Fetish problems

I've been secretly cumming in my gf's food for about a month right now. I feel really incredibly guilty. How do I stop doing it? Also how should I confess my wrong doings to her?

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>How do I stop doing it?
I don't know, maybe just don't do it, retard?

Come on, you know what I mean. I am kinda hoping if I come clean with my act she will maybe be okay with it, but I know that is just me being delusional. I am so conflicted right now.

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Go to therapy dude and get some actual help. But don't cum on your therapist's desk

She wont. It doesnt matter if shes into it you broke her trust just because youre horny. Dont tell her and find a way to stop it. Go to therapy if you need to.

Is therapy really necessary for this? I mean, I already know what I'm doing is wrong.

ignore redditor moralfags, they have invaded this place, keep doing it but make sure to mix it well so she never finds out
does she swallow after blowjobs?

Will the therapist keep this matter private? I know that they have to inform the cops if the patient is going to commit a crime, but this isn't a big mstter, right? But then it again it is sort of a sexual assault. Will I've the Client confidentiality privilege?

U clearly know that is wrong, that's why u have to understand why u are doing this. Gives you some kind of pleasure, it's for punishment, problems with your parents, u just have a fetish to get people to eat your cum?

>does she swallow after blowjobs?
Depends on her mood, if she's happy she does.

To my understanding, therapists have an obligation to keep quiet about personal matters, like doctors and presumably teachers, tho I wouldn't trust a teacher.

Any information regarding your therapy is considered medical records and your medical records are legally protected by the federal government. Anybody who shares your medical information without your expressed, written consent is liable for massive fines, possible revocation of their license and a very, very expensive lawsuit. You're safe.

They have to keep it private unless you say that you plan to kill someone with your cum

Thanks but, what about "Duty to warn". I kinda googled about client privileges before you guys replied. I didn't understand this bit.
>Duty to warn refers to the responsibility of a counselor or therapist to inform third parties or authorities if a client poses a threat to himself or herself or another identifiable individual. It is one of just a few instances where a therapist can breach client confidentiality
Cumming in food may not be a big deal but it is technically sexual assault. So can my therapist call up my girlfriend the cops and warn them?

you dont need to go to therapy for this, youve already said you know its wrong and you want to stop, now its time to grow a spine and quit it. find something else to get you off thats not as bad

>So can my therapist call up my girlfriend the cops and warn them

I literally don't know what you mean. Why can't you stop doing it?

I cum in gf basedmilk and yogurt so she cant tell the difference between flavors.

does this guy get a girlfriend when I can't
I know I am pathetic and all you can fling at me, but at least I won't cum in your food, I have to be less creepy than him, right?

wrong, women like being degraded

it's not like women can tell whether you're gonna cum in their food hy looking at you.

Therapy seems dangerous then. It's an addiction.
Rude, other than the fact that cum in her food, I am a great boyfriend.
Assuming this isn't a shitpost and you're really like me, do you think I should come clean, what I'm hoping for is maybe she'll just accept it, she does swallow some times, so there won't be a problem anymore if she also likes it, right? Do you think she'll be okay with it?

chances are she might be okay with it or even be into it, only one way to find out

How often do you do this? And how much cum do you pump into her food each time?

I feel like I would be okay with my girlfriend putting blood into my food or something, but cum is disgusting.

I usually save up my load for a few days so I can put in a lot at once. She never seems to have noticed, and always says she likes the taste

Holy shit I dont know if I actually find this funny or just fucking cringe.. i am never going to date men anymore. Thanks dude for being honest!

So is she actually aware that you cum on her food? She just swallows the kids? Damn your gf is a kinky one, make her work out and you got yourself a hot kinky gf

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Eh, doesn't beat a girl who was using her vaginal discharge in pastries for a guy she was obsessed over. Kinda the same, even, maybe a bit more gross IMHO. Sex has little to do with it here, user - some fucked up people are fucked up. Getting to know your partner and their fetishes before turning it into a really serious relationship helps.
A bit overused but communication is REALLY important in a relationship.

Why dont you start a restaurant and cum in more people’s food? Why limit yourself with cumming in your gf’s food?

Why are you saving up like that? Why aren't you just fucking her and pumping your load in her inside? Also what kind of food are you doing this to?

>her vaginal discharge in pastries for a guy she was obsessed over

That's fucking hot desu. I really need to get my gf to sit on my face soon

And there's also your prove that no matter the disgusting shit, there's someone somewhere that it may work out for just right.

I fucking need a drink.

Anyway, OP, abort. She's not the person you thought she was when you got together and if she gets her way - and you won't really be able to stop her in any healthy, respectful manner - she will soon stop being even a person looking like the one she was before.

Treat it for what it was - her choice, however fucked up, to hurt herself in a way completely unpalatable to you. A done thing, you can only endure it or move on.

>replies to the wrong thread

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See. I need that drink. Or I need to cut drinking. One of the two.

Started 35 days back, at first I used to do it weekly once, but the frequency increased a lot recently, continuously did for the last 8 days. My favourite is jizzing in her morning coffee, recently I started making breakfast for us, she's quite happy about it.
This isn't me(OP).

Be careful op might cum in it

Have you cum in your own food/eaten your own cum?


What's wrong with you? NO, STOP, DONT DO IT.


I 100% guarantee that if you don't put a lid on that nasty habit of yours, you're going to end up on the news years down the line for something like wanking into the empty disembowelled carcass of your own mother...

Admit your nastiness, put lid on it, don't kill your mother, try to act normal, problem solved

shoo reddit shoo