>no "how do I get an asian gf?" thread

how do I get an asian girlfriend?

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Be too ashamed to come out of the closet.

pic reminds me of movie related:

Literally do what I do: go to Japan, and be man enough to talk to women

>be in the army
>be stationed in the far east
>flash money at a barracks slut
>bring her home
>have awkward hapa kids
>get cucked by the hardware store clerk

That's oddly specific; did that happen to you?

Move to Indonesia, if you're loaded and white, you'll get many high quality Asian qts.

Oh and while dubs didn't tell you, being middle class in the West = wealthy in SEA.


Indons scarf covered head smell like shit.

Nah...if you're looking in wealthy cities (Jakarta, Bandung) there are ton of qt girls that don't wear hijab. Just choose college girls, educated, but also slutty. They're every where in any kind of clubbing spots.

I thinknhe was asking about girls who live in civilization, user. They had universities in the dark agesz too :^)

Oh, by civilization you mean, discord trannies and fag running around PRIDE PARADE cuz it's fucking 2019 and shit while all the white girls fucking black men? LMAO I'm amazed (((western civilization))) hasn't collapsed yet. :^)

He said Asian, not thinly veiled arab

>I love Asian
>Proceeds to fap to 2nd gen immigrants Pinoy/Thai ladyboy


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You know that there's more Asians aside from your SEA monkeys, right?

Yeah, like Thai ladyboy? I know you love sucking feminine penis.

Oh right, forgot about the plastics. Yummy! I'd love to see your ugly kids!

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theres tons of single wife tier hotties in gunma

Qt either way

>this chad jaw
>ugly kids