable course of action.

>Are incels right

This third wave feminazi travesty we are witnessing today has nothing to do with true feminism. 1st wave feminism once strived for equality of the genders. And it was good.
Unfortunately it got undermined by now

I haven't seen one true feminist in a long time then. To me, it just looks like it developed into this abomination that is currently trying to infest everything.

Can't even say I dont care for feminism these days, without instantly getting called out by half my coworkers for having been "suppressed and unwillingly put myself under the patriarchys power".

Some people just need to let it go.

The thought police has grown strong around you. Sorry to hear that, mate.

Hope you find more rational human beings to associate with, men and women alike.


>incels think women only like angry violent abusive assholes
>incels are angry violent abusive assholes
>women don't like incels
Just one of the many things incels think, easily proven wrong.

It's not the women. Well, at least not completely. I am assuming you date 'risky' personalities who are prone to cheating. Try your best to look past their terrible behavior and focus on adding better people to your life.

My sister has the same issue with men. She's socially awkward, doesn't have any friends, and will cling on to just about anybody for attention. Essentially, she ends up dating bottom feeders. Being friends with bottom feeders. And then, just like you are OP, complains about it when shit people act like shit people. Fix the people in your life. Fix yourself. And try not to point fingers at everyone but yourself.

>Where do you even meet good women?
YOU don't. Good men do. You are a bottom of the barrel trash tier guy who can only get equally horrible girls.

Women like CHAD. It's all genetics, not behavior. I've met some pretty horrible Chads, and some nice ones too. You're strawmaning. The vast majority of incels cite their physical inferiority, not their "niceness", as the source of their problems.

Very few incels are all three at once. But, even so, Elliott got more female attention AFTER he shot up roasties and chads. Gets me thinking

Kill her for cheating on you

>Women like CHAD
The next thing incels are wrong about. Especially when they have no fucking idea what "Chad" even means, when you ask them to describe him he's some kind of demigod who can get any woman he wants. Incels are too dumb to realize there is no such man.

Elliot hardly shot any roasties and no chads. He shot up beta virgins. Even in his revenge he failed. Elliot was truly the epitome of failure, an idiot who had everything handed to him yet did everything wrong. Yet incels worship him. Makes you think.

kek you fucking virgins and roasties are all ignorant of themselves. 99.99 percent of people on earth are shit. ur a shit person and so am i but you dont see me telling others of the plight of women. ur just one of the millions of people coping with the fact that you are fucked and dont know how to fix it by shitting on slampigs.

Still doesn't change the fact that he got more attention after killing (aka being violent)

There is nothing wrong with women as a whole. There are obviously big problems with the women you choose. Why are you attracted to these women?

Unironically start hitting your next gf.
If your girl is afraid of you, she won't cheat on you and won't even dare to leave you. But you need to separate her from her friends, so you won't get the cops called on you or something.

>dates 3 whores
>is surprised when they're whores
Takes some next level stupidity to end up like this my man


Prove me wrong then, bitchboy. Google Stockholm syndrome.

>got more attention
Because of thirsty retards looking for their 5 minutes of fame, and to use it as a running joke with their friends.

This is common bullshit you see everywhere. They do this because of the attention, they don't give a shit about a psychopath like that. They just think attention is all that keeps their shitty existence from being pointless. Just like all other mediawhores.

>she won't cheat on you!
>she will just report you to the police and ruin your life completely!
Solid advice, chief.

>still 2edgy4u

>Stockholm syndrome.
You first.

Stockholm Syndrome does not apply to these types of situations. It's a hostage sympathy, not something that happens when someone you love starts beating you.

And you are sort of an idiot if you think this will work these days. There are way too much attention on it.

>you'll be 80 and full of hate
Ha, I'll be dead before then, and once you're dead you're dead. This life doesn't matter.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, bud

Men are better, you should be gay!
Although if they cheat on you too, well, have you thought it is maybe you?
Maybe the problem isn’t women, maybe you are the problem

Yes, that's valid but different from initial poster's intent. Leave the abusive/stagnant relationship without fucking(or having a romantic relationship) behind your partner's back, or you're likely part of the problem that made him a fat lazy fuck in the first place.

>Leave the abusive/stagnant relationship without fucking(or having a romantic relationship) behind your partner's back, or you're likely part of the problem that made him a fat lazy fuck in the first place.
Oh I agree completely. Unfortunately, that is depressingly common for both genders, though vastly more so for men than women. Women are just less prone to cheat, and only do it if they are spineless, selfish cowards. Guys do it because they have the chance, and are too mentally retarded to stop themselves.

Like you didnt cheat on those girls aswell, hypocrite.

>Men: willing to settle with someone below or at their looks level
>Women: only want the best quality mates and will not settle down until they are about to hit the wall

>you likely aren't emotionally intelligent enough
Too much truth for the butthurt, anti-women circlejerks on this board

lol you're doing something wrong dingdong

>meet girl
>she falls head over heels for me
>"I'm never usually jealous but with you I am"
>declares her undying love for me
>I get bored and I move on

I do to girls what girls do to you. You're boring and you are probably a bad lay with a tictac dick

monogamy is extremely rare in nature and evolution works by women only going for the top alpha males. The fuck did you expect OP? you have too much social conditioning by Disney. Women will cheat and have no loyalty if you lose your alpha status.