General advice thread

So I turned 18 a couple weeks ago and realized I have to get my shit together.
Asking for general life advice from older anons

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Bump, we're on the same boat...

Start saving your money now if you haven't already.

Also, don't spend your money on stupid shit. I spent thousands of dollars on outings when I was younger. That money could have been saved up instead.

If you haven't started to look into University then you better enlist or hope you are good at some trade. If you check none of those boxes your life will go downhill very fast.

I have a year of school before me and I already found one.
Thought about enlisting but unfortunately my country's military is full of 60yo commies and pays very badly

Have as much fun as you can in college. Really, I mean it. Make the best of that time because once it's over, it's over. Make enough memories to last a lifetime.

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why? you're still a child until mid 20s when your prefrontal cortex finishes developing, in fact your posts sounds rather rash and not thought out at all

well if you already have been accepted to a college then you are pretty much set for the rest of your life. have fun.

any feminists here? Reminder that despite being a skinney dyel I would beat any female in my weight class in a bare-knuckle fight.

Exercise and fresh air are WAY better than drugs. If you make friends and they have bad habits, you will likely pick them up, too.

Dont worry, be happy

itll sound cliche but life is too short to worry man, im still trying to get this one down. I am terrible about worrying and will sometimes stop eating, and looking back the worrying was pointless.

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Women are more attracted to you when you cheat on them.

Thanks everyone for posting

English is my third language user

I do exercise, I had my drug phase around the age of 15-16. I don't do this shit anymore, although I might try shrooms in uni.
You're right, I unfortunately picked up smoking from my friends.

Put a real effort into everything you do, play to your strengths, learn to recognize quickly when you've started down the wrong path and change before you waste too much time and energy, be nice to people, protect and cultivate the friendships you find meaningful, do favors for other people, recognize that you have unique traits that some people will appreciate and love, avoid getting angry or embarrassed as much as possible (when faced with such a situation just put your emotional energy towards improving it), and gradually try to get over your fears.

Save more, spend less, don't worry about what other people think, put your best foot forward, take your work seriously but your job casually, and the only force you NEED to listen to is your body: literally all else is opt-in and not required.

Your life gets easier if you stop giving a fuck. Everyone dies. Romance is not worth huge sacrifices. Don't have kids you aren't willing to spend 18 years paying for. Don't sign on lines you haven't done the reading for.

You are a walking profit. Don't assume anyone but you has your best interest in mind; even parents are liable to be douche humans with their heads up their asses (a lot are, as a matter of fact). Generational gaps exclude far more than anyone anywhere is comfortable admitting. Age accounts for exactly fuck-all.

Balance in all things will breed the best chances of success.

>just maximize money and disregard everything
Life isn't a game where you try to get the high score, retard. Money is a way to support your other needs and interest, which you should have been cultivating along the way. If you don't make any friends and disregard relationships with girls the best you can be is an angry rich faggot who obsesses over stock prices and fast cars and thinks about suicide every day.

It sounds a bit like you're projecting, bud
If that's what you took from me then sorry about your luck.

That's not how I live at all, I have an amazing young gf and I want to be successful to support us and the kids we want to have.

You guys are really easily offended
I'm just suggesting that overthinking everything is hurting you and balance will enrich lives more than superficiality or being overly concerned with the judgements of others, and more than subscribing to extremes.

Why are you guys so touchy? What in my post triggered you?

Yeah that's all good economic advice but you stuck in all this stuff about not worrying about people, people are basically all that matters in life.

>Worrying this much about people
Yeah never mind I found the problem

People die, move on, change; so do you and they're not obligated to stick around on any terms. Close friends are good but codependency on people will, in all fact, burn you. No matter your age. You NEED to be able to keep your own two feet planted. You aren't even guaranteed that, but it's the closest you'll get. Everything else in life can-- and at length, by nature or by man, will-- be taken away, and if you "can't survive" without it I suggest a plan.

People matter. But YOUR goofy ass is only one person, so when people make your life shitty or spurn your efforts, maybe worry about yourself.

Dude wanted general advice so I gave it: ultimately you're on your own cuff to pick good people, but just know you're the only human on Earth who's going to be with you from start to finish. You owe yourself a lot more love than "other people are all that matters."

As for money you'll be pretty happy you took an approach to saving it and getting it when dental and medical emergencies occur. The point isn't that money is all in life, it's that money galvanizes the pursuit of happiness like few other things. If you're despondent, opening your options by having some economic windfall and flexibility are far from the worst things you can do.

I think my advice would be perfect for you guys. Maybe you're putting a little too much stock in others, which is why my words offended so quick. Or maybe you're used to people around you interpreting you negatively?

See a therapist lmao

Weak man right here. Don't listen to him.

Yeah, listen to this guy - make sure not to enjoy your time. Being happy is gay.

Haha what

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