Sup Jow Forums. How do I stop hating my stepson?

sup Jow Forums. How do I stop hating my stepson?
He is a fucking pussy, a gigantic one. While I didn't have my own children of my own, it didn't bother me that much. Now however, when my own boy is 3 (just like my step son was, when I got married) and fucking bullies his six year old brother, I can't help, but get triggered by his weakness. He was always a "soft" boy, but now when I see how a proper boy acts, I just have nothing, but contempt for him.
I tried enrolling him in some physical hobbies, but he hates it and basically throws a fit, whenever I make him go. My wife thinks that's it's okay for him to be so feminine, but whenever I look at him, all I see is a bunch of fags I used to bully back in school. Now he himself is getting bullied and my wife want me to deal with that shit, but all I want to do is give the bully a high five.

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Dude, some children are actually gay and you can't change anything about it.
Take your macho man fragile ego and fuck your asshole with it.

t. seething gay child

I wouldn't mind him being gay, but he is 6, so that is not a question of sexuality, just him being a raging pussy. Kinda like you are a raging cunt.

Acknowledging a tripfag should be a banable offence.

Anyhow OP, just talk to him. Tell him that if he's going to be bullied and probably will fail at life, if he continues to be scared. Teach him how to fight yourself

Let the kid break under the pressure of bullies. Literally cry his heart out. Then ask him if he wants to change things. He will probably agree.

Then take him to martial arts and even train him yourself at home.

If he is gay, there is nothing you can do about it, but make him grow up to a faggot that fucks other men, not getting fucked by them in every way possible.

That actually sounds pretty good and I did try teaching him how to defend himself, but he is properly isn't motivated enough. Especially with his mom constantly telling him that it's okay to show your feelings and all the crap like that. Maybe if he finally snaps, he'll be more motivated in defending himself.
Also, as I said, I wouldn't mind him being gay, it's his faggotry and weakness that triggers me.

Masculine/feminine is a meme.

Re: Bully - I'd definitely tell him to hit back harder than the bully if possible. Sure he might get expelled, best learnt young when the worst you can get is expulsion from school. Tell him not to hold back either

Mabye enrol him in martial arts?

>Masculine/feminine is a meme.
No it isn't. It's just the labels we gave for a collection of some traits. I.e. Chad and pussy. Aslo, OP that he tried to enroll his son into something, but he pussied out. As for telling him to stand up for himself, it won't do anything, if the boy isn't motivated enough

You are a piece of shit. If I knew who you are, Iäd report you, so you'd lose your kids. Fucking homophobes

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T. Mad that his dad introduces him as “My other daughter” to his friends...

Just slap the shit out of him, every time he acts like a fag. He either will man up, or become a trap. Either way a win/win

Yeah, I tried enrolling him into a couple of self defense courses. He was being a complete bitch and cried to his mom that he doesn't want to go there as soon as things got though. She spoils him and I feel uncomfortable putting my foot down, since he isn't mine.
Oh shut up. People like you is why we have such an explosion of betas and incels.
I don't really condone physical violence, without a really bad fuck up. I only slapped him twice in the last three years. When he kicked his brother and when he told my wife that she is dumb.

Not everyone is born with a personality that makes them interrested in physical stuff. Let him focus on his gay shit like studying, your own son can become a boxer like mike tyson.

Dubs fucking wasted, also you used an anime reaction pic so your opinion is invalid

Well, if it was studying, I'd be okay with it. But he's a bitch, who always chooses path of least resistance, be it in school or in a fight. Also, I don't want to him to be an athlete, just to grow some balls. It's just o used to bully pussies like him back in school and i guess that instinct is still inside of me.

So you want to high five your 3 year old for being an asshole to his brother, but if your stepson does the same you hit him. And you wonder why he's a disaster.


Yeah I do want to high five him, but I don't. I always scold him and make him apologize. Besides, if he pushed his younger brother away in self defense, I'd be okay with that. Shit, fifteen minutes ago, younger one was hitting the older one with a plastic shovel and instead of taking the shovel away, or just going to the second floor, that is separated by a gate, little faggot just sat there and took it, while screaming "dad help". There is also an age difference, that should be minded.

Pretty sure the older one can sense the favoritism and remembers you slapping him before for handling his brother. You call him a little faggot, he calls you dad. Doesn't seem like you really care about him much.

I told him many times that he can stand up for himself, if the younger one starts acting up. Also, I call him a faggot because he acts like one. Besides, I always try to be as neutral as possible and naturally, I never call him anything bad in real life. Also, I do care for him, that's exactly why I want him to man up

So why did you get internally disgruntled when he kicked the 3 year old

Because the little one was sleeping and the older one looked around, to see that nobody is looking, then kicked him really hard right in the chest. It was completely unprovoked and really aggressive. I also had a proper talk with him after that. The slap was something I'm not proud of, but I just lost it for a second.

Yeah. I hope it works out. It sounds kind of normal. The older one might be a little confused. What about his dad? Where is he

Well, I cucked him so hard, he moved to Siberia. All jokes aside, they aren't really in touch, since his dad hates me and his mom. I kinda stole her. So he moved back to Russia, to live with his parents. The older one sees him once a year IRL and via Skype about once a month.

Yeah, because being a weak beta male is an admirable quality. Just because I don't want other people to walk on him, doesn't mean that I somehow suppress his other qualities. All I want for him, is not to be a massive bitch and to stand up for himself. Also, the fact that you get your thong twisted because I use mean words is not a sing that I'm a sociopathic cave man. It just shows that you are a pussy with a soft, thin skin. And no, it's not bait