Sitting in hospital right next to my dying dad now

Sitting in hospital right next to my dying dad now.
His heart stopped twice in the last 4 hours.
Doc is saying that he peobably wont make it through the night.

Wat do guys?
Say something retarded to cheer me up, fuck my shit up, anything is fine.

I just dont know what to do.

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I hope he will make it. Hold his hand user.

I am not funny, sorry, but here are my attempts

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Husky that thinks it's a cat

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I lost my father in May after quite a long battle with cancer. It's rough. But it's life. I pray your friends can be more comforting than mine are. I wish I could help a man such as yourself. Take care.

Narcissist cat

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I am. thanks

Think this this my last "funny" pic, I genuinely hope your father recovers but if he doesn't I wish you all the strength in the world to carry on.

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Thanks man.

Gender confused van. I am officially out now, I hope even one of them may have helped, I don't usually keep happy/funny things on my phone

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who cares

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No one but me. But thats okay.

You're not the only one who cares man, ignore that dickshit

"something retarded"

you better have giggled op

Spend time next to him, not posting shitty memes on a shitty website. I hope he's not as disappointed in you as I am.

Please read

At least you had a dad

Fugg. I did.

Its so wierd. He just went the hospital for a routine checkup because his legs were swelling up again. Then he had to stay for treatment for "just a few days" and now he is fighting for his life.

Hope this helps. Sorry user.

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I hope you never lose your father

What's black and sits at the top of the stairs?

Steven Hawking after a house fire

Talk to him, stroke his face, tell him things you want to get off your chest. He'll sense it even if he isn't 100% aware. My grandmother died at the age of 103, she'd had dementia for ten+ years and hadn't recognized any of her children for five, and still she sighed with peace/relief at having her face cradled and gently stroked.

If you lose him I am very sorry for you but if it's any consolation, a bond like you have with a parent is so rich and formative that it will continue to develop long after he's gone. He might be dead for twenty years and then you'll still be remembering little details, or looking at certain things he told you in a new light because of new life experiences. Your dynamic and what position he holds to you is always going to grow on and nobody can take what he gave you away from you.

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I try to think of death as the end of all pain, all suffering of any kind. Literally incapable of suffering anymore. His problems are over.

It's how I think of my mom since she's died of breast cancer. She suffered with untreated bipolar her whole life, and really struggled with it. She was in denial about it, didn't start getting treated til she was in her late 40s, and she died at 50. Attempted suicide in bipolar depression a couple times. Life was very hard for her, and now all that hardship is finally done.

It soothes my feelings about death a lot to think about it in that way.

sorry about your father. I always find that looking at funny pictures of very large dogs cheers me up.

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give him a hug
talk about anything
play music that your dad likes
tell him he was the best dad
make the passes
take a last picture with the
give him a flower
mourn a lot with the
listen to your last wish
try to listen to their laments
tell him I'm sorry
wait for him to recover
but he does it, bury it in with the finest coffin
Do not get depressed if you did everything on the list
be happy knowing that you spent a good time with your dad one last time
I wish you the best