Should I be insecure about my autistic body language...

Should I be insecure about my autistic body language? GF took this picture candid while I was smiling at something she said. She says it’s cute and she loves this picture a lot, but I think I look like such a spaz. My posture is bad and the thing with my hands is weird and my smile is retarded. Should I just try to embrace it as a quirk or what?

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Just sit properly and you will be fine

Your body language towards your girlfriend should not be the same as your body language towards other people.

you look fine in this picture dude.

You look uncomfortable, not a spaz, but you can learn to improve it, you'll soon realise that people respond differently to you also! Try to read up on some NLP, understand what it means when you hold your hands in certain ways etc..

I wouldn't be worried as such, but when you do job interviews etc, interviewers will pick up on it unconsciously at the least.

user, it's an easy fix, don't panic!

I try, it never sticks.
I’m this way with everybody though but especially with friends.

>Should I be insecure about my autistic body language?
no but you can change it.

Thanks user that’s really helpful.

That's OK, I was kinda in a similar position, my bad body language was killing me at job interviews, I learned to control it and literally the next interview, got the job! Still in it, happy days!

Do you have any specific material that you found especially helpful?

From that image and what you just said it seems like that's how you "lean in" to give people attention. That's just your way of being attentive while sitting down, especially if it's only with your gf+friends. I think fine.

What material? Just sit with your back straight


dont be insecure bro. I mean were all insecure. Everyone in the world. Why would anyone pay you attention, when they're going through their own problems. At least thats what I tell myself. Why should I worry about my lisp when no one notices it, till I mention it. Anyway good luck dude.

You don't look bad in the image. However, the fact that you think so might mean that you lack some confidence.

Sorry if I assumed incorrectly, but if I hit the mark, know that working your self confidence does wonders. Good posture and such subtle social interactions come naturally afterwards.

Honestly, you’re really cute. I wish someone would find anything at all about me cute.

How would you do so.
Wanna talk about it user?

You look one second away from crossing your legs like a homo on a talk show. If you’re that concered ask her to record you one day and then you can look over the footage, just ask her to do it in secret or else you’ll alter your body languge by default

She'd never agree to that but I could probably get a friend to do it. Thanks user.

Thanks user. I’ll try to think of it that way and not be so self centered.

That moment when this weird looking fag can get a gf but you can't feelsbad.

Also what's with the influx of selfie posters on adv? This place is turning into /soc/ - incel edition

I don't know how I do it either user.

I did ask one of my ex’s why she got together with me once though. She said it was because I was really funny and had a great overall personality and that I was cute. :/

>has gf
>still complains about things
so... this shit never ends?

Its nothing. Stop being so self conscious.
There is no properly. Do whatever the fuck you want, OP, its worked so far.
Ain't no shoulds. Stop listening to a bunch of basket cases.
Look at this cockmule, imagining that theres some kind of cheat code to life. Stop giving a shit, it reads as confidence.
Why should he fucking bother?
Dumbo's magic fucking feather sans minstrel show over here.
Its not what he did, its that he stopped thinking about it. Confidence is key.
This guy knew what he was doing all the way up until he went full Canadian and apologized just in case you didn't like the truth.
Fuck off, incel, this isn't about you.
You know what homos do? Get laid constantly. Don't listen to this hogshart, OP. Sit how you want, cross your fucking legs, you've already got the girl and when she's gone there'll be others.
Jesus christ you fucks are pathetic.
A little fucking isn't going to fix whats wrong with this question.

Your hands do look weird imo, face is fine tho. Its not a pic you wanna upload yourself, but its a cool pic to be tagged in or something.

So you're a spaz. Your girlfriend seems to like you despite it, so ultimately who gives a fuck? Who else are you trying to impress?

I gave up on trying to control my weird body language, my boyfriend seems to think it’s cute

women dont have to worry about that

Neither do men if they're not fucking losers.

women care a lot about body language, when getting to know each other on the first few days it's one of the disqualifiers if you dont stay in a masculine frame. You have to walk and talk in a non shy or timid way. Men tend not to put emphasis on this,

Thanks user. This post puts it in perspective for me.
I don’t know dude. I can be pretty timid at first but I never go all that long without a gf :/ although I’m not fucking ladies man of course as you can tell by this thread. Once I open up though I feel like I can have a good personality. At least that’s what women tell me.

To be honest my boyfriend is super awkward as well, but you’re kind of right. If he acted the way he does at first I probably wouldn’t have been into him. He started becoming more relaxed over time and I thought his behaviour was extremely cute too. But I think I only finding it cute because I know he’s super masculine and can’t actually help that behaviour, and I find the contrast adorable.

Awww, that’s so wholesome.

Quote from Wikipedia on NLP
“Scientific reviews state that NLP is based on outdated metaphors of how the brain works that are inconsistent with current neurological theory and contain numerous factual errors.[13]”

You’re super cute and that posture is charming.

you have a GF you’re fine.

We broke up a little while ago actually. Her parents were crazy and she seemed a bit emotionally underdeveloped. It has bummed me out immensely but I'm confident that someone else will come along. They always seem to.
Thanks user, I appreciate that.

I think you look like a cute autist, OP.
Like a puppy boyfriend that can't facially express too well.

>they all come along
god i wanna die. why am i deprived of basic experiences. I cant get past a second date, literally. Never made it to 3.

It's dumb luck user.

You remind me of billy corgan

I would get to know and hang out with you if you were a classmate

Lmao theres nothing wrong with crossing your legs

You look smug, but that's about it.

Work out regularly. Get better fitting clothes.

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You look fine. Thin, a notably handsome face, dressed like any other dude. Looks like you're squinting but even if you're not, lots of people have tired/sleepy eyes. It's not abnormal, just natural variation.

practice good posture and try looking in a mirror to get a feel for how you should be smiling also your hands are on the desk theres nothing wrong with that if anything put them to your side

That’s not the first time I’ve heard that strangely enough.
I’m in the process of losing weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds since January and still dropping steady. I’d like to get to a stable weight before buying new clothes.
I just do it on instinct. I’ll try that.

>let me just dismiss every post in an edgy fashion without giving any actual input