Just turned 18

>Just turned 18
>Feel like I wasted my entire life already
>Don't fit in with the normies
>Don't fit in with the bots (hence first post)
>Become literal cyborg
>Literally all my friends left me and my girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago
>Therapy doesn't work
>Working out doesn't work
>Working doesn't work
What do?

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>Just turned 18
>Feel like I wasted my entire life already
ffs you've lived barely anything, go out, try out different things, eventually you will find something worth living for

Kek, I'm lightyears worse than you - all high school: no will to live, depression, anxiety, fear of what others think, no gf, too much vidya, escapism, didn't explore any talents and skills, bad grades, didn't find any summer work, virgin, don't know what to study in the future, completely feel like a failure and i want to kms. I've tried but also didn't try anything

its a competition. Seek help maybe? Or die in regret. Fuck it your life. Also "kek" ew wtf

First of all, if you want to improve, improve your person
I am not talking about self-esteem (do not be faggost) i speak of your body and mind, get out of your routine, go to another city and start again.

Join the armed forces. Die doing something of relative use. Or survive and move on?

>Become literal cyborg
holy shit how? is the future here already?

>>Working out doesn't work
>>Working doesn't work
Do these things again.

Everyone feels like shit and like they’ve wasted their lives. We all put on a mask when we go in public and we are judging and comparing ourselves to others based on that mask. You go out and see a ‘normie’ looking human who looks clean and well looked after and on top of everything
But little do you realise when they go home they are just as miserable as you are. Society forces us to make ourselves presentable and happy on the exterior so little do we realise that we are all going through the same struggles and this is just the reality of being alive. It sucks and it hurts and the only thing that can bring you happiness is working on yourself and your own success and not comparing yourself to others.

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YEah, it's probably some form of depression. Thing is that I'm smart, good looking and tall, but some disgusting low self esteem and anxiety has been putting me down all these school years. Not to mention laziness, procrastination and low discipline. Ofcourse i can blame it on my childhood , my parents' divorce and my weak and ignorant father , but that way of thinking is just self-destructive. I'll get out of it, it's fine I'm not that bad I have friends, intelligence (although I wasted my potential imo, I could've gotten straight A's if i wanted, even go to law school) this winter i kissed with a hot girl, no sex tho... I just have to stop thinking about other people's opinions, it's a horrible disease

you sound like my ex

>Feel like I wasted my entire life
This is adorable honestly.

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im 18 and i feel like i have wasted my life as well.

i should have never got into anime
i should have never got into posting on Jow Forums.

i wish i did more productive things. I wish i took academic stuff more seriously. I should be in Uni right now with lots of debt

but no. im a highschool dropout that didn't take senior year seriously and hanged out with stoners. Idk, i could bitch about my life problems or i could get my ged, get into college, get some degree and work for the elite and die comfortably making money because thats life according to boomer parents.

>Feel like I wasted my entire life already
Shut the fuck up you literally have so much time to get your shit together. A lot can happen in 2-3 years. I was completely different at 21 than I was at 18. No one can teach you how to find yourself, do what the fuck you want ect.

I don't know what is worse: The journos who thought to write this or the people who get offended by something like this.
Technology isn't racist and we shouldn't stop advancements just because there are problems.

As everything it's a double edged sword... We need to moderate it and limit its negative consequences on the public.

I don't know what's worse the fact that you're a dipshit who reacts with monkey-rage when reading an unattributed headline to an article you don't even know actually exists, or, um, no that's just all there is, you're an imbecile.

Get used to it it gets worse

LMAO you realize you're still a little kid right?

an 18 year old saying that is obviously looking for validation, much like when a teenage girl tells guys "i'm ugly!!"

People are so scared to grow the fuck up Lmao