Internet addiction has kept me from improving and changing myself for the better...

Internet addiction has kept me from improving and changing myself for the better. I'm 29 this year and hits hitting me fucking hard I'm almost 30 and I've accomplished nothing I wanted to do with my life or am I close to being respectable adult. I have no friends, no family, no nothing. Just loneliness,no happiness, no fulfillment ,just going through the motions and the computer, and this awful feeling that I'm beyond any redemption. Now everyone here knows my name because of a stupid meme, and what did I get out of it? Nothing, not one thing but embarrassment and wasted time I've spent here I will never get back.I've spent my days drinking, stuffing my face and shit posting on here. I've cause myself not only life problems but even health problems because of it. For what, and we all need to realize this and ask ourselves "For what?"

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maybe I wouldn't have social issues if I spent most of my time having a normal social life than spending it behind a computer. looking back i'd say I wasted huge chunk of my youth on Jow Forums. Slowly overtime due to poor choices and I ended up not caring until I was about 24. Look where I'm at now. Nothings changed, but the constant anxiety of wanting a better life, and knowing that with all the wasted time, chances, and opportunity's I had I could have had one. All I wish I had right now is a normal, happy, fulfilling life. I'm not sure at this point having those things is even possible because I'm moving into my later years in life. I fucked up, and I fucked up bad. Kind of feel like I'm chasing my misspent youth too. The thing that fucks with me the most? Even if I wanted to do anything, and go socialize and enjoy myself, I don't make the money for it atm. I'm missing out and it hurts a lot and I get really anxious about it sometimes.

I also didn't have a sex or love life either, once when I was 17 and lost my v-card. That was it. I know little to nothing about real love and relationships.

So......... what advice are you looking for?

how to fix all of this a year away from 30 without killing myself

you can't fix the past

plus didnt we just have a massive thread about you and your problems the other day? About you being a dumbass and making the same stupid and self defeating choices over and over?

Go to community college and start working toward a degree. No you're not too old, no one cares who old anyone is in community college anyway. 25-35 are pretty normal ages to be back in college though anyway.

Spend less time online.

t. 33 year old former neet

You can't change the past but you can change the future by working on the present. Do not lose hope my friend. Let go of your regrets user. I believe in you. Also I'm out of the loop, how did you become a meme?

The Lauren Mayberry/CHVRCHES thing on /mu/. It's a long and stupid story.

1)Make a list of things you wished you had done.
2)Start doing them.

I was in your shoes except at 23-24.

>got welfare to pay for security course and license
>got something to distinguish me from masses of indistinguishable replaceable people seeking retail jobs
>work in security, crash course in acting normal
>realize security is brain numbing dead end career
>look into career change and pick nursing
>go to community college for nursing
>still kinda lonely but have passable social skills, have a job, studying, honestly good career prospects if I stick to it

My mind will very easily slip into feeling horrible and it's a constant struggle not to, but objectively I can truthfully acknowledge that over the past few years my life has gotten better. You can do it too. It took a few years though, the wait is long for progress sometimes and it's painful. But if I didn't my life wouldn't have changed a single bit and that's terrifying.

I have a long list.

If anything I've wanted to something with music, get a certification in some trade, and move to LA or at least the outskirts.

I'm 27 and largely the same: I wasted the best years of my life on Jow Forums and playing video games. Mostly just Jow Forums too; these last couple years I can barely maintain the enthusiasm to play games.

Unfortunately self-improvement potential is tied to finances, and I'm poor as fuck (also since I'm over 25 I'd have to hold down a job while studying if I were to go back to university/college, and finding reliable part-time evening/weekend work is nigh impossible as a useless chud pushing 30).

Any advice? The only way out I can see is to toss my worthless University degrees and pride in the bin, study to be a plumber or electrician or something, and then spend the next couple years trying to establish my own business. Maybe if I'm lucky I could be earning 6 figures (80k AUD is the national average; our currency is Monopoly money compared to USD) by the time I'm 40.

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yes, wow

im 18 and i realized technology is cancer. This is comming from a person who uses gnu/linux and all that jazz.

i'd rather be more connected with nature, do hard labor than browsing Jow Forums, youtube and google 13+ hours a day.

its becomming mind numbing, i really can't take it anymore. There is no such thing as moderation with the internet and technology. Its so vast and stimulating you forget about your roots with nature.

you dont want to do hard labour

i have done hard labor and call center work in the span of 2 months.

i know what labor work is. I actually don't like doing hard labor for assholes but thats how you get paid...

you don't want to do it for the rest of your life or for a good portion.


My internet addiction had been growing since the last year.

>I know little to nothing about real love and relationships.

Keep it that way. Real love exist only between friends and family.

Literally me.

I fear that i will live a miserable life in front of a PC by choosing to work in IT.
At the moment im a maritime academy student but im calling it quits cause desu what i truly enjoy is comfort of home, internet access and being free.
IDK what exactly this user
is about but hes 18 and might be romanticizing work

yeah, I know people that did line work and construction and their all beat up by their early to mid 30's

You know what I mean right?
My social isolation had a lot to do with it. I've become attached.

that user here. Honestly bro, im very unfit and i don't work out or really interact with nature, being a shutin for months fucking kills you, thats why i feel this way. I don't want to do hard labor but i do want to be physically active in a way. Hiking seems nice but i never tried it

>what i truly enjoy is comfort of home, internet access and being free.

i already have this and it gets mind numbing over the years. Im burntout in a way doing this shit. My eyes are fucking dry, my back posture is shit etc etc.

not being around people is bad not just for your mind, but your overall health.