I make autistic music that doesn't really fit into any genre and therefore I can't post it in /prod/...

I make autistic music that doesn't really fit into any genre and therefore I can't post it in /prod/. Its not really classical either. Can someone just listen to this and tell me if the composition is decent?


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It's okay. I like the second half better than the first half, sometimes less is more. I think the first half would be better without the string section, or whatever those sustained notes are in the background.

keep it up, user. It's not too autistic or unclassifiable, it sounds like a film score.

The clacking drum sound that goes through the whole piece is too loud and the echo is a tiny bit too high.
The brass part in the beginning is good but I think there's too many layers. Tone it down a bit and don't make every single beat dissonant.
Also during the second part I'd try to bring in a bit more dynamic. Gets boring if it's so flat.
I really like the gong near the end.
For the ending you should make the clacking drum sound fade too.
Good job though overall I like it.

It's poorly composed video game music. Do you even know music theory or did you just hit buttons in the piano roll until it sounded "good"?

I know nothing about music but it sounds kind of shit to me sorry OP. Keep practicing and you'll probably get better.

I know a great deal of music theory and probably more than you. I've read Paul Hindemith's book The Craft of Musical Composition. I also have relative pitch. If your criticism was at all constructive, I would take it into consideration but I'm afraid you probably just don't like music with any degree of harmonic sophistication. Also maybe you're just an asshole with no respect for the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity and you like to spitefully cut other people down. Anyway do you like this? (the style of music my piece is based on)


Thank you guys. Its mostly based on midi stuff from the 80s and 90s, primarily the incidental music of Stewart Copeland. I will admit, I have shit all sense when it comes to sound design. It also doesn't help that I have hardly any interest in that sort of thing.

I have "good" music too. If its not the autistic Stewart Copeland stuff, then I give it a more permanent home.


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>hey Jow Forums tell me if my music's shit
>yep, its shit

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This op. You need to learn to accept criticism.

I did not ask if my music was "shit". I know I've moved on from my music being shit because on my non-autism tracks have received too many accolades. Why would 20 people download something that is shit? Doesn't make sense. So I expect constructive criticism, like those other 2 anons gave.

make that 29, with the people that downloaded the version with "lo-fi ;^)" drums.


"its shit" or its "poorly composed" is not criticism. Its just spiteful and rude.

Ok I'll give you that isn't really helpful at all but is definitely constructive

>my non-autism tracks have received too many accolades

Quote some of the accolades.

Yes and I said thank you to him. I even just ignored the guy who said it was "kinda shit" because he was nice about it, even though it wasn't very useful criticism. But mr. "hurr durr, do you know music theory?" is a poseur faggot. He probably wouldn't like most of the music I listen to and its by professional composers with advanced harmonic vocabularies. He probably thinks these are shit but they are both masterpieces.


>Btw your music is pretty good (reminds me of a more dense Klaus Schulze) but you really gotta learn to mix. Some of the high end is too loud and really sharp (not in pitch, but in pain that my ears are feeling). Fix that and you'll improve. As long as you keep mixing an active thought in your head, you will improve sloyly mixing overtime.

>set up a soundcloud, people very clearly like your music seeing from the number of downloads you are getting. When you do follow me @ edible window. I'm more of a sound design guy myself but I like your music.

The other threads where I could get quotes are expired.

It’s pretty bad. You should take out the drum machine.

Nigga, if you're listening to stuff like that, maybe you've become one of those theory guys who doesn't know how to make music that regular people can get like Adam Neely and Jacob Collier.

Honestly. All that music sounds like shit. Both the stuff you made and the stuff you linked to. But if that's the kind of music that you want to make, and you're happy with that, then good luck, I guess.

Needs actual rythem my dude. The drums arent.. Really drums its more like clacking. The trumpet or whatever sounds like a bunch of sample sounds placed on top of eachother. Your going somehwere, but you just need to understand rythem better.

Is this James Ferraro?
spooky MIDIs man what on earth this sounds even worse than mine !


I was the first user who did give you constructive feedback, and here's some more - you really need to thicken your skin on this stuff if you're gonna put your work out into the world. You can't expect people to sugarcoat their opinions, and you shouldn't WANT them to hold you to a lower standard than other artists. As long as people are listening to what you do, some of them will hate it. That's part of the deal.

You're a musician, you probably have strong opinions on music, there are probably countless songs & artists you've called "shit" without a second thought. You listened to something, didn't like it, and said what you thought.

As soon as your work is made public, you're in that league, and you'll be judged in the same way. So you should hold yourself to a high standard, make sure your work is finished & polished before you put it out there for feedback. And prepare for some of that feedback to be negative. You're in control of the work while you're making it, but you don't get to dictate the terms of how people are allowed to react once you put it in front of them. If you can't handle that, this should remain a hobby, you should keep it to yourself or only share it with friends & family who will be nice.

The drum track meshes really poorly with the hornline, typically drums are an accompaniment instrument that play alongside something. So maybe instead of going horns, then drums, go horns and drums at the same time, then orchestra/flute. Add a bass instrument during the empty parts, it will round out some of the awkwardness. And the last half is mostly just drums, I would cut it or add more instrumentals. The melody and the chords are actually pretty good amd with some fine tuning could be really good. Keeping the chords spaced apart time wise works well but feels awkward with the melody. If you connected the melody together more and had less pauses, it will sound more fluid and less janky. All in all not half bad for a new composer.

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Sounds like a child messing around with a toy keyboard. Its fucking bad.
You do not know music theory or understand harmonization.

Ew. Fucking disgusting.

>you really need to thicken your skin

Why? Like what am I supposed to do with "your music is shit"? Do I say "Okay, thanks, guess I don't have any musical ability and I'll stop making it altogether". Well that would be having a thin skin. I am only defending myself from rude insults like anyone would. And of course, I regard this as an avocation, not a profession to get into.

I'm not sure I understand. The drums enter in first. Also there is no flute, are you saying there should be. Also its obviously a WIP, that's why its just drums at the end that don't fade out. Thank you though, I will take this into consideration.

The drums being high pitched at the beginning is okay but it shouldn’t continue with the same repeated notes through the whole thing. You should fade the drum out and maaaybe back in. Or make the drum sound lower and deeper with more variety with notes throughout the piece. Listen to other music and note that the drum will keep a similar beat but change up so often thru the song

Just ignore it and accept that people have different tastes

I did tho. The guy who said it sounds shit but in a nice way, I ignored. The asshole who said I didn't know theory, I put in his place.

Sounds like video game midi music from the end of last century. Made me think of SimCity 3000.

I thought it was pretty cool fwiw

You might get lucky and be able to score something if you keep it up

sounded cool would fit well in a video game