Someone help me decide what movie I should watch

Someone help me decide what movie I should watch.
>No anime
>No romance as main plot

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Wild Strawberries

come and see

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My advice would be to not post such a low key thread and YouTube it.

Jurassic park, if you haven't seen it


Taxi driver

I disagree.

I'd rather see this then the same old, "I'm really depressed and I've been told countless ways to fix it but I'm gonna make another thread today because I live a life of luxury that allows me to sit home and do so".

>The Raid 2

Listen to me on this OP I am objectively right here- it is hands down the best martial arts film you will have seen to date. The first installment is low budget and not required to understand the first.


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The original Watership Down
Lawrence of Arabia
The Man Who Would Be King
Seven Years in Tibet
The Kid
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Ip Man
A Serbian Film
August Underground
The Grifter
Pokemon 2000

Bleach live action movie :^)

time of the gypsies, on surface charming but deeply touching story while not being over the top at all, and i am very sensitive about this. looks and sounds very unique.

Oh man...that's such a disturbing movie. [spoiler] especially when they threw molotovs and the way nazis treated russians [/spoiler] This is one movie I won't be able to watch again.

The man from earth



Unbrekable is good also you should try reserward dogs


don't watch the fucking serbian film for fuck's sake

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Hustler
There Will Be Blood

Ghostbusters 2

You dont need to see Ghostbusters 1.
It was my favorite movie growing up. If you are feeling depressed/negative.....this movie will turn your life around and you will view things differently as well.


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A waking life

One of the best movies i ever saw

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Alita battle angel

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Fistful of dollars
For a few dollars more
The good the bad and the ugly

fuck it why not

Better Trailer

Kill Bill

i like you and your yakuza ways


Pacific Rim is my all time favorite, go in blind if you can. Dont watch the second

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


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aka yojimbo rip offs

The road

good one

The Beach

K-19 the widowmaker

>Devil advocate
A classic, beaufiful.

>Usual suspects

Shawshank Redemption

Lake Mungo

Friends of eddie coyle, serpico,