Need some dating advice lads. So basically I got sat next to this girl in class and shes totally my type. Stuff is going well and I'm thinking about asking her out or something. My shyness stops me from doing anything. A couple months later she starts going out with one of my friends. Feelsbadman. Don't know what to do because I cant talk about it to my friends because it'll be awkward as fuck. Not one to do this sort of stuff but shes totally in my league and nice and would be a great gf. Any advice?

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It’s too late now desu. If she’s dating your friend, she’s off limits permanently.

Next time just make a move. But don’t worry it’s not the end of the world

Too late bud, just be more proactive in the future.

I know what you mean but shes the first girl thats both in my league and is totally my type. idk what to do

You can’t do anything, lad. You just have to wait for a future girl

I know i cant force her to break up with him or whatever but i just want to know any advice on how to move on with shit like this

Tell yourself “it will ever happen” until you really believe it

Sorry, OP. I feel for you, I really do.

This is the right idea. Not easy, but please don't let yourself get hung-up on this one girl. I get that you're shy, but really the best way to move on is with someone else.

Some good advice but I definitely feel like its easier said than done. Also I'm gonna have to see her everyday because we sit together in class and its just shit trying not to flirt knowing i will probably never get with her. ;(

Just wanted to clarify that I'm not shy but I'm quite an introvert so not crazy chatty but not like a shy/awkward type person. I just take a while to get comfortable around people. If I really tried to I could have asked her out but I'm too much of a pussy.

>I will probably never

No. It’s “I will never”. She’s with your friend. You can’t date her. Even if they break up, you can’t date her. You can’t date your friend’s ex

Yep, I get it. Been there.

Same thing happened to me, there was a cute girl that I was too shy to really get to know. My best friend had no problem chatting her up, though, and they got together for a LONG time.
Sucked, especially when she and I really hit it off because now we had a mutual friend.

Dunno if you work out, but start if you don't. If you're a total weeb/neet, get involved with a martial art. Builds confidence and gets you in an environment where you can interact with people without actually having to do much socializing. Once you've been doing it for a while, I'm sure another cutesweet girl'll come along when you're not thinking about it.

OK, I amend my previous statements. Please substitute any references to being 'shy' with references to 'not easily able to engage in social activity due to discomfort.'

Are you me? If you're my doppelganger I will have to kill you.

its funny user cuz I do Taekwondo so i can tell we're similar people and its true that it does built confidence and im not a weeb/neet so i dont have to worry about being a creepy fuck. I 've been working out recently so getting fit is on the list of possibilities. Its just this one thing is rly bothering me and i hate that it is. The human brain is fucked that this all i think about.

Not if I kill you first user

Too late now. And only because you feel she is right for you, dosent mean she feels the same about you. Specially since she is dating someone else. Sorry, but she isn’t for you

Not if I kill u first user

She’s with your friend now, so, sorry boyo, your shyness and lack of action lead to this, also the not talking with your friend, you should’ve known he liked her and vice versa to avoid this awkward situation.
And the simple fact of thinking she would be perfect for you without actually knowing her, it’s terrible, feel happy for both of them.

I do know her we used to hang out and got on well and then she starts dating my friend at first im like whatever but now its rly bothering me. I know i cant get with her i just want to know how to move on with this shit

Ok, then did you saw the relationship coming? Because that’s something pretty obvious lad, don’t be selfish, the fact of you thinking she could be good for you doesn’t mean she is, there was no clarity of intent otherwise your friend would’ve noticed. The best way of moving on is to find someone else, and this time try not getting frozen, You miss 100% of the shots you don't take so just do it man. What the worst it could happen? She rejecting you? That’s how we learn dude.

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Some really sounds advice man. Its weird cuz he saw me being very chatty and flirty with her multiple times but she chose him over me. Am i the selfish prick for thinking that he's being a bad friend or am i the bad friend for not being supportive. Either way hes done dodgy shit in the past (telling people stuff i said behind my back) so idk. Also its probably shitty to assume that she was interested in me but from my perspective she acted like she was.

Quit being 12.

Fuck you dude i come here for advice not to be ridiculed

He’s not a bad friend she just isn’t into you.

Fuck off and find someone else to crush over.